India needs YOU in the Fight for its Future and its very Soul

published on November 13, 2008

Unity Appeal to Hindu voters, Activists and Leaders for Upcoming Elections


Being in majority Hindus have a right to build their own destiny: Rule by the Coward, the Tainted and vote bank politicians under the garb of Secularism will make India  bleed and disintegrate. 


          Despite six decades of freedom the fight to defend and foster India ’s real democracy is any thing but settled. Indications are clear that during the fast approaching election cycle it will be renewed at a higher level of intensity and of course for higher stakes. These are neither ordinary times nor would this be an ordinary election season. After years of Sonia-Singh Administration’s failed and elusive policies the dream of strong, healthy, prosperous, peaceful and secure India is slipping away. As opposed to the tall claims made by the leaders in power, real wages are fast shrinking. The costs of food stuff, healthcare, housing, petrol and other necessities of life are going over the roof.


          India ’s standing in the region and the world is literally in tatters and even the mini-states in its immediate vicinity are emboldened to openly violate its territoriality and sovereignty. The Republic is in shambles and the landmass known as Red Corridor has fallen under the control of Maoists where the writ of the Govt. does not exist. The Administration has proved totally incapable to bring under control or neutralize the armed, well organized and deep rooted insurgencies and separatist movements in Kashmir , Assam , Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram. How can people of India as a nation, with every fiber of their being, stand these divisive and demoralizing policies of the reckless ruling class? At this critical juncture in the contemporary history of India , in order to change the course of the country, India needs desperately an historic transformational leadership for uniting the nation and moving it forward towards a better future. 


          The elections for the state legislatures in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh and Delhi are going to ensue in the next two months. They are not important only for setting up Governments with representative character in these states but they will also lay foundation for mobilizing the forces of change and progress in order to becoming triumphant during the Parliamentary elections early next year. In these elections Sonia-Singh and their team will represent the current failed policies and the status quo, while the BJP and its allies will represent the much needed change people have been craving for.  Given the alarming insecurities in  political, economic and national security arena brought about by the divisive policies of the Sonia-Singh Administration it will be desirable, in fact patriotic, on the part of the smaller parties to seek alliance and combine their strength with any of the major political parties seeking realistic change in the country. Their fragmentist performance will serve only the interests of the beneficiaries of the corrupt and authoritarian status quo. 


          The patriotic citizens must realize, that today when the Sonia-Singh Administration  has proven incapable of handling the core issues of terrorism, national security and “one law one Nation”, and follow the vote bank and appeasement policies without any regard for their disastrous consequences upon the national unity, its return to power through manipulated division of Hindu votes, could further weaken even defeat democracy and enhance the ongoing virtual anarchy in the country run by Jihadists and proponents of fanatic minorityism. They must uphold the philosophy of “Country First” or “Country before Every Thing” and resolve to fighting for progressive beliefs, for the real “moral values”, economic, social & political justice and to getting this message across to the vast majority of Indians who want to rebuild their great nation and end the politics of deception, fear and division.


The most dangerous thing the people can do is to leave things as they are and let India ’s freedom and democracy go down the drain. At this important stage in India ’s modern history people must resolve to refuse surrendering their freedom, democracy, national unity and right to meaningful representation.


          Let us explain here how these values so prominently enshrined in the Indian Constitution and political system are threatened by the actions, policies and strategies adopted and enforced by the Sonia-Singh Administration. It is important to briefly enumerate these examples as they are likely to have a direct bearing upon the outcome of the upcoming assembly and parliamentary elections.



1) Sonia-Singh cannot eradicate Terrorism. In fact their policy of appeasement encourages it:


Apart from the recent multiple explosions in Assam and prior to that in New Delhi, major terrorist strikes have taken place in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Ayodhya, Mumbai, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Malegaon, Panipat, Ajmer, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Faizabad, etc. killing Hindu men, women and children by the hundreds. In these terrorists attacks nothing not even Govt. offices, Parliament,  court houses, hospitals, police, railway and bus stations and above all Hindu temples, homes and market places were spared. This should give an idea about the magnitude and strength of the terrorist networks and organizations in India engaged in executing anti-India and anti-Hindu agenda. Even the Home Minister Patil has confessed that presently there were more than 800 terrorist cells in India . 


     It must be noted that, due to stringent measures taken in the US , not a single terrorist explosion has occurred after the devastating one on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. But in India such attacks take place on every day basis and the incompetent authorities do nothing but issue meaningless condemnatory statements. The Sonia-Singh Govt. is so heavily crippled & compromised that it cannot even promulgate a stringent law or set up a department of “Homeland Security” lest that may displease and antagonizing the Muslims – one of the constituencies where it draws support from.


    2) Sonia-Singh Govt. has a totalitarian mindset; considers Parliament irrelevant -  The Premier Signed an international treaty - the nuclear deal – without Parliament’s approval against his pledges and  duty:



The research and spate of events has proved that Sonia-Singh Govt. has a totalitarian mindset. Accordingly the commitments made in the Parliament are not delivered as if they have no sanctity. In common parlance such breach of commitment could be equated with lying and therefore, worthy of resulting in impeachment and dismissal (Attachment A). Premier Singh, by usurping the powers of the sovereign body, never allowed any discussion on the economic or security aspects of the above referred treaty with Parliamentarians or Indian experts.  Knowledgeable sources confirm that the monsoon session of the Parliament was cancelled to prevent exposure of the deepdivisions on the nuclear deal. The US President Mr. Bush, on the other hand, satisfied every minutest concern of the US Congress on this deal till the last day and had them reflected in the legal agreement with India .


    With the successful launch of  India ‘s Chandrayaan mission to the Moon, India proved the superior knowledge and capabilities of her scientists. Despite the demonstration of such brilliance by India’s scientific community it is baffling why the Govt. would rush to sign an unequal and a subservient treaty -  when China took thirteen years to negotiate a treaty on the subject and got the treaty on her own terms.


    3)  The high level corruption as seen on July 22, 08 during the trust vote has earned India the title of “King of Corruption.”


When crores of rupees were allegedly paid for cross- voting or abstaining from voting; and this spectacle was massively broadcast and printed by the media, the Indian citizenry was horrified.  The abuse of power and trampling upon the constitution went on so much that about half-a-dozen convicted MPs were brought from Tihar and other jails to attend the Parliamentary proceedings and vote. Nowhere in the world but in India is such criminalization of parliamentary proceedings possible. There are 543 MPs in the Lok Sabha. “Of them 117 have been charged and are being investigated for murder, rape, assault, extortion and robbery.  Nineteen MPs have more than three criminal cases pending against them.” This has disgraced India in the world and encourages corruption in all spheres by making criminality of character glamorous and acceptable to a desensitized society.


    In  the larger interests of mother India the current ruling cabal formed by the so- called secularists (read anti-Hindus) with Islamists, evangelists, communists, media owned by foreign and vested interests, and politicians for whom staying in power at any cost is far more important than defending national interest, has to  be defeated. Apart from substantially curtailing the role of the Parliament and judiciary, Premier Singh’s resolve: a) that Muslims have first priority over national resources; b) setting up Sachar Committee with pre- determined objectives; and, c) minority reservations based on creed and not on need – that violate the secular Constitution and hurt the wider national interest smacks of out right abuse of power and discrimination. Such politically motivated acts of favoritism are a clear proof of political corruption and utter disregard for the concept of equality of citizens.


   4) The course of events in India during the Sonia-Singh Admin. is a serious cause of concern.


This Administration has become source of the problems confronting the nation rather than solving them.

 Giving it a writ to rule for additional five years could irreparably harm the nation particularly its economy, democracy, national security (attachment B) and unity.  This group in league with secularists (read anti-Hindus) is responsible, among other issues for:


    a) Failure to combat and wipe out the terrorist assault against the country from all sides. The official appeasement policy has encouraged this destructive force in many ways. The Islamists are not the only source of terrorism in India – contributions to this Wahabi modus operandi by Maoists, Naxalites and fundamentalist Christians, exemplified by the assassination of Swami Laxmanananda in Orissa, must not be under estimated.


   b) Denigration of Hindus, Hinduism and their icons – examples:

i) Arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya four years ago on concocted charges. He has neither been proven guilty nor exonerated, but kept under a cloud of suspicion despite the tall claims made by Ms. Jayalalitha, the then CM, that the Admin. had hard evidence against him!

ii) Demolition of Ram Sethu and calling Lord Ram a myth;

iii) Mass distribution of pamphlets in Karnataka — “Satya Darshini” — using highly abusive and provocative language against Hindu Gods.


    c) Neglect of the farming community and agricultural and industrial infrastructure. Grant of large sums after farmers’ suicides is palliative, but does not address their basic problems – whether the grant reaches the really needy has also been questioned;


    5) The first priority must be to take back India & its Govt. by throwing the Sonia-Singh combine and its allies out of power: –



They should be replaced by a representative, responsive, transparent and an accountable administration. If such an

composed of patriotic and honest people with high moral character and believing in rule by the majority was in place, the nation would have been served well and saved from the problems confronted by it now. The continuation in office of the present administration however, may make it absolutely difficult for the nation to preserve its unified character. Some experts believe that in view of the presence, fearless manipulation and toxicity of the divisive agenda of the Jihadists, evangelists and communists the country’s chaotic conditions may further exasperate the already weakened system.


The real losers in this chaotic Bush style administration have been the unsuspecting people particularly the nation’s national majority. In spite of the constraints imposed by the alliance partners, the BJP/NDA in comparison had performed reasonably well. Even then we cannot but recognize the need for this political formation for bringing in a new generation of leaders who understand the challenges of our times and are capable of dealing with them and other issues with unwavering resolve and determination. The blue print of their vision for “New India” where unity, security, integrity and prosperity are in abundance should be well defined, clear and precise.       


    6) Hindus are brainwashed – there is an intellectual subversion of the Hindu mind:


After decades of struggle India emerged as an independent country in 1947. Prior to that for centuries both the Muslims and Christians kept it under their occupation and brutal authoritarian rule. Even though the country is physically free of occupiers but the mind of its intelligentsia and the governing elite continues to be indoctrinated and severely subservient. The Indian social, political, educational institutions and the media are still controlled by anti- Indian and subversive elements. Through an invisible yet subtle crusade the Indian and world media in partnership with the pseudo secular political institutions are psycho programming and brainwashing Hindus for maintaining their slavish and colonial subjects’ mindset and to a large extend they are succeeding.


    The Govt. control of temples has deprived Hindus of dharma shiksha, dharma prachar and dharma sewa. They are kept ignorant of their heritage while the temple resources are abused, misused and siphoned away to fund the expansion of the predatory religions. Under the secularist philosophical dogma Hindu organizations are branded as communal and anti-minority. Using such methods of intimidation and contempt, the Indian officialdom and the ruling class compels Hindus to accept subservience without questions, protest and retaliation.


    7) Sonia-Singh combine showers Islamists, communists and missionaries who spread disunity and disloyalty, with generosity



The official laxities have heavily aided the successes of Jihadists in creating an atmosphere of insecurity and fear, their objective being destabilization of India leaving no town, city or state immune. The home minister has confirmed that there were more than 800 terrorist cells operating in various parts of the country. This year alone nearly 1,000 innocent civilian were killed
and during the past decade some 18,360 civilians, almost all of them Hindus, were killed in these terrorist attacks and bomb blasts in various parts of India excluding the J&K State . The loss of life in India due to terrorist attacks is many times larger than the combined causalities suffered by the US in both Iraq and Afghan wars. From the looks of it we may be witnessing the rise of a renewed Islamic movement aiming at creating independent Kashmir , Assam and other areas, based on demographic subversion the Islamists have successfully engineered.


    To assist these fragmentists the Indian Premier, without revealing any logical or constitutional grounds, assigned the first priority on country’s resources to Muslims. Furthermore, the bleeding heart secularists shed tears and sympathize with them as “victims of circumstances”; their families are compensated and at times even considered for pensions. Sonia-Singh regime dismisses the victims of terrorism, generally Hindus, as collateral damage and cautions their families not to retaliate but maintain peace and harmony. The men in uniform who risk their lives and safety for public protection are demoralized by subjecting them to vigorous scrutiny by the self professed human rights activist NGOs.


   The Christian population is stated to be only 2 to 3 percent, but there are estimates that with vigorous Christianization by massive foreign funding over decades they may be now some 8 % of the population. The anti national assertions by minorities exemplified by a) the Kashmiri Islamists demand of “Aazadi” and raising Pak-flags and slogans like “Pakistan Zindabad, We are Pakistanis and Pakistan is ours”; b) Running an energetic and high-visibility media campaign, the faculty and administration of the Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia are crusading to present terror suspects as victims; and, c) Massive Christian propaganda in the US maligning Hindu reaction to Swami Laxmanananda ji’s assassination in Orissa. Such anti-national and disintegrative acts must not be overlooked.



8) While voting Hindus must not ignore their creed, nation or Hindu samaj – Their unified and strong vote for setting up a real nationalist Govt. could be transformational as that could assure



 a) a truly representative Govt.; b) rational state support based on need not on creed; c) a clear and well defined combat plan against terrorists and terrorism with intent to liberate the Indian society from this scourge ; d) restoring freedom of religion for Hindus by unshackling their temples from illegal Govt. control; e) renovating and reforming agricultural practices and infrastructure so vital to India’s future and a step towards eliminating farmers’ suicides;  f) early exoneration of Kanchi Shankaracharya, who was arrested four years ago, though out on bail, but is kept under a cloud of suspicion; and, g) outlawing the religious based sectarian and irrational reservations that are creating divisions in the society and are now being extended to institutions of higher education like IITs and IIMs;.


   9) Developing a clear mission, mass movement and new Leadership:



 In today’s India thanks to Sonia-Singh’s misrule the

Hindus are subjugated, discriminated and treated as second class citizens.

This is their moment and this is their time to gather, solidify and exercise political power for governing and transforming the system so as to become main players for initiating vital changes impacting them. As a national majority they have a right and responsibility to be the designers, planners and architects of their new destiny. Therefore, it is the time for them to convincingly demonstrate their will, collective power, gumption and develop capacity for removing any and all hurdles in their way.



India needs progressive and pragmatic leadership that is focused on tra

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