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published on March 28, 2010
March 26 – 28, 2010


Resolution – 2

J&K: Honour National Consensus for A  Lasting Solution  

      The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha expresses concern over the direction in which the State of Jammu & Kashmir is drifting in the last couple of years. Actions of both the State and Union governments are pushing it farther in the direction of secessionism and greater autonomy.

      The ABPS strongly condemns anti-democratic, anti-Scheduled Caste, anti-human rights, anti-women and pro-separatist actions of the J&K Government. It is ironical that the government, with the tacit support of various other political parties in the State, is blatantly indulging in distortion of the democratic institutions like the Assembly to perpetuate politics of vindictiveness against Hindus of the State. Kashmiri Pundits see no end to their trauma as conditions for their return with safety, dignity and honour still elude them. Two lakh West Pakistan refugees, one lakh displaced persons from Chamb and eight lakh displaced persons from PoK still reel under decades of neglect and denial of basic human rights.

      The Scheduled Caste Hindus of the State have secured reservation rights after a prolonged legal struggle. Now the State Government is trying to deny their legal right through backdoor by bringing in a legislation that would prohibit SCs from Jammu region seeking reservation benefits in the Valley.

      The political establishment is encouraging secessionist forces through the same distortion of democratic institutions. It is talking about a ‘surrender policy’ that would bring back terrorists crossed over to Pakistan 20 years ago with the offer of rehabilitation. It is talking about reviving a dead move for a legislation – Permanent Resident Certificate (Disqualification) Bill – dissolving State Subjecthood to women who marry persons from the rest of Bharat. Such a move would be against women’s rights including international conventions.

      The ABPS decries the attitude and actions of the Union Government in handling the situation in J&K. They are only helping the separatist forces both within the J&K ruling establishment and outside. Report of Justice Saghir Ahmed, Chairman of the PM’s Working Group, has openly lent its support to the separatist voices by asking for perpetuation of Art 370, election of the Governor by the State Legislature and extending greater autonomy to the State.

      Union Home Minister’s statement that the J&K problem is “a distinct political problem that requires distinct solution” smacks of Government’s inherent confusion and lack of understanding
. The ABPS reiterates that the J&K problem is primarily trans-border terrorism aided and abetted by Pakistan. It must be dealt with sternly. It is unfortunate that the Union Government wants to deploy what it describes as ‘quiet diplomacy’ to handle this issue. The ABPS urges the Government to follow a transparent course on J&K.

      The ABPS bemoans that the pusillanimity of the Union Government is emboldening the secessionists and their mentors. Leaders of Hurriyat and other anti-Bharat factions were allowed to travel to Delhi to meet the visiting Pakistan Foreign Secretary in February 2010; they were allowed to attend parties thrown by the Pakistan Embassy in Delhi; they were even permitted to go abroad to attend the OIC meetings. The ABPS wants to know as to what has compelled the Government to allow such blatantly anti-national actions.

      This lenience has led to increase in violence and terrorism in the Valley in the last few months. The Army has admitted that there is a marked rise in the infiltration numbers. The Army and Para-Military forces have also highlighted the new Pak-sponsored tactics of the separatists called ‘agitational terrorism’. Aggressive street demonstrations in the last few months have resulted in injuries to more than 1500 CRPF personnel while around 400 attacks have taken place on their vehicles.       

      The ABPS expresses its concern over the efforts to demoralize our security establishment in the State. Withdrawal of 35000 troops from the troubled areas in the Valley has affected their morale adversely. Crude attempts to implicate security forces in false cases like the Shopian rape, Srinagar firing etc are further damning their morale. These efforts have reached such serious proportions that a BSF commandant was arrested and handed over to the J&K Police for having ordered his jawans to lob tear gas shells at a secessionist mob.

      The ABPS urges the Union Government to sharpen its policy on Bharat-Pak relations. Pakistan’s increasing obduracy is glaring in its decision to declare Gilgit-Baltistan as the 5th province of their country. Government of Bharat must take strong objection to it as those areas are a part of the PoK and as such must belong to us. The ABPS wishes to remind the Government of the unanimous resolution of our Parliament on 22 Feb 1994 that called for complete return of the PoK to Bharat.

      The ABPS calls upon the Government to follow the national consensus expressed through this resolution on the permanent solution for the J&K problem. The Government should keep the following points in mind in this context:

* Accession of J&K into Indian Union is final and non negotiable.

* Continuation of separate constitution and separate flag for J&K is against the integrity of our nation. It is also working against the spirit of our Constitution, interests of our democracy and the basic rights of the people. Hence it must go.

* Art 370, which was included in our Constitution as a ‘temporary and transitional provision’, instead of being abrogated, continues to be a tool in the hands of the separatist and secessionist elements.

* Questions like surrender policy, open borders, repeal of AFSP (Armed Forces Special Powers) Act etc must be viewed from larger national security perspective keeping an eye on the developments in Pakistan-Afghanistan front and their possible fall-out on our security.

* Withdrawal of Army and demoralisation of our security forces will weaken our position internally and internationally.  

      The ABPS warns the Government that any misadventure or compromise on the J&K issue will not be tolerated by the nation.

      The ABPS demands that full citizenship rights should be extended to all the displaced persons forthwith. It also demands that statutory provisions for the development of Jammu and Ladakh regions must be put in place and a proper delimitation exercise must be undertaken immediately so that the injustice being done to the Jammu and Ladakh regions can be brought to an end. Any solution to J&K problem is possible only when the people of Jammu and Ladakh, and the displaced Hindus including Pundits are given a rightful role in it.

      The ABPS calls upon the Swayamsevaks to enlighten the countrymen about subversion of democracy in J&K and the consequent sufferings of the nationalist people there so that the whole nation will rise in their support and end their misery.

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