How a Hindu becomes an Islamic terrorist in secular India? Part-I

published on May 20, 2008


Islamic terrorists arrested in Chennai

: On 14th evening (May 2008), three Islamic terrorists have been arrested in Chennai / Madras by the police on receiving information that such Islamic terrorists could be taking shelter. Belonging to an extreme terrorist group of name and style “God is one”, they were nabbed with the escape of their leader. They have been recruited and operating specifically to eliminate leaders of Hindu groups and organizations by planting bombs.


More than 70 were killed in the Rajasthan blast. Consequent to this, the Central Investigative agency warned all the state governments to be careful about the movements of terrorists, as they could target other vulnerable targets. The Chennai Police received information that Islamic terrorists were hiding in the north Chennai with fetal weaponry infiltrating. Accordingly, the north Chernnai Police Commissioner Ravi undertook combing operation by checking all lodges, Mansions, hotels etc., throughout the night.


When enquiry was conducted at the “Advocate Mansion” situated in Savurimuthu Street of Mannadi (a place where such Islamic fundamentalists and rabid groups have head quarters and other operations


), they came across the three persons staying there under suspicious circumstances. They found that they belonged to a rapid Islamic fundamentalist organization, and the details were informed to the Police Commissioner Najil Kumaran. Then when they were interrogated at a secret place, the following details were revealed. The following have been the members of “God is one” Islamic terrorist outfit





One of them has been “Pazhani” Umar (aged 26) hails from Kalaiyamputtur Agraharam, Pazhani Taluk, Tindugal District. He is the son of one Subramanyam and got converted to Islam.



Another terrorist has been identified as Syed Kasim (26) alias “Hira” of Nellai Town. He has been operating as the President of “God is one” outfit of South Chennai.



Taufeeq / Daubik (30) of Adiramapatnam has been the President of the organization. He was booked and jailed for hiding bombs under ground in Kodungaiyur six years back i.e, in 2002. He was running a terrorist outfit “Islamic Protection Force” / “Muslim Defence Force” at that time. Then he was arrested by the Mumbai Police under National Security Act and jailed him. After coming out of the jail eight months before, he started brainwashing youth who have interest in “Islamic ideology”. Thus, many youngsters have joined the “God is one” outfit attracted towards the iseological speech of Dhaubik. Dhaubik had planned an attack in Chennai after the Rajasthan blast and accordingly, he came to Chennai from Adiramapatnam.



Kadhar alias “Mannadi” Kadhar (24) belongs to Muthumariamman Street, Mannadi, Chennai is owning a textile shop and married.



Abhuthakir (24) of Mannadi has been the President of “God is one” outfit of Chennai.


Of which “Pazhani” Umar, Syed Kasim alias Hira and Mannadi Kadhar have been arrested by the Police. What they have given in their statement has been:


“We all the three have taken shelter in Chennai as per the directions of the State President of “God is one”. The persons of the Hindu organizations and particularly, some specific persons of those organizations have been our enemies. Our plan was to kill them by planting bombs. We came to Chennai only for the purpose hiding. Dhaubik, our leader had already explained in detail what we should do (to carry out the killing by planting bombs). Before that the Police have rounded us.


“There have been youth like us in our organization. “God is one” is providing financial help to the Muslim educated youth, particularly degree holders without any job. Only those who believe in the organization can join (this outfit). Once you join the organization, you need not worry about the money. The President has been proving enough money to our families taking care of. Hindu leaders have been oppressing us for a long time. Therefore, our maim aim has been to put an end to it (by eliminating them). Accordingly, we got training and preparing mentally to do carry put terrorist activities.”


The Islamic fundamentalist literatures, CDs including the BF category have been recovered from the room, where they stayed. The Q branch Police also conducted study as to whether any bombs were prepared in the room. Immediately, the Police rushed to the places of Dahubik (30) of Adiramapatnam has been the President of the organization and Abhuthakir (24) of Mannadi has been the President of “God is one” outfit of Chennai. But the sources revealed that they had already escaped absconding.


The Police suspected that they might have gone to Adirampatnam and accordingly, batches of CID and Q branch Police have rushed to Adirampatnam. The Police has also taking inventory of the explosives and gelatin sticks purposely purchased and kept for quarrying in different parts of Tamilnadu.


When Narendra Modi, Gujarat CM came to Chennai, the Police arrested Dhaubik registering a case for planning terrorist activities. However, he came out within a month. Jain, the DGP ordered to increase the security to Ramagopalana, the State President of Hindu Munnani, after receiving information that he has been under their target.


The north Chennai Police Commissioner Ravi, other Assistant Commissioners Karuppaswamy, Sampath, Deputy Commissioners – Narayanamurthy and Nagarajan have conducted inquiries with the nabbed terrorists. As they could locate another place in Chennai other than Mannadi, they suspect that the mombs might have been assembled there for planting. They also suspect that the escaped terrorists could have taken the bombs disappearing. They came to know that Taufeeq / Dhaubik has got special training in the manufacture, assembly and application of bombs.


The “The Hindu” (16-05-2008) way of reporting:


3 held fort disturbing communal harmony

Special Correspondent

Chennai: Three persons, said to be the sympathizers of Muslim fundamentalist organization, were detained by the police here on Thusrday (15-05-2008).

Sources said that in a joint operation by the State Intelligence Police and the Chennai Police, the trio, identified as Heera alias Syed Basha (27) of Melapalayam, Tirunelveli District, `Palani’ Umat alias Kalimuthu (26) of Dindigul district, and `Mannadi’ Khader (25) of Mannadi were detained.

An investigation of the accused  had confessed to having planned to attack Hindu Munnani leader Ranagopalan here in March 2008, when he had come to the Collectorate to participate in a stir. The attempt failed.

Commissioner od Police G. Nanjil Kumaran told The Hindu that the three had planned something serious but in a swift operation, the police teams secured them.

Searches revealed that the three possessed many compact discs, including the piratyes ones.

They had connections with a few hawala operators as well.

A hunt is on to nab a key person who roped in youths into the movement, another officer said.

The North  Beach Police have registered a case against the three on charges of causing disturbance of communal harmony and possessing pirated CDs.


The New Indian Express reports as follows:


Chennai terror plot foiled

Friday May 16 2008 03:58 IST

CHENNAI: Chennai police on Thursday arrested three suspected terrorists and claimed to have foiled their plot to kill some Hindu leaders in Tamil Nadu.
Working on intelligence inputs of suspected terrorists’movement in a house at Mannady, a team of about 40 policemen raided the house and arrested Umar alias Palani Umar Kalimuthu of Palani, Heera alias Syed Kassim of Melapalayam, Tirunelveli and Abdul Kathar of Mannady.

However, two others — Taufeeq of Thanjavur and Abu Tahir of Chennai — managed to escape.

Sources in the police said the arrested trio admitted during questioning that they were members of an outfit called Eraivan Oruvaney (God is One). The group is suspected to be an offshoot of an organisation called Islamic Defence Force, headed by Taufeeq.

The intelligence wing had been keeping an eye on this group for some time. Police claimed that on May 6, members of the group had met and finalised a plot to kill some Hindu leaders. Police did not say who the targets were.

A senior police official said that at the time of the raid on the house in Mannady, early on Thursday, the group’s members were watching an `overtly fundamentalist’ video. Police seized a few CDs on the murder of Muslim fundamentalist leader Palani Baba from the house along with some US dollars and Kuwaiti Dinars.

The three were produced before the Metropolitan Magistrate Court VII and remanded in judicial custody.


The conversion of  Kalimuthu and

the story of his family


Subramanyam and Ayyammal are the father and mother of Kalimuthu alias Umar, the Hindu-turned-Islamic terrorist. The parents confessed that Umar compelled them to convert to Islam. Retiring from the defense, now Subramanyam has been a watchman of Mariamman temple. They have sons – Anbazhagan, Kalimuthu, Kaleswaran, Kalidass.


After retirement in 2001, he constructed a house in the Agraharam Kalaimputhur. He converted to Christianity after some months. However, Kalimuthu did not convert. Failed in 10th, Kalimuthu was working in a STD telephone booth in Pazhani, there he developed contacts with Muslims and converted to Islam. He asked money for starting a “readey made garment shop”, when refused, he had fight with the parents and went to Chennai without informing them. Fifteen days before, he came there and urged his brothers’ children to convert to Islam. He even tempted that he would give enough money. As they refused, he shouted at them and went away. The parents informed:


As we refused money to set up a shop, (we thought that) he got angry and went away. He did not accept out conversion to Christianity. He would have come here four times during the last seven years (2001 to 2008). When he came last time, he gave us Rs. 100/- for expenses. He would not respond when we used to talk about his marriage. We never thought that he would have joined such an organization. He has put our family heads down with shame“.


Imam Ali’s friend Dhabik continues the terrorist legacy – The terrorist background of Taufeeq


Taufeeq has been a close friend of Imam Ali, who was involved in many cases – bomb blast of R. S. S. Head Quarters at Madras killing 7, attacking the Police at Madurai etc. Imam Ali was sot dead by the Police in an encounter. Dhaubik was the one who carried the body of Imam Ali for burial taken place in Madurai. He had gone to Saudi Arabia to escape from the Police and stayed there with his relatives. He had developed international contacts there and tried to sneak into India through Mumbai. Sensing this, the Mumbai Police arrested and jailed. Coming out in 2004, he started his activities. His phone number and address were found in the documents recovered from the room where the Hyderabad blast terrorists stayed.


The Times of India gives more details like this:

Two other members of the gang, who frequently visited the house on Appasamy Lane in Madipoonga, managed to escape. One of them, identified as Taufique, 38, was earlier arrested in 2002 for his alleged involvement in a Mumbai bus bomb blast case in which two people were killed. Taufique was acquitted three years later by a Pota court alongwith the seven co-accused in the case.

“Taufique was also a key member of an extremist gang which had stocked huge quantity of explosives at a house in North Chennai’s Kodangaiyur


way back in 1997,” said a senior police officer.

On the 11th of March 1997, the Chennai city police seized a huge cache of arms, explosives, detonators, pipes & wires etc, from a place called Kodungaiyur, and arrested two “Al-Umma” men one of them being Basha’s brother Mohammed Khan.

A native of Adhirampateenam in Thanjavur district, Taufique had worked in Riyadh before he returned home; he is wanted in half-a-dozen criminal cases. The fifth member of the gang, Abu Dahir, has also gone underground.


On a tip-off from the Hyderabad police, the Chennai police, led by Commissioner K. Vijay Kumar, quickly arrested Zackria, 28, and Thoufeek, 27, at Kodungaiyur in Chennai on November 29. The Tamil Nadu police have so far arrested 11 persons including Hamid Bakri of Kayalpattinam, near Tuticorin. The MDF members had planned to cause law and order problems in Tamil Nadu by setting off bombs in temples, especially on December 6, the anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition, police said. On the basis of information given by these men, the police seized 8 kg of explosives from Mallipattinam in Thanjavur district.


Incidentally, Kondungaiyur had been a have for LTTE also


. The terrorists have been adopting different tactics to avoid other people coming there. They used to burn garbage suddenly to divert the attention


. How the Kodungaiyur becomes polluted quickly has to be checked



Analysis of the news reports:


How the conversion could play havoc in different angle is proved in the conversion of Subramanyam family of Agraharam Kaliyamputtur (Agraharam was supposed to be the living place of Brahmins, but they have become the dens of Muslims and terrorists)


. While Subramanyam, the father converted to Christianity, Kalimuthu, the son converted to Islam! While the son did not like his father converting to Christianity, insisting the parents to convert to Islam, the fun of conversion appears to be not for God but for material benefits and also for engaging in terrorism killing people.


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