Hindus have the right to celebrate Durga Puja in Rome

via V Sundaram, IAS, Retd. published on October 3, 2009

Last week (21-9-2009) more than Five Lakh Muslims “occupied” the National Highway 8 between New Delhi and Gurgaon in a planned and methodical manner and offered their Eid prayers with supreme contempt for the regular users of this busy National thoroughfare. Many innocent citizens who could not avoid using that NH 8 on that day to reach their respective places of destination felt unduly harassed and persecuted by this exercise of “minority rights” by the Muslims.

This reminds me of a mammoth Islamic meeting addressed by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the and the destroyer of United India, one month before the Direct Action Day in Calcutta in July/August 1946. His main aim on that occasion was to terrorize the Hindus of India into meek submission and acceptance of his Two-Nation Theory which resulted in the birth of Pakistan on August 14, 1947. Thanks to the pseudo-secular policy followed by Pundit Nehru and his Congress successors in Office, the Muslims of India today have been able to gain a blanket unfettered political license to blatantly deny the sacred and time-honoured fundamental religious rights of the majority Hindus in their own homeland today. Today the Muslims in India are flexing their political muscles with uncontrolled fervour to intimidate the peace-loving Hindus of India using the unrequited political support of the Congress government, which derives its transitory political sanction from its commitment to minority vote-bank politics.

All the Hindus of India have now come to understand that the Muslims and Christians are the most favoured children of the Government of India. John Dayal is a known Hindu-baiter in India. When he defended the rights of Muslims to lay siege to the National Highway 8 on the specious plea of saying EID Namaz, Sri R. K Ohri I.P.S (retd) and Secretary General, Patriots Forum in New Delhi gave him a fitting rejoinder in this manner: “. Please tell me is it possible suddenly, improptu, for lakhs of Namazis to suddenly converge at a particular point to lay seige to NH-8 on the plea of saying EID Namaz? You know very well that such large numbers of Muslims (according to Indian Express there were 5 lakhs of them) do not, repeat DO NOT, live in the villages adjacent to that particular spot on NH-8. Still you are trying to defend something totally indefensible. Your flimsy excuse that Muslim demand for an Idgah might have been denied is again a typical “John-type” argument. Was any demand for Idgah in that area ever made, was it refused at all? No, never. Yet you must keep on telling lies ad infinitum. . This “show of force” was a very well organised event to showcase the rising crescendo of jihadi footfalls across India and their booming clout in the ruling political dispensation!

At this rate a day might come, in not-too-distant future, when Namazis will lay seige to all major roads leading to most metropolitan cities. That might as well coincide with the launching of a diabolical war by Pakistan based jihad outfits. Please stop befooling Hindus and let them wake up to the growing threat of India emerging as a global battleground of clash of civilization. That might happen around 2020, or latest by 2030.”

On Monday (21-9-2009), the day of Eid, Auxiliary Bishop of Delhi Archdiocese Fr Franco Mulakkal read out the Pope”s message to Muslim leaders, including Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, and Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad”s residence. Nabi Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Yahya Bukhari said “This has come for the first time. The message talks about Muslim and Christian unity but we should not limit ourselves to that. India has a secular fabric and we are an example of unity”. Fr Mulakkal said, “The Pope has invited all of us to work together to remove poverty (Hinduism!).” While the Vatican has sent its greetings to the Muslims by post all these years, for the first time a representative of the Pope personally went to meet Muslim leaders and read out the Pope”s open message. What is the political need for the Pope in Rome to direct his representative in New Delhi to read out a message to the Muslims of India?

In this context I would like to invite the attention of all concerned to the fact of Pope Benedict”s citation (some time ago) of a 14th century Byzantine emperor to the effect that “Mohammad brought things only evil and inhuman and that He spread by the sword the faith he preached.” This statement led to world-wide violent protests from the Muslims. The Pope today has completely somersaulted from this antagonistic position and come to terms with the Muslims of India in the same supplicating manner comparable in letter and spirit as the Congress Party in India. No discriminating observer can fail to notice the common bond of political hypocrisy uniting the Pope in Rome with Powers in New Delhi. Perhaps, W. Somerset Maugham(1874-1965) had people like this Pope in mind when he wrote as follows in his famous novel Cakes and Ale (1930): “Hypocrisy is the most difficult and nerve-racking vice that any man can pur¬sue; it needs an unceasing vigilance and a rare detachment of spirit. It cannot, like adultery or gluttony, be practised at spare moments; it is a whole time job.”.

President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), not belonging to the Sangh Parivar or the RSS or the VHP to the best of my knowledge, declared with Christian authority in 1803: “The Christian God is cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust”. The great English writer Charles Dickens (1812-1870) wrote with equally Christian conviction (devoid of Indian Christian Hypocrisy!): “Missionaries are perfect nuisances and leave every place worse than they found it””. What do we understand from all this?

In these very columns on 23-5-2006, under the title “Unprovoked, unwarranted Papal assault on India”, I had observed as follows: “Pope Benedict XVI had come out with his emotional outburst against the Laws of Conversion in India because of his anger at the passage of the “Anti-Conversion Bill” by the Rajasthan State Legislative Assembly. The Pope has the temerity to declare that the Bill goes against the provisions of the Constitution of India. In declaring thus, Herr Ratzinger is only betraying his Himalayan IGNORANCE of the “LAW OF THE LAND”!! “

HINDUS IN ROME DO NOT HAVE THE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM TO CELEBRATE DURGA POOJA DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE CHAIRMAN OF THE UPA CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE, MRS ANTONIA MAINO GANDHI HAILS FROM ITALY AND STILL HOLDS AN ITALIAN PASSPORT!! Kanchan Gupta, the eminent journalist, has raised the right questions: “What does it mean to celebrate Durga Puja in Rome? It means to be humiliated, harassed and hounded by city officials who happen to be pious Christians.”

The Municipal Police authorities of Rome have recently withdrawn permission, granted three weeks ago, to celebrate Durga Puja in Rome. The cancellation came a few hours before the Ambassador of India was scheduled to inaugurate the Puja. No acceptable explanation has been given. I understand that some Italian Officials told the organizers of Durga Puja in Rome that the cancellation of permission at the eleventh hour, both last year and this year, was meant to be “retaliatory action against the persecution of Christians in India”. Thus we can see that Governments of Christian countries in the West like Italy, who so often blithely criticize the “lack” of “religious freedom” in India, have no compunctions about trampling on Hindu feelings, emotions and sentiments at home.

I fully endorse the view of Kanchan Gupta: “Let the West look at its own ugly, septic warts. If Christians can celebrate Christmas in New Delhi, Hindus have the right to celebrate Durga Puja in Rome. This is non-negotiable.”

I spoke to Dr.Subramanian Swamy, a great Field-Marshall for the deathless cause of survival of Hinduism today. He told me: “I strongly condemn the Italian government for arbitrarily and wilfully disrupting the Durga pooja in Rome organised by the resident Bengalis. The Indian Ambassador was scheduled to appear at the pooja, and the organisers had taken prior permission as in previous years. Yet the Rome police entered the pandal and disrupted the arrangements. Let the Italian government be warned that that there is a limit to the patience even for Hindus. Hindus in India know how to reciprocate such vandalism if the Union Government under the influence of an imposter Indian citizen of Italian descent fails to protect the sacredness of Hindu festivals. I demand an immediate summoning of the Italian Ambassador and a strong protest be lodged.”

The Muslims of India can stop Durga Pooja or Ganesh Pooja any time any where depending on when they want it and where they want it. This one-sided capricious assertion of “minority rights” is completely supported and sustained by the pseudo-secular Government of India. The Muslims of Undivided India have got their independence both in Pakistan and India today. The Hindus are still awaiting the dawn of their freedom and independence. WE NEED A SECOND REPUBLIC OF INDIA.

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