How to help Tapan Kumar Ghosh of Hindu Samhati -Some Suggestions

published on March 28, 2013

Hindus are under siege in West Bengal.  This siege has been laid on them by the deadly combination of Communists and Radical Islamists in collusion with Congress Government.  The goal of these brazenly anti-Hindu forces is to rule over Hindus in West Bengal with the help of 30% Muslims in West Bengal.  Their aim is to create a sense of diffidence among Hindus, demoralize them and ultimately pave the way for Islamization of West Bengal as was done in Jammu and Kashmir.
Each and every day the situation is assuming an alarming proportion.  Hindu organizations and leaders have to recognize the gravity of the situation and its long term implications on India’s security.  Today Hindus in West Bengal are being intimidated.  Tomorrow they would be coerced and frightened in other states.  India’s future is at stake and it is our bounden duty to do something to help Hindus in West Bengal.  
Since no other political party is openly espousing Hindu causes, Tapan Kumar Ghosh of Hindu Samhati has taken on himself the responsibility to fight for justice for Hindus.  That is the reason he has been implicated in fictitious cases and put in the jail.  We are afraid that he may be tortured in jail and physically harmed and demobilized by anti-Hindu forces.
Hindus have suffered at the hands of anti-Hindu governments in India for the last 65 years because of disunity, egocentric attitude of our leaders, myopic vision and lack of courage.  There are more than 83% Hindus in India.  Their number all over the world is approximately 900 millions.  We should not allow a handful of our enemies to bully us in our own country.
The glimpse of Hindu power was recently exhibited by “American for Free Speech”  in Philadelphia. PA where 250 determined but peaceful  Hindus expressed their outrage and disgust at Wharton India Economic Forum and conveyed their message that they would not take things lying down any more.  
Here is the story of Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh.  Tapan Kumar Ghosh (President of Hindu Samhati, Community Organiser and Human Rights Activist) was first arrested from his home around 9:30 AM on March 14, 2013 by Muchipara police in connection with the Jalaberia case under Kutali Police Station.  Although Sri. Tapan Ghosh was not at all present in Jalaberia and was actually 80 Kms away in Kolkata, yet the police included his name in the FIR as the chief instigator. Strong non-bailable charges have been slapped against him along with other Hindu human rights activists. Sections 147/148/149/332/333/353/427/152/153/109/186/507/186/307 I.P.C. & 4 E.S. Act and 3 & 4 P.D.P.P. Act (Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984) were imposed on 37 Hindus including Sri.Tapan Ghosh leading to his unethical arrest.
After repeated attempts to get bail, Sri Tapan Ghosh was finally granted bail on March 22, 2013 by the Judge’s Court, Alipur, Kolkata and was supposed to be released on the next day (March 23, 2013). A few hours before Sri. Tapan Ghosh was going to be released on bail from custody on the next day (March 23, 2013), a cruel trick was played on the Hindus of West Bengal.

Hindu Samhati President Sri. Tapan Ghosh was now again charged with another case (Case No. 410/12 of P.S. Gopalnagar) of October 2012 and re-arrested under Sections 147/148/149/325 along with other non-bailable sections. He has still not been released in spite of our efforts to try and get bail.
All the case details are available in reports filed in chronological order at:
If we treat the arrest of Tapan Ghosh as an emergency, we can create a powerful campaign out of it and pressurize anti-Hindu political leaders to treat Hindu leaders with respect and dignity.  If we make 2000-3000 calls to the following police officials, we can definitely achieve the desired impact.
Sugata Sen, SP, North 24 Parganas -  +919830720987
Rupantar Sengupta, SDPO Bangaon -  +919433877685
If you are looking for an opportunity to serve the Hindu society, here are some more numbers.  You will be doing a great favor to Hindus if you call some of the following Kolkata Police Officials at your leisure and tell them that we are concerned about Tapan Ghosh’s safety and security:
Kokata Police Head Quarters
18, Lalbazar Street, Kolkata – 700 001
West Bengal, India
EPABX Number: (91-33) 2250-5000
Visitors are welcome to visit Kolkata Police Head Quarters(Lalbazar) for any sorts of query related to Police. They may contact Enquiry section at the Main Entrance Gate to be guided to the appropriate department.
Control Rooms of Kolkata Police
Lalbazar Control Room:
(91-33) 2214-3024 / 2214-3230 / 2214-1310
(91-33) 2214-5512 [Fax]Traffic Control Room:
(91-33) 2214-3644 / 2242-7248
Wireless Control Room:
(91-33) 2214-1288
North Divn. Control Room:
(91-33) 2360-6405 / 2360-6417
Central Divn. Control Room:
(91-33) 2228-5209 / 0944
South Divn. Control Room:
(91-33) 2283-7051
ESD Control Room:
(91-33) 2363-3835 / 2374-6436 / 2363-3476
Port Divn. Control Room:
(91-33) 2409-3109
South Sub. Divn. C. Room:
(91-33) 2499-4704
South East Divn. C. Room:
(91-33) 2290-4661
South West Divn. C. Room:
(91-33) 2499-4700
B G Lines Control Room:
(91-33) 2409-9057
4th Bn. Control Room:
(91-33) 2337-4533 / 2321-3952
5th Bn. Control Room:
(91-33) 2355-7949 / 2355-5412
B T Road Control Room:
(91-33) 2530-0809 / 0891 / 0892
S B Control Room:
(91-33) 2283-7017 / 2283-7016
D D Crime Control Room:
(91-33) 2214-1431 / 2250-5166
S C O Sub Control:
(91-33) 2283-7089
E B Sub Control:
(91-33) 2228-2172 / 2173 / 2126

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