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via Dr.P.E.S.Kartha published on March 7, 2007

Bofors is not just another scandal that can be ignored as a run of the mill variety. Its emergence in fact, poses a big question mark on the entire governing system of this country. It exposes the ethical vulnerability of all the major pillars of Indian authority – defence, finance, decision making modalities, system of checks and controls AND the PMO itself. Blindly downgrading its importance is as good as questioning our National Integrity as well as the Indian value system.

Yet another season of Bofors is opening up.  This is one scam which refuses to stay under wraps. It seems that the more it is suppressed, the more vengefully it comes out! No government during the last 20 years could come out unscathed vis-à-vis this seemingly interminable saga bordering to surrealism.

Interestingly, among all the other VIP scams, this is the only one which draws the comments such as:

·        Why don’t we forget it? After all, it is decades old and moreover many of its cast have crossed over to the other world.

·        In any case it involves only 67 crores. When many other scams involving thousands of crores are not solved, why give so much weight to this one?

·        No political party is interested in solving this case. Then, what people can do?

One by one, let us answer them including the least important, that is, this-is-only-67crore-argument. Even without considering the reality that after two decades, the amount value of 67 crores has become much more due to inflation, we must not lose sight on the principle that thieves, scamsters and  mafia must not be judged on the basis of the size of loot. Their crime cannot be graded as per the loot value alone. Because, the money involved belongs to the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich. What’s more, this specific offence, by itself involves the security of the nation, is much more reprehensible. It even goes beyond the frame of any normal condemnation, because the unending tale of Bofors reminds us the story of a fence that was looting the crop.

The other grave aspects are the following:

This was the greatest let down of the Indian people as it was presumed to be perpetuated from the house of a Prime Minister with a unique tag ‘Mr. Clean’. This was irrefutably unlike in most other such sordid scam dramas, where the names of the ringleaders may fail to jolt the people. It is indeed, not an exaggeration that if the hands of one of the present breed of political worthies are found to be unstained with the ‘black’ wealth, many of us may tend to reject it as fiction.

It was all the more unfortunate that the finger of suspicion was pointed towards the family of the nation’s PM. It was definitely, the first time that an Indian PM got mixed up in such a squalid episode and never happened before or after (at least in open). Even after two decades of time lapse, the family has not got absolved its name from the grime that soiled its reputation.

Unfortunately by a quirk of fate, especially for the country and her proud citizens, the same family with the sully repute is our unconstitutional ‘Bhaagya Vidhaataa’, that is, the Goddess of India’s fortune. It only means that we are equally fraudulent as the beneficiaries of the 67 crore-shame, otherwise how could we have allowed such a deceitful and unrepentant quasi-Indians to govern (that too sans accountability) this great Nation. Probably our Values are blasted out of our system by the booming guns of Bofors.

So, the Jury declares that this scam (even if others are not) ought to be investigated till all the beneficiaries are identified and punished as per the law of the land.

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