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published on January 25, 2014


Often we feel dejected and at times also become emotional about the scenario of life-threatening acts, poverty and corruption in the Nation. We dream about an ideal Nation; but it only remains a dream. We do feel intensely for our nation in waves but with passage of time this feeling dies down. Only if we have spiritual emotion towards our Nation then do we feel like doing something to improve the circumstances  in the  country.

Spiritual Emotion (Bhav) is superior to emotion !
Emotions are perceived at the mental level. Emotion developed spontaneously in response  to a situation is temporary. On the other hand bhav is awakened in the subconscious mind. Though bhav is also generated spontaneously in response to a situation its awareness lasts for a long time. That is why  bhav is superior to mere emotion.

Contemplate on whether you have bhav for the nation by introspecting oneself !
Feeling dejected about our countrymen suffering due to starvation, the atrocities on our women, Hindu brethren getting killed in communal riots etc and worrying about the pathetic state of the country and wondering when its transformation will occur are but transient emotions for the country.

-    Do you ever eat less thinking of those crores of your countrymen who starve ?
-    Have you ever shed tears for the injustice inflicted on your brethren in communal riots?
-    Have you ever felt disgusted towards the comforts and pleasures you are enjoying after knowing about the pitiable condition of the Kashmiri Hindus who were forced to leave Kashmir due to terrorism?
—– if you get such feelings then  you have some amount of bhav for the Nation.
Bhav arises from Sacrifice and Divine support  !

Many mawlas (Shivaji Maharaj’s soldiers) helped Chattrapati Shivaj Maharaj to establish a Hindavi Swarajya. Every mawla  would hold a tulsi (Holybasil) leaf in one hand and a burning coal in the other and ask Shivaji Maharaj ‘Tell me o king what shall I choose between the basil leaf and  the burning coal to get Swarajya (independence). I shall do as you say.’

The foundation of Hindu culture is sacrifice. An accomplished state is a part of the fruit of Hindu culture. So it is but natural to develop bhav for the Nation through an attitude of sacrifice.

Bhav is a reaction at the  spiritual level. Pure bhav for the Nation can develop only through Divine support. ‘O youth, if you are struggling for the survival of  the Nation then it should accept the Hindu religious code of conduct completely’, said Swami Vivekanand. There is total surrender in bhav. Only in total surrender does God bless us. Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj had to face several obstacles when establishing Hindavi Swarajya but he was able to overcome all of them because of his intense faith in Deity Bhavanimata and also his righteous conduct .

To develop bhav for the Nation perform your duties for Dharma (religion) or do sadhana !
Only if one has bhav for the Nation then his actions will be in the interest of the Nation. Though this is an undisputed fact it is equally true that if you do something for the Nation as your duty unto Dharma or simply as sadhana then you will gradually develop bhav for the Nation. What can you do to achieve this? Follow the guidance of Saints who have  deep concern for the Nation, give donations to organisations doing selfless social service for national welfare and above all  become a part of  their mission !
It will be possible to establish a Divine Kingdom only with bhav

One fostering bhav for the Nation is a true patriot. An extremely beautiful Divine Kingdom will be established with the guidance of Saints through such patriots. God is giving you an invaluable opportunity to participate in this mission of his by becoming a patriot. Do not let go of this opportunity !

Our National Flag is a symbolic representation of Bharat, our Motherland. It is with utmost pride that our flag is unflured on the Independence Day and also on the Republic Day. Also when an Indian wins any medals at international level it is with pride that the flag is unflured and National Anthem sung…

During the struggle for Bharateeya Independence, many youth left their comfortable and luxurious life, for a life devoted to free their Motherland. They had only one vision in front – that of a free Bharat, the ‘golden land’. Many of these revolutionaries, were in their prime youth. They never cared for their own life, but had only one goal in mind. Just think – had these youth not sacrificed everything for Bharat, would we be living the ‘free and happy life’ that we are enjoying today? If not for the soldiers at the frontiers of Bharat, would be able to sleep peacefully atleast for a night? Would we be able to celebrate all our festivals with our near and dear ones; if not for our soldiers who sacrifice these festivities for their Motherland?

Today’s youth are miles behind – cricketers, movie heroes and heroines have become their ideals. Also the two vices of selfishness and narrow mindedness have become dominant in them, which is causing lot of harm to society. Under such circumstances it has become essential to study and follow the life of these great people who have imparted the teaching of sacrifice, love, devotion to righteousness, devotion to nation, helping the society and kashtradharma (duty of a warrior). These were the great souls who paved way to India’s freedom. Unfortunately now most of us have forgotten the brave past. After 66 years of freedom the patroitic feeling in us have melted down. It is indeed pathetic to see the ways our National Flag is insulted nowadays. The day soon after flag hoisting, the flags are strewn on the roads or seen in dust bins. Many people try to exhibit the so called patriotism by painting their faces in tricolour or prepare cakes and dresses in the same manner. All this accords to insult to the flag and to our nation. What would the above brave souls feel, would they happen to witness such things?
Now-a-days even children seem to enjoy Independence Day as any other holiday. Since no compulsion is there in schools or colleges students seem to enjoy the day by visiting theatres, or outing with family. Somewhere down the years the true partiotic spirit has gone down and we seem to have forgotten the sacrifice of our great  freedom fighters.    
We can take care of the following points to stop the disrespect to National Flag :

•    Hoist the Flag at a height in a suitable manner.
•    Do not let small children use the National Flag as a toy.
•    Do not use or buy plastic Flags.
•    Do not use paper Flags to pin up on shirt pockets, etc.
•    Take care to see that the Flag does not get crumpled.
•    Do not use the Flag as a banner or for decoration.
•    Take care to see that the National Flag is not trampled upon or torn.
•    Do not let the Flag fall on the ground.
•    Do not join cloth pieces to resemble the National Flag.
•    Do not paint the tricolour on face or other body parts, clothes, etc.

•    Do not talk in between while the National Anthem is being played !
•    Stand in ‘attention’ while the National Anthem is being played !
•    Ensure that the National Anthem is not recited at improper places and inappropriate times !

O children of Bharat Mata, on Republic day, instead of merely hoisting the National Flag and singing the National Anthem as a formality, do the following to rekindle National pride !
•    Insist that the complete National Song ‘Vande Mataram’ be sung in schools, colleges and other
institutions !
•    Celebrate the ‘martyrdom days’ of National Heroes, revolutionaries, etc. who have worked tremendously for the welfare of our Nation !
•    Organise lectures which sketch the lives of revolutionaries, National Heroes, etc. and screen dramas/films which evoke patriotic feelings. Also organise essay wiriting and elocution competitions highlighting the life history of freedom fighters !
•    Organise talks on the ‘real life experiences’ of those great personalities who have sacrificed a lot for the Nation !
•    Visit the birth places, forts and memorial of revolutionaries and pay homage and recollect the sacrifices they have made for us to enjoy our days today !
•    File complaints against those who distort the map of Bharat !
•    Make an appeal to the Education Board in protest against the cirriculum which devalues National pride and history texts which denigrate National heroes !
•    Ban the use of foreign goods and use only ‘swadeshi’ goods !
•    Reduce the use of English language and speak in one’s Mother tongue / National language !

You can participate in this campaign by doing as much ever possible.
 1. Be Proactive : In order to prevent any of the mentioned untoward incidents, you can circulate this information among your friends, relatives.
2. Collect spoilt flags and respectfully dispose them by burning or burial.
3. Circulate the information to schools by putting these do’s and don’ts on their notice boards.
4. You can try and educate maximum number of people you come in contact with and fulfill your duty towards the motherland.
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