India is a failed state – UPA’S Proud declaration

published on December 5, 2008

By V Sundaram

The city of Mumbai was held to ransom by a handful of Islamic Terrorists from Pakistan for four days.  Several valuable lives have been lost and several hundreds have been grievously injured.  A
Heritage building like the old Taj Hotel has been damaged in a devilish
and a fiendish manner by the terrorists. A handful of terrorists have
had the temerity to demonstrate that they can terrorize a vast nation
of more than one billion people. They have shown that they couldn’t
care less for the Government of Maharashtra or the Government of India.
What does it show?  What does it mean?  The answer is simple.  India under the surrogate leadership of a eunuch de jure Prime Minister, taking his hourly instructions from a dictatorial Catholic woman impostor from Italy who in fact is the de facto Prime Minister, has degraded, devalued, and dissolved herself into a FAILED STATE. 


since the minority anti-Hindu UPA Government came to power in New Delhi
with the outside support of communist traitors and other quislings
drawn from a conglomeration of anti-national regional parties and
outfits, I have been describing the UPA Government in various columns
as “an Islam-embracing, Christianity-coveting and Hindu-hating
Government under the stranglehold of a Catholic woman impostor from
Italy, owing her allegiance to the Pope in Rome and not to the letter
and spirit of the Indian Constitution”.


Sonia Gandhi and her disgraceful Congress Party National greatness in
unity rooted in cultural nationalism is Communal and non-secular;
national failure in disunity rooted in pseudo-secularism is
non-communal, secular and cosmopolitan. According to the UPA
government, a Government of Sonia quislings by Sonia quislings and only for Sonia quislings, even if thousand Hindus or non-Muslims get killed in a matter of seconds by Islamic terrorists (more preferably from Pakistan or Bangladesh), then it must be viewed as an act of Islamic
compassion and generosity of Hadi spirit, embracing all mankind.


A categorical fact that is known throughout the world is that LIBERTY will never be able to co-exist in a situation where there are large populations of Muslims. As Dr. K D Pratipal, Professor Emeritus, Comparative Religion, University of Alberta, Canada, aptly puts it: ‘Muslims will only live in peace as an oppressive majority or a turbulent minority. In the case of India the latter half of the quotation is more relevant and appropriate.  The
Muslims of India are the favoured children of the State and they are
fully supported and duly blessed by the politically insolent (if not ignorant) and ideologically insolvent Government of India.  Our
boneless and spineless Prime Minister spent a sleepless night when a
suspected Islamic terrorist from India was arrested in Australia.  He
never had a sleepless night when hundreds of Hindu pilgrims were
slaughtered at various temple cities in India during the last four
years.  Then he came out with his great statement
which showed his total contempt, if not hatred, of the Hindus of India
in majority when he said “The minority Muslims of India will have the first and knock down priority over our national resources”.


understand that soon after the Mumbai blasts four days ago, the
Government of Israel contacted our disgraceful and irresponsible
Government of India and offered to send their experts on anti-terrorism
strategy to New Delhi to offer help and advice.  The Islam-embracing Government of India chose to ignore this meaningful offer.

has been happening in Mumbai during the last four days should be a
reminder to India as to who its real friends are and who are its
enemies? By upholding a policy of religious censorship, India is voting
herself to national death. India cannot cement its international
alliances by adopting the values of its Islamic enemies and rejecting
those of its allies round the world. But unfortunately all Indian
Governments and I would argue even Indian society at large has been
shrinking away from taking the hard decisions required to protect the
mass of innocent citizens against Islamic terrorism ever since our

are the definitions of Degrees of Tolerance and Intolerance of Islamic
terrorism acceptable to the pseudo-secular non-men in the Government of
India? Do they define ‘tolerance’ as meek and submissive, lamb-like acceptance of Islamic intolerance? Do they define ‘intolerance‘, not as the naturally human reactions of those who ‘say‘, ‘write‘ or ‘depict‘ things they find offensive in ‘compassionate’ (!?) acts of Islamic terrorism through their articles or websites, but as barbarous responses of ‘Hindu Fundamentalism’?

would like to ask the question: Is the self-deluded surrogate UPA
government in New Delhi committed to the oddly fraudulent and
fraudulently odd official philosophy of viewing all THE INTOLERANT ACTS
OF ISLAMIC TERRORISTS AS QUITE TOLERANT, as an aspect of communal or
religious harmony, flowing from the fraudulent Gandhian concept of Sama
Dharma Sama Bhava, dating back to the deathly days of the Khilafat
Movement in 1921? Should all the acts of murder, death, loot, plunder,
abduction, rape, hijacking, bombing of towns and cities and other
benevolent acts by Islamic terrorists, fully backed by Pakistan or
Bangladesh, be viewed as acts of humanity, charity, understanding and
broad-based tolerance? When perversion becomes a principle, when
prostitution becomes a noble practice, when rape becomes the rule,
murder becomes a meaningful message, goondaism becomes an act of grace,
and political rascality is elevated to the level of national
righteousness and as a part of legitimate minority rights, then are we
not creating ideal conditions, extending an open invitation to an armed
revolution in India in the very immediate future?

 I am not overstating or sensationalizing the problem.  Soon
after the Mumbai blasts some time in June 2006, I was shocked to see
from several newspaper reports that the Shahi Imam of the Jama Masjid
in Delhi had given his learned ‘Islamic decision’ regarding the Mumbai bombings which came as a Manna from Heaven to the pseudo-secular UPA government in New Delhi: ‘I
can say with authority that it is not any Muslim but the Shiv Sena, the
RSS and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad who are responsible for the serial
blasts in Mumbai’.
I would like to ask one simple question in this
context. Will he be able to ask the same question at a public meeting
of Muslims in Bulgaria, Romania and Yugoslavia: ‘You were
all part of the Ottoman Empire till the end of I World War. Soon,
should you not all unite to win back the glorious days of Ottoman
He would not dare to do that in those countries for
obvious reasons because he would attract the law of treason. What is
politically treasonable in other countries of the world, becomes highly
reasonable in India under the supreme umbrella of pseudo-secularism
held aloft by the Sonia UPA Government in New Delhi today.

we have a jocular Union Minister who seems to have taken his serious
political lessons from the Shahi Imam of Jamma Masjid. Union Minister
of our pseudo-secular STATELESS STATE for HOME Mr Sriprakash Jaiswal

himself with transcendental and time-defying pseudo-secular glory when
he recently hinted that the recent Mumbai terror attacks could be a
conspiracy hatched by rightwing Hindu parties
. To quote his radiant words of pseudo-secular anti-national rascality in this context:“There
were serial blasts in Bengaluru just before the Assembly elections were
held in Karnataka. Similarly, Assembly elections are soon to happen in
four other states. We also have to take note that three senior
Maharashtra ATS officers have died in ambush with terrorists. Certain
political parties have been targeting the ATS for the last one month.
All these factors will be part of the further investigations

and small minded politicians like Jaiswal seem to think that by
physically blocking the chimney, they can stop its smoking. With
enthusiasm, they try the experiment; even as they try to drive the
smoke back, there is more smoke than ever before. Filled with pride and
arrogance of their temporary office, they do not see that their want of
ordinary common sense has only increased the evil that they could have

great enemy of political language is insincerity. Petty Congress
Ministers like Sriprakash Jaiswal often use exhausted idioms, like a
cuttlefish squirting ink.  In India, political speech is largely the defense of the indefensible.  It is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind! 

Let me further elaborate on the political rascality of our Union Stateless Minister of State

. On the one hand this nominal and titular figure head of a Union Minister of State (of what State!?) says that the terrorists came from outside India.  It
is now a known international fact that all of them are Muslim
terrorists from our ‘Congress beloved’ neighboring country of Pakistan.
If Jaiswal’s perverted political logic of Rightwing Political Parties
being responsible for the recent Pak-Islamic terrorist attacks in
Mumbai is accepted, then by the same logic and by the same token, the
Muslim Organizations in India or Pakistan should be held responsible
for the alleged Malegaon blasts caused by so-called Hindu terrorists!
He has given a better lead to the disgraceful investigation process
that has been politically launched for sordid electoral advantage (at the instance of Sonia Congress Party)
by the ATS in Maharashtra! All the enlightened citizens of India
strongly condemn the stupidly irresponsible and crude banality (by no means subtlety)
of political words of this impolitic Union Minister. All the common
people are sighing in the streets of India today that this disgusting
Union Minister of our Stateless State ought to have been caught with
his pants down inside the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, showing his
pseudo-secular bravery and audacity against the Islamic terrorists from
Pakistan (guided by the Rightwing Hindu Parties of

the aftermath of the savage Islamic attacks, all the citizens of Mumbai
and indeed the whole of India, are in a state of bewildered and bizarre
and eerie confusion today. They do not know what to do and how to act.
In this pathetic and uncertain situation in which every citizen finds
himself, alone and helpless, I am reminded of a brilliant passage from
the German poetRainer Maria Rilke (1875 –1926) in Malte Laurids Brigge,
that brings out the essence of his thesis that each responsible citizen
who is a healthy man in a sick universe is destined by some Divine
force greater than himself to stand as a witness and, if necessary, to
die completely alone. Alone in his room, in a foreign city, the young
poet asks himself:

“It is possible that nothing important or real has yet been seen or known

said? Is it possible that mankind has had thousands of years in which
to observe, reflect, record and allowed these millennia to slip by like
the recess interval at school in which one eats a sandwich and an apple?

Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible that, despite our discoveries and progress….we still remain on the surface of life?

Yes it is possible

Is it possible that the whole history of the world has been misunderstood?

Yes it is possible

it possible that these people know with perfect accuracy a past that
has never existed? Is it possible that all these realities are nothing
to them,  that their life runs on, unconnected with anything, like a watch in an empty room?

Yes it is possible.

if all this is possible—if it has even no more than a semblance of
possibility—then surely…something must be done. THE FIRST COMER…MUST

What should each citizen do? First of all each citizen must declare from the house top every day and every moment  I
shall not tolerate any act of Islamic terrorism anymore from this
moment! Believe! There is a mental magnet within you that attracts to
you what you are. Don’t doubt yourself! Have great faith in yourself!
Doubt attracts doubt and faith attracts faith. Believe! The magic of
believing is for you. You should derive your daily inspiration from the
immortal words of Alexander Dumas (1802-1870) who wrote for you and me
and indeed for all of us:
“Where is the man who will save us? We
want a man. Don’t look so far for this man. You have him at hand. This
man, it is YOU, it is I, it is ALL OF US”

conclude, the policy of UPA government today is Muslim appeasement,
appeasement at all costs, in spite of all terror and however long and
hard the road may be. For without appeasement there is no survival, no
survival for Sonia Gandhi and the Nehru clan, no survival for the UPA
government, no survival for the urges and impulse of draconian secular
men like Arjun Singhs, Antulays, Lalu and Mulayam Singh Yadavs, Ram
Vilas Paswans, Karunanidhis and other men of this ilk. The UPA
government is proclaiming to the whole world that INDIA IS ONE OF THE
FAILED STATES.  Our Prime Minister through his
failing and faltering words has officially confirmed this fact. Who
dies if India lives and who lives if India dies? This relevant and
patriotic question will be brushed aside by the anti-national UPA
government as highly communal. Our surrogate Prime Minister would only
put this question all the time: Who dies if UPA government lives and
who lives if UPA government dies? This is the overriding question that
is being upheld as an indispensable part of State policy by the
non-governing and Satanic Government of India today.  Up with pseudo-secularism! Down with JAI HIND!!

(The writer is a retired IAS officer)

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