Hindu Women selectively Attacked & Assaulted

via http://www.hindusamhati.org/ published on October 6, 2009

In Howrah district Hindu women are assaulted, beaten up, molested and injured. This time, local Hindus too are getting organized to resist the brutality and self-preserve.

In Norit village under Amta Block of Howrah district, a religious Muslim group was trying for long to destroy the only Kali Temple of the Hindus. On several occasions Muslims tried to obstruct the religious functions of the Hindus on some pretext or other. Police and Panchayat (local body govt) were duly informed by the Hindus. Former Officer in Charge of Amta Police Station Subir Chakraborty came to the spot. He was satisfied with the legal papers showed by the Hindus and okayed the possession/religious functions of the Hindus.

But the Muslim population led by their zealous leadership did not give up. On 9th August 2009, Sunday, they started a riot by beating up an aged named Hindu Sanat Kumar Rit (60) without any reason or pretext. That was at 1.00 pm. Most of the Hindu men folk were not at home at that time. Therefore Hindu women came out to rescue the victim. This was the Muslims’ game plan. They attacked mercilessly upon the Hindu women. The Muslims used swords, iron rods, bamboo sticks and iron kataris without any inhibition. They snatched the gold ornaments, particularly chains, bangles and ear-rings from the Hindu women, even tearing apart the parts of the ears. Then they sexually molested them and beat up and injured them mercilessly.

Hindus informed the police. The Police led by the newly appointed O.C. of Amta P.S. Sri Shuvojit Majumdar reached the spot within an hour. He saw the situation in his own eyes. He himself arranged to send the seriously injured men and women to Amta hospital by his own jeep. He also asked Sri Sanat Rit to lodge a complaint to the Police Station. Accordingly this was done.

But after that, the course of action of the police was changed. Higher Police Officers from district head quarters reached there with separate agenda or instructions: “In any communal incident you must arrest the Hindus first irrespective of their role to show your sensibility towards Muslims and to demonstrate your perfect ‘secularism’”. So, under instruction from higher ups, Amta police first arrested one innocent Hindu youth Sri Subhankar Rit who was distributing drinking water to the police personnel deputed there. And they started to threat and scare the Hindus.

By this time the message spread like wildfire over the vast areas. Hindus started to gather in neighboring villages. They were agitated because they were already facing the same disturbing nature and aggressive attitude of the Muslims in all villages of the area. So, they too started violent demonstration as a defensive technique. In this, a number of shops owned by the Muslims were marginally destroyed in two villages – Narit and Gazipur ( NORIT and NARIT are two separate villages).

At night, police raided several Hindu houses and arrested another four Hindus. They arrested three Muslims too. But they did not arrested the two main Muslim culprits Sk. Galim, s/o, Late Samser and Sk. Mahimuddin, s/o, Late Gafur. These two fanatic Muslims led the Islamist mob to attack the Hindu men and women.

Among 15 injured Hindu men and women admitted to Amta Rural Hospital, 8 were refered to Uluberia District Hospital due to seriousness of their injury.

The badly injured Hindus are :

1) Mrs. Tanuja Pal, wife of Gopal Pal (her gold chain and bangles were snatched)

2) Mrs. Nupur Rit, w/o, Haradhan Rit (her ornaments snatched and beaten up by bamboo stick)

3) Mrs. Shipra Rit, w/o, Tapan Rit (she was dragged out of her home and gold ornaments snatched)

4) Mrs. Alpana Pal, w/o, Madhab Pal (she was beaten up by stick)

5) Mrs. Rekha Dutta, w/o, Uday Dutta (ear ring snatched, her ears were scratched)

6) Mrs. Kanak Dutta, w/o, Joydeb Dutta (her legs were injured by sharp iron weapons)

7) Mrs. Basanti Dutta, w/o, Dibakar Dutta

8) Mrs. Lata Pal, w/o, Tulsi Charan Pal

9) Mrs.Satan Dutta, w/o, Kashinath Dutta

10) Mrs.Sakhisona Rit, w/o, Manik Chandra Rit

11) Mrs. Ranu Dutta, w/o, Netai Dutta

12) Mrs. Suchitra Dutta, w/o, Narayan Dutta

13) Mrs. Soma Dutta, w/o, Pradyut Dutta

14) Mrs. Maya Rit, w/o, Bibhuti Rit

15) Mrs. Tapati Dutta, w/o, Chandicharan Dutta

16) Mrs. Tapati Rani Dutta, w/o, Sadananda Dutta

17) Mr. Gopal Pal, s/o, Late Murari Mohan pal (chest bones fractured and lungs


18) Mr. Narayan Gui, s/o, Late Kunjabihari Gui (hit by sword)

19) Mr. Biswajit Rit, s/o, Sri Gopinath Rit ( hit by iron katari)

20) Mr. Bimal Dutta, s/o, Late Kalipada Dutta ( injured by sword)

21) Mr. Sanat Gui, s/o, Late Kunjabihari Gui

22) Mr. Subrata Dutta, s/o, Kartik Dutta

Among the attackers (all Muslims) were :

1) Sk. Mahimuddin, s/o, Late Gafur

2) Sk. Galim, s/o, Late Shamser

3) Sk. Kamal, s/o, Delsahad

4) Sk. Moti, s/o, Delsahad

5) Sk. Lalu Mallick, s/o, Naushad

6) Sk. Bablu, s/o, Lufar Rahaman

7) Sk. Lalchand, s/o, Lutfar Rahaman

8) Sk. Abul, s/o, Panjab Ali

9) Sk. Bashir, s/o, Sk. Moinur

10) Sk. Moti, s/o, Sk. Ahmed

11) Sk. Rahaman, s/o, Late Kaper

12) Sk. Mantu, s/o, Barkat

and many other Islamic activists.

After the incident, former Congress M.L.A. Asit Mitra and leaders from T.M.C. and C.P.I.M. visited the place and all lent their support towards the Muslims.

Hindu Samhati workers are maintaining liaison, helping the victims, looking after the court cases. The Police, under pressure of the Muslim appeaser Political Parties, lodged false cases against Hindu Samhati President of Amta unit Mr. Shyam Gopal Rit and some other most active workers.

Howrah district is not a border district. It was thought that the western side of the Holy River Ganga is relatively safe for the Hindus. But the incidents of Bardhaman ( 7th June 2009) and Amta clearly show that Muslim aggression and expansion are not limited to the Eastern part of Ganga. It engulfs the whole of West Bengal..”

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