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On August 15, India will be celebrating India’s 59th Independence Day.  Independence Day is perhaps one of the most important national holidays in India. For India, Independence Day is a day for remembrance of the hard struggle to claim our freedom from hundreds of years of colonial oppression. As we celebrate our Independence, the celebration always must be a day of national recollection and reaffirmation of the great Hindu tradition and principles that kept India as a nation.
Wherever we are, whatever we do, Hindus should think of Bharat as a nation of spirituality, tolerance, pluralism and universalism, and should think about our nation as a birthplace of Dharma every day of our life. We should strive to make it known that we are proud of our Vedic heritage, the oldest surviving tradition in the world.
It is impossible to be a world citizen without absorbing the essential Hindu spiritual principles of tolerance, freedom and Dharma. Our life in this world is a swirl of confusing, distracting and seemingly complex issues. We simply will not be able to lead a good, peaceful, harmonious life in the midst of Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion and corrupt political practices without cultivating the habit of seeking our eternal Hindu Dharma. But what exactly it means to have a clear Hindu principles and vision?
Some people have the mistaken view that a clear sense of Hindutva requires tolerance of intolerance, accept religious conversion, cope up with Jihadi terrorism, condone appeasement of Christian and Muslim fundamentalists, and live with bogus secularism. But freedom and liberty does not mean tolerance of intolerance, ignoring the erosion of political power and living under subjugation. Human life does not work that way. As we celebrate Independence Day, Hindus must always be striving to think things through in view of the past holocaust and the real current circumstances we face. So, on this Independence Day, what is the importance of Hindutva in making political, social and personal judgments? The critical value of Hindutva is to ensure that in the complexity of political India, we must have a firm commitment for Hindutva. Hindutva must guide us in the midst of constant change, political oppression, Jihadi terrorism and missionary efforts in “harvesting souls”.
Freedom is not free until Hindus join together and fight to preserve our freedom. With Hindutva in our hearts, we can be sure that our Independence can be preserved, protected and practiced. On this Independence Day, let us all make a pledge that we will not be drawn away from our Hindutva ideas and objectives and we will not be pushed to chase illusory, or bogus secular goals.
We got independence through sacrifice. Several Hindu leaders worked tirelessly to liberate us from foreign yokes. Hindutva was their guiding principles. The principles that Shivaji, Jhansi Rani, Swami Vevekananda, Gopalakrishna Ghokale, Bala Gangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajapat Roy,  Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Dr. Hedgewar, Sarvarkar, and Guruji, have followed have soundness, eternal value and fundamental truth. Let these principles be our political and social starting point, the spiritual and moral fabric of Bharat. The Rsahtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh established by Dr. Hedgewar is still working tirelessly to preserve our national character, freedom and eternal Hindu Dharma.
Today’s phony secular politicians made India a heaven for Jihadi terrorists, missionary saboteurs, and criminal politicians. Politicians see power chiefly a wonderful tool to be used for personal gain to take care of themselves, their political parties and for appeasing Christian fundamentalists and Muslim fanatics.
Independence Day is a day for Hindus to reaffirm our eternal Hindu Dharma. Indeed, many of the worst abusers have been associated with people who refuse to have faith in Hindutva and follow the phony secular policies of the Congress party. They replaced our Dharma, our culture, spiritual principles and national pride and replaced it with a more benign anti national ideology and they are responsible for most of the awful mass evil of our country.
Independence Day is also a day to remember millions of Hindus who lost their lives for the hundreds of years in the hands of invading Jihadi warriors and imperialist colonialists. It is a day to reflect on the Hindu massacre and carnage in Hindu Kush, Panipat, Delhi, Sindh, Punjab, Meerut, Agra, Gujarat, Bihar, Malappuram, Chittoor, and Jhansy. It is a day for remembrance of Hindu holocaust and genocide, the lost generation from 8th century through independence in 1947.
Let us remember this Independence Day to bring those buried holocausts out so that the present generation of Hindus in Bharat and abroad stand up for their rights. The awareness of this Hindu genocide is important to preserve our freedom, culture and spiritual heritage. Our freedom is not free until we fight to protect it. The power to preserve Hindu Dharma, to gain political power, dignity and respect is not a matter of freedom, but a question of power and courage to take goal directed action.
Le us pledge on this Independence Day that we shall preserve our liberty and establish real freedom to preserve, protect, practice and promote Hindu Dharma. Let us embrace the new era, the era of Hindutva, a new future.
Haindavakeralam wishes its readers peace, prosperity and happiness on this Independence Day.

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