How politicians are failing India?

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on October 9, 2011

As an NRI, who traveled India from New Delhi to Kanyakumari, I am convinced that there is empirical evidence that a group of privileged people dominates the Indian government, economy, political power and policy decision making. The leaders within the power elite make domestic and foreign policy decisions through powers of special interest lobbying, policy planning, policy decision making and the election of ministers, justices and Governors. During my prolonged visit to India, I had the opportunity to meet Editors, Journalists, Media Persons (Visual and verbal) Poets, Intellectuals, Academicians, and social activists. I had the opportunity to have a tremendous look at current events and the threat to freedom and survival of Hindus.

Indian political leaders are seriously interested in political game playing and ruling the nation by fooling the public. These sound bite mongering-foolish politicians are making a concentrated effort to undo what India has achieved for the last thousands of years. These insidious and privileged and corrupt politicians demand more support from the mainstream to continue their criminal political enterprise.  The majority of the population (Hindus) demonstrates that they are indeed capable of tolerating “ruling by fooling”. The majority seldom question the ulterior motives of politicians. It is so amusing that the majority (Hindus) are hopelessly lethargic in uniting together or reasoning together for freedom, safety and security of the country. In democracy, one expects to violently oppose or honestly disagree with polices that divide and weaken the country.

For so many years, Indian politics has been trivial and stupid. Why? Because the majority of Hindus have come to hate politics. The faith of Hindus in preserving, protecting, practicing and promoting the national values and protecting the nation, its social, religious and cultural institutions have declined over the last few decades. Hindus have begun to doubt their ability to improve their social life through politics. At a time when Muslims and Christians have been marching ahead with foreign money and gaining political power, Hindus view politics with boredom and detachment. For most of Hindus, politics is increasingly abstract, meaningless, even barely worth participating.

Mullahs, Bishops and foreign funded NGOs are dominating the election campaign with television commercials, direct mail, and intimidating approaches that treat their followers to gain political power.

The Muslims and Christians as a whole does not do ruling. Instead, their interest is maintained through activities of a wide variety of organizations and institutions. These organizations and institutions are funded and directed by foreign countries and their agent provocateurs. They have no interest in preserving Hindu values or protecting the integrity of our nation.

Hindu spiritual leaders and many caste based organizations never encourage their adherents decide their national fate. They are merely indulging in stroking and soothing and make Hindus zombies. Hindu spiritual leaders talk of universal love, and speak that “all religions are the same” and recommend vasudevia Kudumbhakam.  But at home, they do little to promote the virtues that good government requires courageous citizens to participate in political process. Hindu spiritual leaders have become one long running advertisement against Hindus gaining political power. Hindus doubt that elections give them any real control over what the government does and more than half of Hindus never vote for Hindu candidates.
Because of indolence, apathy, indifference and flight from public political life, Hindus no longer fosters a sense of political community or common purpose. Economic gaps between minority groups (Muslims and Christians) and the majority (Hindus) grow wider. Hindus are increasingly estranged from the affluent world of commerce, business, banking, and finance. Hindus have less and less to do with each other and they feel few obligations to each other.
The ruling Congress Party headed by the uneducated Italian born Catholic Sonia Maino, is responsive only to the needs of Muslims and Christians and their various constituencies. On issue after issue, Congress Politicians made it impossible for Hindus to express its needs and aspirations. The broad political interests of the Congress Party lie in continuing divide and weaken the country, and see it to continue the dynasty rule. Indeed, what is striking about political events after independence is that the Congress Party allowed pseudo secularism to become vehicles for Muslim and Christian interests. The Congress party is not primarily concerned with India’s national interests, security, nation’s economy, the distribution of economic benefits to the majority, and the efficacy of the most basic institutions of government including schools, roads, police, defense, criminal justice system, and judiciary.
The Congress party, whether it is domestic or foreign policy have badly formulated polices against Hindus and lead India astray.

While the politicians shout loudly about Hindu activism, Hindu terror, social justice, minority  rights (Muslims & Christians), and equality, they ignore Chinese military intrusion, Jihadi terrorism, Coercive religious conversion, corruption, looting of India’s wealth, and foreign Bank accounts of Indian politicians. These anti national, corrupt politicians are not interested to study in depth about prevention of corruption, Jihadi terrorism, and coercive religious conversion.

The visual and verbal media in India is a tool for expansion of Jihadis, Conversion gangs and corrupt political groups. And their act of thinking cannot transcend its own discursive practices or to get at the truths of things in real world and help conditions for the majority Hindus. The anti national Media is not interested in exposing the lies and repressions Hindus have to endure. The visual media in India often tout themselves the real defenders of liberty and constantly shout about social justice, minority rights (Muslims and Christians) equality, and yet when the talk moves from social justice to Jihadi terrorism, deceptive religious conversion, corruption, temple control  by the anti Hindu government, public looting –the media fall strangely mute.

For Hindu spiritual leaders social, political, and economic freedom is an illusion. They can barely grapple with politics or contemporary discriminatory practices against Hindus. If our spiritual leaders return to real Hindu tradition, they might learn better how to deal with the problem of political power. They should not assume that the problems faced by Hindus are unreasonable. For them political power is not part of our intrinsic human nature. Political discussion is so distant from their concerns. In spite of threats to Hindu temples, Hindu organizations and spiritual practices, leaders have refused to face up to the challenges.
Under the influence of western and Marxist ideas, our Academicians teach post structuralism, deconstruction, materialism, and class conflict. The academic left uses Marxist theory as their subject of inquiry rather than teaching Dharma, liberty and national construction. The academic system in India is oppressive, coercive and systematically invisible in criticizing Jihadi terrorism, corruption, religious conversion, and social disintegration caused by foreign psychological warfare agents. The academic left is preoccupied with political power and interested in destroying Hindu values, families, cultural practices, and temples. They leave behind the modes of power and control of Muslims and Christians in national policy making. Hindu academicians shift their focus from politics, economics and social Darwinism to philosophy and epistemology. Their academic life is more than trendy fad. They make Hindu youths confused, impotent, and force them to live with their own misplaced hope.

The abandonment of political life by the majority Hindus has created a void that is filled increasingly by criminal politicians. These miscreants, vagabonds, anti Hindu criminal thinking politicians attack Hindus and discuss issues that seem impotent or contrived. The Congress Party headed by the uneducated Italian Catholic Sonia Maino and her Christian clique make Hindu terror a central issue. Neither Chinese intrusion, Muslim infiltration from Pakistan and Bangladesh, crime, price rise, corruption, looting of temple wealth matters much to them. The Congress party is interested only in preserving dynastic power and economic power in the privileged group of Muslims and Christians.

I am convinced that the categories that have dominated Hindu thinking for so long (escapism, denial, apathy, indifference) are utterly irrelevant to the current situation we face in India and around the world. Most of the current problems of Indian life can be traced back to the failure of the dominant ideologies of the Congress Party (pseudo secularism, Minority appeasement, reservation for Muslims and Christians, Hajj subsidy). The Congress party is framing political issues on a series of false choices.

Over the last few months several prominent nationalist leaders (Anna Hazare, Swami Ram Dev, and Dr. Subramanya Swami) have organized protest meetings, sathyagraha, demonstrations to resist political corruption and dangerous policies of criminal politicians that utterly disregarded our Dharma, values and national interests. RSS, VHP and several Hindu organizations are more committed to the principles of Hindutva that has made India a beacon for the world. RSS provides a clear, thoughtful, sensitive, and independent analysis on vital national issues. RSS is working on everyday and changing the dignity of Hindus.

But there comes a time in the life of Hindus, our nation when it becomes necessary to sit face to face with history, when reality must be understood from the standpoint of rationality and morality. The majority must stand above mere rhetoric and participate in politics. It is paramount to the interests of Hindus, the nation and the rest of the world. Hindus should not be passive objects but active subjects engaged in organizing, or forming communities dedicated to social-cultural-moral, economic and political power.

The recognition of such an opportune time and to make the best principled use of the occasion invariably helps Hindus toward playing a superior role in raising the level of moral, social and material conditions and enriching Hindus in India and around the globe. Such a time has come. The time has come not only for committing the Hindu nation to a time bound program for relieving the people from their miseries but also to our nation for a strong and pivotal role in world affairs, undeniable and unsurpassed.

To blame our problems on the failure of the failed ideology of corrupt politicians would seem a convenient way to avoid attaching responsibility to individuals. Of course, India is a democratic country; there is freedom of expression, and open political participation. People can vote. The majority must actively participate in politics. Political power is not some alien presence contrary to human nature. It is intrinsic for the construction of a nation.

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