Hindu-Muslim orthodoxy (some) Differences

via Jinn-Gabriel published on April 13, 2007

The following are some of the basic differences between Hindus and Muslims, in customs and approaches in life, which can be apparently noticed by anyone: 

Orthodox Hindus

Orthodox Muslims

1.  Sun is worshipped because it is the SOURCE of all lives.

Moon is very important even though it is a reflector of Sun

2.  Worship – facing East – Toward the direction of Sun.

Worship – facing West – towards the direction of Mecca / Arabia

3.  Cow is very sacred

Cow should be slaughtered and eaten

4.  Tuft at the back of the head

Growing hair on the chin, exactly in opposite direction of tuft of Hindus

5.  Mustache on the upper lip

Shave it clean there, grow it in the chin & sides of face.

6.  Marriage between the fathers’ related of-springs is strictly prohibited because Paternal gene is the same, i.e. considered as brothers and sisters. Hindus accept maternal-side marriages because Maternal gene is different from Paternal gene.

Marriage between the father’s related of-springs is highly recommended and Hindu’s acceptance of Maternal side marriages is prohibited.

Ref: Sahih Bukhari Volume 007, Book 062, Number 037– Sahih Bukhari Volume 007, Book 062, Number 038

7.  “LokA: samastA: sukhino bhavanthu, samastha san mangalAni santhu” this “Let the whole world be happy & well and let everyone in the world get all the good & auspicious things of life” is the usual benediction to everyone irrespective of belonging to any religion

If you do not accept and say aloud “ YA illallAh ir rahmAn ir rahEEm – Allah Hu Akbar” i.e. there is no God other than AllAh, Allah is Great – then, you are a Kafir and so fit to be killed by Muslims.

Ref: Quran: 8-39; 8-65; 9-05; 9-14; 9-29; 9-112; (only a very few given here)



8.  There is nothing called ‘Jihad’ – a religious war

Jihad is nothing but an inducement to murder and plunder non-Muslims, for, their only crime of not believing in Allah, and his messenger Mahamood bin Abdullah as apostle. So, Islamic Jihad is a Perpetual Declaration of War on Non-Muslims or non-believers: Ref: 2:193-246; 4:75-76-84; 8:13 to 17-39-60-65-69; 9:05-14-29-112; 47:04; and Hadiths – Bukhari: V4B53N386; Bukhari: V4B53N386; Muslim:C9B1N31; Muslim: C9B1N33; Tabari IX:69; Ishaq:324 to 326; Ishaq:578;

 9.  Each Hindu eats in separate Plate or washed-Leaf and eating in one biggest Common Plate with lots of people sitting around it, is considered as “ashudh”, i.e. unclean.

It is considered very important that they eat together only in one biggest Common Plate on important occasions.

10.  Hindus do not believe in destroying other religion and especially places of Worship of other religions, and it is stated that they had to resort to destroying Babri Masjid recently (- as reprisal / or reclaiming their own place to build Ram’s Temple at Ayodhya.  Proof is also stated to exist. The matter is in the court.  If you trace history, the Hindu kings welcomed and helped people of other religions of the world to build their places of worship, be it Muslims, Zorastrians, Jews, to name a few.

Hindu religion is never forced on anyone at any time.

As a matter of policy, Muslims kings had always built their masjids, exactly in the places of worship of other religions only by destroying them in arrogance and to prevail their complete dominance over the local people.  Their religion is also forced upon others by all means.


11.  ‘Punarapi jananam and punarapi maranam’ is basic approach to life, i.e. faith in birth & rebirth cycle according to good or bad deeds of previous births.


AllAh will settle all the accounts of reward or punishment on the Judgement day at the end of one’s life itself.


12.  ‘Ek patni vrat’ i.e. one wife for every man is the ways o life for Hindu Orthodoxy.

A Muslim male can have conjugal felicity with four females at a time as wives besides concubines (slave women) too


13.  Hindus do not circumcise for men and women. Later on some Hindus might have taken to this due to modern medical advice. Circumcising amongst Hindu- women is non- existent.

But it is a very important religious necessity as per the Islamic rituals for men especially, but the purpose of Circumcising of women in many parts of the world especially in Arabia and Africa, is too explicit to express. But it can be said that it is very disgusting & atrociously selfish on the part of men / women there.


14.  Females dress normally in colourful sarees if the Husband is alive.  Normally Hindu widows wear white sarees. In some parts of India, Hindu women cover their heads with Palloo, when they pray to God or as respect to elders around. 


Men & Women can pray and eat together.  There are no restrictions whatsoever.

Females (as per orthodox Islamic custom) are not only not allowed to dress in bright colours but are supposed to cover their entire body i.e. Nijab (covering the entire body except a cloth-mesh for the eye for their sight.  Or at least Hijab i.e. covering the all parts of body except face, i.e. covering their heads with the headscarf.

Muslims it seems fear that the entire part of women’s body (irrespective of relationships) will kindle carnal / base feeling among on all males around, hence women are made to cover either by Nijab or Hijab.

Men & women should never pray / eat together.

15.  Hindus normally wash from fore-arms to finger-tips i.e., top down direction

Muslims wash their hands from hands first and then the fore-arms i.e., bottom up direction

16.  Normally Hindus are vegetarians. But there are non-vegetarian Hindus too.  Some non-vegetarian Hindus tolerate pork eating. 

Anything in the name of Pork / Pig is a taboo or prohibited. But there are vegetarian Muslims, and these are a few or rare.

17.  Playing Chess is encouraged, as it is an intellectual game, of strategy, like fast thinking, looking back and looking forward in life etc.,

Playing chess is completely prohibited, as per Sahih Muslim Book 028, Number 5612 and Malik’s Muwatta Book 52, Number 52.2.7; MUSLIM VOL IV – No. 5612 – Chapter: CMXLVI

18.  Playing on Musical Instruments is not prohibited

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