How long will Hindus wait?

via HK Correspondent published on July 11, 2006

Another serial blast has shaken up the citizens of India. The Mumbai blast today has followed a series of attacks today morning in Srinagar. Coincidently the attack in Mumbai overshadows the media coverage of Srinagar. But for how long will the citizens of India or even Mumbai remember this day?

What is so special about today? Its Guru poornima. The day all Hindus or rather all cultured Indians pay their respects to their Guru. The attack that comes on such an auspicious day will be just another passing day for the normal Indian. For the normal Indian covered from head to toe in the blanket of secular and minority politics this is just another March 93 or another December 2002 or just another one of the 2003 attacks.The normal Indian just walks away thanking God that he was not hurt.

The suspects again are the LeT. Time and time again the intelligence agencies seem to have failed us by just throwing these claims to the media and never able to pin point such planning well in advance. In the modern era of technology it gets very difficult to follow these terrorist links. But its high time that the government seriously decides to keep aside political bias and seriously look into the prospects for strengthening our internal security.

The Keralaites also need to follow this story carefully, because inspite of clear cut evidence of arm amassing and explosions in parts of Kerala, the government is just looking the other way. It isn’t late before Kerala to start experiencing terrorist attacks like these. Mumbai is a target because of its population and the terrorists know a planned attack can make a big impact on their cadre morale. Where as far as Kerala is concerned, it is the consolidated effort by terrorist organizations and smugglers. They know Keralites are spread in large number over the Middle East and strong actions in Kerala can boost up funding from the Middle East. The same Arab land where the mullahs scream out in Malayalam every Friday about how freedom fighters are being shot down in Kashmir and about the Muslims are being treated as slaves in India.

Haindava Keralam has time and time again put up informative articles and reports on activities of organizations like the NDF in and around Kerala. But like all over India the normal Indian prefers to remain ignorant about happenings in and around him. But for how long? Will it take a personal experience for the Hindu to react? Will it be too late by then? 

Haindava Keralam expresses its deepest sympathy to the people who have been hurt by this incident and as responsible citizens of this nation hang our head in shame for not being to stop actions like this forever. But we will continue our effort to unite our Hindu community to once and for all wipe out this menace from the face of our Bharat Mata.

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