Indian Constitution has become a scrap of paper in a criminalised polity

published on October 23, 2007

 Prime Minister was embarrassed and pained about the fiasco over the Nuclear Deal-News Report


Comment by Shri Kalyanaraman

It is a shame that PM is sad while Karat is laughing all the way to his politburo and meetings with non-existent third front reps and while Lalu is arranging 30 special trains for the chetana meet in Patna. What the sadness shows is that the Constitution has become a scrap of paper in a regime that simply wants to continue in power (aka continue loot the nation’s wealth). Collective Cabinet responsibility with PM as primus inter pares is in shambles.

It takes two to tango. Bush and Manmohan make a mighty pair of buffoons who thought they could sign a deal to promote nuke MNCs denying a self-reliant opportunity to India to gain energy independence using thorium-based breeder reactors. What went wrong is the Italian lady’s assessment that all partners in UPA (Karunanidhi, Laloo, Pawar) would support her and the PM in the face of the mating dance performed by the communists.

The deal may still be on. It will take a few exposes by the usual suspects of Uncle Sam to come up unearthing some old scandals such as the private trip in a private jet to St. Petersburg for a pow-wow with Putin or the Columbian drug trafficking connections or even revisiting the Volcker food for oil scam. Anything goes to make a quick buck and to topple pretenders to the throne.

There is a saying in America: ‘there ain’t no free lunch.’ Unfortunately, this idiom does not apply in India. There is free lunch everywhere, for example, in thousands of temples in India where annadaanam is in vogue. Annam bahu kurveetha, tad vratam says the Upanishadic guidance.

P. Chidambaram may be disappointed that he was not elected to the IMF chair and may rue the day he became a director of a mining MNC to learn about international finance. Who knows? He may end up as the next, yet another substitute PM.

Who says politics ain’t interesting in India? It is sad indeed that Indian Constitution has become a scrap of paper in a criminalised polity.


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