India is my Country ..

via Krishna published on July 5, 2011
India is my country and I am proud to be an Indian!
  • A country, where the Head of the State is controlled by a tail of a political party.
  • A country, where a Foreigner is deciding and controlling the Govt and the Prime Minister.
  • A country, where the Prime Minister is not from the majority community.
  • A country, where there is no Common Civil Code; different rules are applied to citizens based on their religion.
  • A country, where you can hire or buy an Advocate/Judge/Chief Justice and you can do whatever you want.A country, where the middle class relatives of the Chief Justice become multi milliners in his short tenure of service.
  • A country, where there will be different judgments on the same case by different judges.
  • A country, where judicial proceedings are multi crore businesses.
  • A country, where you can drag a civil /police case for years and it can be manipulated for any directions.
  • A country, where you can kill anybody and cut his body in to pieces and destroy the evidence but you can come out scot free easily.A country, where judiciary and politics can be bribed easily.
  • A country, where you can buy the authorities and police easily.
  • A country, where coalition compulsion can loot the exchequer millions of dollars for years.
  • A country, where planned rapes and panned baby deaths will be orchestrated for political gains or for a Govt change.
  • A country, where socialism and secularism are masks than a reality.
  • A country, where secularism is the sole responsibility of the majority community.
  • A country, where coalition politics of regional/minorities decide the fate of the majority.
  • A country, where you can ridicule majority religion on freedom of speech but do not talk about minorities.
  • A country, where Medias are bought and funded by foreign vested interest.
  • A country, where paid Human Rights groups are functioning and manipulating the truths.A country, where majority is becoming minorities by religious conversions.
  • A country, where more than 25000 conversion groups are working day and night for conversion.
  • A country, where millions of dollars pumping every year for conversion.
  • A country, where you have a minister for Minority Affairs.
  • A country, where you cannot have a Majority Affairs minister yet on secularism.
  • A country, where Govt can utilize temple funds but cannot touch mosque or church funds.
  • A country, where you cannot buy property and settle in a State called Jammu & Kashmir.
  • A country, where hundreds of army men are brutally killed by armed Maoists funded and armed by foreign interests.
  • A country, where a flight load of arms and ammunition dropped for antinational use by foreign conspirators but they are scot free.
  • A country, where her majority community citizens are denied religious rights/freedom and facing religious discrimination in some countries.
  • A country, where you can loot the exchequer, if you are smart.
  • A country, where you can have black money unofficially.
  • A country where people are still divided and ruled on caste basis.

India is my country and I am proud to be an Indian yet!

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