Hindu Persecution-An open letter to Tamilnadu Chief Minister

via Haran.B.R published on December 9, 2006

Respected Chief Minister Sir!

                                             As a concerned Tamilian & a proud Hindu of this Great country, I am compelled to write this letter to you after going through the media reports for the last few days.


It was believed that the Late. E.V.Ramaswami Naicker founded the “Dravidar Kazhagam” with a sole objective of eradicating caste systems and to impose ‘atheism’ on the minds of the people in the name of ‘self-respect’. It is also a well-known fact that his atheism was directed only towards Hinduism and not towards any other religion. Having understood the limitations of DK, the learned scholar & one of the good parliamentarians of India, the Late C.N.Anna Durai started his own out fit “Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam” with the able support of valiant soldiers like you. He believed in the principle of “One Community – One God” (Onre Kulam – Oruvane Devan) and lived till the last, up keeping that principle. In the mean time, DK, which came in to prominence under the anti-Brahmin hate campaign, lost its colour due to the shifting of loyalties by the cadres from DK to DMK, especially after the demise of EVR.


As you are aware, Mr. Veeramani has also been shifting his loyalties between DMK & AIADMK as per his requirements every now & then and both DMK & AIADMK have been forced to accept him due to their unflinching loyalties to the principles of EVR. The vicious & venomous anti Hindu campaign by the DK has been lying low for some time and it is unfortunate that it has raised its head again, especially when you are in power.



    The statue of E.V.Ramaswami Naicker, who founded the “Dravidar Kazhagam”, was kept ready for unveiling, in front of the Rajagopuram of the world famous Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Trichy a few days back. The statue is supposed to be opened on 16 th of this month and in the mean time; four men supposedly belonging to “Hindu Makkal Katchi”, which is an offshoot of “Hindu Munnani”, desecrated it. As a peace-loving citizen, I strongly condemn the desecration attempts and I feel that the law should take its own course in punishing the culprits.


Erecting statues of EVR in front of Temples & Mutts is not new to Tamil Nadu and Patteeswaram Durga Temple & Kanchi mutt and many other places are best examples for that. Despite EVR’s permanent structures having been placed in so many places in and around Tamil Nadu, wisdom has not dawned on DK, and this atheist outfit has started its practice again, after keeping quiet for the last five or six years. If at all this out fit is truly atheist, it should be man enough to erect the statue of its leader in front of a Church or a Mosque, but always refrain from doing so, for obvious reasons.


At the first instance, I feel Sir! That, the permission given by the government for the installation of the statue in front of the world famous Srirangam Temple itself was very unfortunate and it has certainly hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus world wide. Selecting a space in front of Temple instead of Road corners, Bus stands or Railway stations, is seen as deliberate attempt to provoke the Hindus. As a sequel to the desecration, the DK activists have attacked Sankara Mutt, Salem, Sri Ragavendra Swami Mutt, Erode, the famous Ayodhya Mandapam, West Mambalam, Chennai and many other temples & mutts in the state. They have also attacked Brahmin priests with dangerous weapons, cut their hairs & holy threads, damaged the idols of Hindu Gods & Goddesses. The vandalism & violence cut loose by the DK hooligans & TPDK goondas has to be condemned by one & all. Sir! It is also sad that all those political leaders / parties, who have condemned the desecration of the statue, have not condemned the violence unleashed by the DK & TPDK, there by exhibiting their ‘secular’ credentials.


Sir! It is also shocking that His Holiness Shri. Dayananda Saraswathi, one of the most revered Gurus of Hindus has also been named unnecessarily in the FIR. It is very sad & unfortunate that this thing has happened when you are in power, especially at a time when the Hindu community believed & trusted that you would put a full stop to the unholy practice of foisting false cases on Revered Religious Heads as done by the previous government. More over, it seems a miss information campaign is being carried on to project this grave issue as only anti Brahmin, so that, the issue can be isolated and buried. The God loving & God fearing Hindus are not prepared to yield themselves to this ugly campaign and they strongly believe that your government would put an end to these uncultured atrocities. We are indeed happy to note that the DGP has given a stern warning to those who indulge in riots & vandalism by saying that they would be booked on National Security Act. We have learned many lessons in the past from the issues of erection & desecration of statues and it is the responsibility of the government machinery to put an end to this menace.


Sir! We know that, as a Tamil Scholar, you have great respect & reverence for Divine Poets like Thiruvalluvar, Kambar, etc., of the “Sangam” days and also for the Poets of the modern era like Bharathiar and others, who had great faith on Hindu Gods & Hindu scriptures and Hindu culture. There is nothing wrong in different individuals / out fits having different faiths / principles and ultimately what is important is that no one should attempt to interfere in other’s practices and no one has the right to infringe upon the rights of others. Only then peace & harmony will prevail for the well being of the people.


 Sir! Being a seasoned & experienced political statesman and fondly addressed as the ‘Chanakya’ of TN politics, we need not tell you what should be done in times of crisis like this. So. In this context, we request you to kindly use your good offices to take the following steps immediately:


  1. To remove the name of our Revered Guru, His Holiness Shri. Swami Dhayananda Saraswathi from the FIR raised by the TN Police.
  2. To put all those culprits, who have indulged in vandalism at Hindu religious premises, behind bars and punish them as per the law of the land.
  3. To give instructions to the Police to protect the Temples & Mutts and to take the DK & TPDK cadres in to preventive custody.
  4. To impress upon Mr. Veeramani, not to hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus world wide and to erect the statue in some other place away from the vicinity of the Revered Temple.
  5. To bring a “Bill” and pass it in the State Assembly for putting a permanent end to this “Statue Culture”.



Thanking You Sir


With Warm Regards,



(A proud Tamil Hindu)

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