India, Immature to appreciate true essence of “Secularism”

via GSK Menon published on October 5, 2010

India is not a mature democracy to appreciate the true essence of “secularism”. Very few people in this country realize what its true import is. Consequently, this term has been deliberately misinterpreted to accommodate certain alien infiltration.

The propagandists of the desert religions are the major beneficiaries of this deliberate misinterpretation. The day we got our so called independence, immediately we proclaimed to the world that we are a “democracy” and thereafter we proclaimed ourselves as “secular”.

The vast illiterate horde of human beings used only to monarchy could not fathom what “democracy” is, Nehru substituted himself for the Maharajas under the guise of democracy and installed his own family rule ! The masses used only to monarchy simply accepted this family rule as democracy.It is a shame that educated Indians claim that India is a democracy. Nehru and his family needed the support of other Western terminologies to fool the Indians and the world.

“Secularism” is an usage only in very advanced democracies. The state degrades the position of religion to that of a mere personal choice of the individual. Religious status is akin to that of an individual who prefers a Western closet to an Asian closet, the state is not concerned with it.

In India, the Nehru family adulterated it to suit their convenience. The Nehru family has always been seeking the tacit approval of the Western powers for their family rule, and the distorted concept of secularism was injected to plough in illegal wealth from the West and Middle East to run the Congress party.

This unrestricted inflow of foreign wealth led to all kinds of Proselytizers setting their offices in India for conversion. When the Hindus protested they were silenced by claiming that the Constitution permits secularism. Even now the propagandists of the desert religions claim that conversion is permitted by the Constitution. Our media has been purchased by Proselytizers, who demean Hinduism at all times.

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