Hindu Rashtra : Dreaming new possibilities

published on July 3, 2012

By analyzing the thought and influence of political pathology and social-economic crises created by unethical, pseudo secular politicians in India, one could find out that Nehru and his cronies have destroyed our unity of values, and the dissolution of Dharma. A failure of ethics is at the root of our many related crises including corruption, coercive religious conversion, subversive activities and jihadi terrorism.
By declaring India as a Hindu Rashtra, we could finally choose to face up to the moral contradictions inherent in our bogus secular system. By Hindu Rshtra, we mean not a Theocratic, Fundamentalist state like Vatican, Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan.  By Hindu Rashtra, we can reassert and renew our civilization. If we fail to learn from our history of brutal Islamic Conquest, Christian Colonialisation and Nehruvian Utopian and useless pseudo secular socialism, we are doomed.

Hindu Rashtra is not with a spirit of intervention or revenge. Hindus are known for their eclecticism, benevolence, tolerance, generosity, compromise, harmony and co-existence, unfortunately, it is not easy as it used to thousands of years ago. Hindus are indoctrinated, brainwashed and misdirected by our ant Hindu media, criminal and corrupt politicians. Our bogus secularism has contaminated several Hindus.  Pseudo secularist and brainwashed Hindus with addictive thinking still can create obstacles on our way. There is not much difference between a secular addict and those suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. Phony secular addicts and anti Hindu politicians have created a whole new array of symptoms of national disorders.


Our collective failure to respond to properly to the challenges posed by Islamists and Marxists in India complicated problems. Nehruvian phony secularism and Gandhian principles of surrender to Muslim demands as well as cynical exploitation of Hindus by corrupt, criminal politicians have undermined our ability to confront our enemies. Islamic expansion plan and coercive religious conversion has weakened our efforts to protect Hindu lives, safety and security of Hindus and their cultural values.  The Government, executives Branch, Police and Judiciary, and intellectuals and the media failed miserably to expose the true nature of Islam and Marxism.

Muslims have terrorized, butchered and kicked out all Hindus from Kashmir, the citadel of our culture and civilization. Kashmir Hindus are still languishing as refugees in their own country. The bogus secular politicians have now completed Islamization of India. Kashmir is gone, Nagaland is gone, and in Kerala, the land of Sankaracharya, Hindus are slowly becoming a minority. And Islamic slaughter will begin within the next ten years.  Our pseudo secular politicians and the anti- national media can make much of a good thing become a bad thing. They can harm our minds.

While Hindus slept, our government have grown complacent about Jihadist plans to wipe out Hindus from Kashmir, Kerala, and West Bengal.


Despite these impediments, our Vedic culture has survived and Hindu ideals remain as the heart of our civilization. Our Rishis have created the best systemic philosophy, all inclusive thought system, logic and epistemology, mathematics, algebra, art, music, science, astrology, and literature.

The issues are clear before us. The choice is ours. If we fail to regain our culture, Dharma, ethics, and life system, our children will inherit all the problems we have failed to resolve—plus much more. Our corrupt, criminal politicians and their pseudo secular belief system have squandered our wealth, tinkered with our education, wiped out Sanskrit and undermined our freedom.

Hindu Rashtra will give an identity for all. And it will provide an impetus for self-esteem and courage to reform ourselves and our fellow citizens. It is the only way to achieve harmony and wipe out all dehumanizing obsession for separatism, Maoism, and Marxism and Islamism, that permeates from different parts of India.

History has shown that millions of people of every race, color and religion came to India and settled and drew inspiration from Hindutva. History has also shown us that millions of Hindus were slaughtered, millions were forcefully converted, our country was divided and even now Hindus were oppressed and discriminated. Even after independence, Hindus are faced with social, financial, political and psychological challenges. Hindus are forced to live in a society where corruption, crime, and discrimination are rampant. Hindus have become hypnotized with the bogus secular culture where coercive religious conversion and Maoist violence is continuing. Hindus are in a trance and they do not know that they have been out of touch with their spiritual tradition. BharatVarsh Hindus call their motherland has become deceptive, manipulative, and ruthless and our political rulers have made Hindus in a state of confusion and chaos.

As the representative of the oldest civilization, and spiritual tradition, Hindus must now act. Hindus must male attempts to rearrange the disorder in our motherland. Hindus must think clearly and act decisively if we want our spiritual tradition to be transferred to our next generation.

Hindus should wake up from their slumber, overcome their addictive-secular thinking and make commitment to engage with Hindus around the world and make thoughtful ways to stop Islamization of India. And without effective action against Muslims and their cohorts, our survival as a Hindu nation will flatter. Hindus should not retreat into an ignorant garrison or wallow into a misdirected and erroneous concept “That all Religions are the same”.

In this ever changing world, Hindus need a nation of their own. It is economically vital, socially appealing and powerful, and it must be strategically deliberate. And the world will respect Hindus and India.

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