I am a Christian mother and my son is marring a Hindu

published on April 3, 2012

Robin says.… March 18, 2012 at 10:40 am

I am a Christian mother (Catholic) of a son who is planning to marry a Hindu girl. I struggle with, and I have struggled with the exclusivity of Christianity for quite some time. I consider myself liberal and tolerant, and I am still searching for an explanation of “only one way to the father“. Having said that, I still feel somewhat uncomfortable praying to other Gods. My son wants a Hindu ceremony in which his parents are part of. I am hoping for a ceremony that blends both cultures and is truely reflective of who we are. Who we all are. I would be fine with anything my son decides, but I was educated that I am very much a part of the ceremony… I just want to be authentic. My faith has always been important to me, and a guiding light in my life.

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Reply by Admin

Dear Robin,

So, your concern is….. in the Hindu wedding, the Hindu priest will invoke multiple male and female gods from the heaven, earth, from water and from all directions. The Hindu ceremony will begin with praying to an elephant head god Ganesh. There will be multiple idols (deities) and extensive pooja rituals. There may be a Garba dance and will have to eat offerings from gods, prasad. You will be surrounded by all non-baptized-new relatives; who do not believe that Jesus is the only savior. Further, the new Hindu wife may not wish your grand children be baptized to remove the original sin. If you do literally believe in what is said in the “Bible on Hindus?”, you will be committing so many sins. Your LORD God will surely punish you for three to four generations (the 2nd of the Ten commandments).

Relax!!! It is normal that an interfaith marriage gives anxiety to parents. Don’t think too much negative. There is no horror going to happen by your son marrying a Hindu. You seem to be educated, intelligent and an independent thinker. It is time to look at this new world with love for every one. Jesus will be proud of you for being a good human being. If you could show your true love for your new Hindu relatives, it will be a win-win for all. So, go buy a sari and bindi and be ready to enjoy the colorful Hindu wedding.

Your son should have done his homework. Lets hope your son knows what he is getting into. If he is not a true pluralist, this newly wed will have the same horrible fate as Hinu, Vineeta, Diva, Jane Tou and Ron.

Jesus in his direct messages never mentioned about “idol worship” and “other gods.” Please confirm it for us. Further, He changed the second of the Ten Commandments of “jealous god” to – love thy neighbors. It is beyond belief to think that Jesus will send Mahatma Gandhi and your soon to be a Hindu-daughter-in-law to hell on the Judgment Day.

Catholics and Hindus have many similarities. Like all Abrahamics, Hindus believe that there is one absolute Ultimate Reality. Catholics are polytheist, believe in three forms of the God; Hindus believe in a few more forms of the same God. Like the marble statue of Mary and the wood cross are not idols, the same way, Hindus gods are not idols. Catholics don’t pray to two pieces of wood but they see Jesus’ sacrifice into the wood cross. Likewise, Hindu gods are not idols, but a way to see the Ultimate Reality.

You want to blend of both cultures, so go ask your new Hindu relatives to put a Jesus’ cross into the Hindu wedding rituals and they will be happy to accommodate you. Christ and Krishna will be happy to bless the newly wed. Later, your Hindu daughter-in-law will be glad to visit your church and eat Jesus’ body/bread and you reciprocate by visiting a Hindu temple and eating prasad. Also have a Catholic wedding in your church for this couple, except that do not ask the Hindu to sign the one sided prenuptial child-rearing contract. Further, teach your grand children that Jesus is dad’s (son of) god and Goddess Laxmi is mom’s god, how beautiful!

Now come to your claim that you are a “tolerant.” Toleration could have a meaning that you are willing to “put up” with her and “allowing her to live.” Now it is time to give up this exclusivist and supremacist attitude that you are from some superior race. Instead of being “tolerant,” create mutual respect for each other.

Now for your grandchildren, Hindus believe that a child is born divine. It is one’s karma that will determine the ultimate fate. If you want to show your genuine love for this new Hindu daughter-in-law, please do not ask for baptism of the children and let your son and daughter-in-law enjoy their Interfaith Marriage with EQUALITY.

Now you have an opportunity to learn of God’s real message of love for all. Show it in true spirit. Enjoy the Hindu Vivaha ceremony and a Hindu in your life.

To readers: Do parents have rights to be concerned about their heritage, culture and religious beliefs? Do Robin’s son who is currently in (temporary?) love and fascinated by novelty; will he turn around later in his married life to be a Bible believer? What could be a good insurance that your intended spouse will not “turned around” to his/her core (Hindu or Christian) rigid religious beliefs 10 years down in your married life? Express your views here.

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