Hindu MPs and MLAs should Wake up, Speak up; prevent Terrorism or become VICTIMS of it soon

published on February 24, 2013

“I will create terror into the hearts of the unbelievers; smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.” Quran 8:12
            Two deadliestbombings ripped through the busiest street in Dilshuknagar in Hyderabad at the busiest time killing 16 people and hurting more than 140 people. Reports indicate that Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) were tied to two bicycles and the blasts took place at two sites only about 100 metres apart near Konark and Venkatadiri theatres in the area as well as Shiridi Saibaba Temple.This is the area where majority of Hindu live. This densely populated area is one of the busiest places where numerous bus services are provided, a number of students attend many educational institutions and people do their business at the market places. The selection of the site is no accident. It was selected by the Islamic terrorists to create maximum havoc and kill largest number of Hindus. They know that overwhelming majority of moviegoers will be Hindus, and that all the visitors going to Shiridi Saibaba Temple will be Hindus; hence the site of the blasts was a perfect place to kill the maximum number of Hindus.
            Please remember that since October 2005, more than 853 people were killed by mostly Islamic terrorists.  It is not just these people, just imagine the agony, anguish the family members undergo. Imagine how many spouses lost their loved ones, how many children lost their parents, how many parents suffer the loss of their beloved children, how many siblings lost their brothers and sisters, how many grandparents anguished the loss of their dearest grandchildren and how may friends lost their best friends. Imagine how may families were lead to poverty, how many children’s dreams of going to select educational institutions were dashed, how may spouses’ future became gloomy and uncertain, how many families lost their livelihood due to the death of their beloved ones, how many families’ standard of living was affected, and how many setbacks they have to overcome. Their lives were shattered, their dreams were dashed, their memories became foggy, and their faces were sketched with agony by these senseless, merciless and horrific terrors.
            Year after year these bombs explode killing innocent people. Many Islamic Terrorist organizations keep warning the government and for reasons only they know the governments refuse to take any necessary action against the threats. Vote bank politics go on, minority appeasement continues, killings happen unchecked, inaction by the government becomes routine, insecurity among people increases, confidence in providing security to people erodes, and the security of the nation gets compromised. Vulnerability to the terrorist attacks is unabated. Arrests of these terrorists are seldom made. Verdicts to the terror take years to implement. Terrorists can take any city, any place, any time and use any method to create fear, panic, terror, and frights in the hearts of Hindus by their insane terrorism. Why do they do it? The Islamic Terror groups know the Indian government is lax in enforcing the law to capture them. They have no fear. They walk on the streets like any body else, ride bikes, drive cars, prepare bombs and explode them at their will. Furthermore, India is the unfinished business for Muslims to make it an IslamicCountry.
            An Appeal To all Hindu MPs and MLAs to wake up, look around, learn from the past, hear the groans of our forefathers, know about Hindu Kush where our forefathers’ blood flowed from the mountain top to the streets, see the destruction of our ancient Hindu Temples, read about the Goa inquisition where the Hindu blood flood from Big House to the streets; comprehend the atrocities committed againstour own bothers and sisters, and look at the doorsteps of many mosques where the Hindu Gods’ statues were used as steps to be stepped on. If it is too much to comprehend and fail to learn from the history, history will repeat itself. You are likely to face the same fate as our forefathers.
            Bharat is being chipped away piece by piece, city by city, and state by state by Muslims through their terrorism and Christians through their deceptive conversion. Both these religions are committed to convert India into their hegemony respectively. Days are numbered for Hindus; their lives are at stake, their faith is under attack and their country is bleeding.

            Oh Hindu leaders. Wake up; speak out; leave the baggage of political party behind; stand up for something in life to protect your faith; stand by for our beloved Bharath; say at least once that you are a Hindu in public place; say that you are a proud Hindu once; say that your religion is the most peaceful on the earth; say that you will protect your faith; say that you are ready to give your life to protect your Hindu heritage and say that you would not play the game of Vote bank politics.
            Irrespective of your party affiliation, protect yourself, your family, your faith and your country. You need to look at the reality of the current situation. You all need to ponder over the future of your faith. Imagine what might happen to your freedom if India becomes Islamic state. Please place national security over the party affiliation; advocate equal opportunities for all over minority appeasement; promote universal inclusive Hindu ideals over sectarian, exclusive religions – Islam and Christianity.
As MP or MLA what did you do to protect Hinduism and keep Bharath as Hindu Rashtra?
            Have you ever voiced your opinion on any of these happenings that are impacting the lives of all Hindus? Have you ever voiced your opinion on any decisions taken by the government or other religious leaders in support of the Hindu cause, Hindu Temples, Hindu Gods, Hindu educational institutions, cow protections, Hindu freedom fighters, and Hindu customs?
            Please know that many Hindus are concerned about your role as MP or MLA in support of freedom for Hindus. May Hindus wonder whether you will ever act as a Hindu setting aside your party affiliation? They get the impression that you are stabbing your own faith, you have become a pawn in the hands of your party, you have become slave to the corruption, and you are acting like a puppet controlled by your party high command, and you are appeasing the minorities at the expense of highly qualified Hindus.
            Have you ever talked about the nearly seven centuries of Islamic onslaught where they killed millions of Hindus, looted the national treasures, destroyed Hindu Temples, raped untold number of Hindu women, carried away women as slaves, converted Hindu Temples into Mosques, etc.
            Have you ever spoken about the Goan inquisition by Portuguese missionaries. Do you realize how many Hindus were killed, Hindu Temples were annihilated, Hindu marriages were banned, Hindu Priest were banished from Goa, Hindus were forced to listen to the sermons in the Church.  Hindus were flogged and dismembered, and even eye lids were sliced off. Untold misery was inflicted on Hindus, who refused to be converted into Christianity.
            Have you ever addressed the issue of bomb blasts that are killing countless Hindus across the nation – Kashmir, Assam, West Bengal, and other states?
           Have you ever protested the same song the government officials have been singing for the last 15 years following several bomb blasts.? The song goes like this: we condemn the horrible act.  This is a cowardly act. This is a bastardly act. We have to work together! We will not bow to terrorism! Terrorists would not go unpunished. We won’t prejudge to say that Islamic Terror groups are involved. Our intelligence agencies are investigating. Let us not prejudge. Let us maintain calm. We send condolences to the families. ETC.
            Have you ever questioned the Home Minister P Chidambaram who dared to say in August 2011 that a “new phenomenon” called “saffron terror” is emerging and warned the people of the coming Hindu terror? Did he ever give any evidence to justify his reckless statement even after 18 months passed?
        Have you ever questioned the present Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde who said on January 20, 2013that BJP and its ideological mentor, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, were promoting “Hindu terrorism” through their training camps. He also added that the government was keeping a strict vigil on the terror activities of the two organizations. Did he ever produce one iota of evidence to prove?
        Have you ever thought as to why only India is declared “secular” country in the constitution on planet earth? At the time of Independence, in order to appease the minorities, which constituted less than ten percent, India was declared secular instead of Hindu Rashtra. Then, why did the national leaders at that time not demand Pakistan to declare it as a “secular” nation even though Hindus were more than 20 percent in combined Pakistan.
           Have you even pondered as to what happened to nearly 18 percent Hindus in Pakistan at the time of Independence reduced to less than few thousand people today? What happened to nearly 25 percent of Hindus in current Bangladesh that has dwindled to less than 5 percent? Do you ever think of them and say something?
           Have you ever taken a stand to take military action against Pakistan that is the source of many bomb blasts in India? What about Bangladesh that encourages Muslims to infiltrate into West Bengal where almost all the border district became Muslim majority destabilizing the state. Recently Bangladesh Muslims orchestrated the methodical infiltration into Assam by burning hundreds of villages and displacing 300,000 Hindus.
           Have you ever realized that Christians and Muslims keep blaming Hindus by saying that they are targeted, victimizedby trying to pass anti-conversion laws? They say they are being treated unfairly and discriminated. This is the age-old game both these religions have been playing for centuries. In fact they are the ones that are injuring, victimizing, bombing, blasting, brutalizing, killing, terrorizing and hating Hindus every chance they get because no government has the gutsto take necessary and adequate action to prevent them from doing these bastardly, inhuman acts.
           Have you ever realized how many Fatawa are issued prohibiting certain activities and killing based on the interpretation of Islamic law by Islamic body, Grand Mufti or Islamic scholars.Look at the Fatwa issued against singing national anthem Vandemataram on the grounds that it was against the tenets of Islam, against conducting yoga classes by urging Muslim students not to participate in an “un-Islamic” event, against three Kashmiri girls not to participate in a rock band because music is banned in Islam, against an Indian born Salman Rushdie, the author of The Satanic Verses pronouncing death sentence, and against Taslima Nasreen, an exiled Bangladeshi writer with death pronouncement. Fatawa were also issued urging Muslims not to use credit cards, camera equipped cell phones, and double beds. Fatawa were also issued against smoking, acting in the films and watching TV. Have you realize that Fatwa can be issued against Hindu customs, and wearing saree. Have you ever pondered about the future of your way of life, your faith and your country?
           We urge all Hindu MPs and MLAs to look at the future welfare of the nation by passing appropriate laws with regard to family planning, uniform civil code, and article 370. We urge all of you to make sure that all the terrorists are caught and severely punished as per the law. Any lax or delay in enforcing the law will create more havoc and terror in the country. If these Islamic terrorist activities are unchecked, the bomb blasts will quadruple, terrorist attacks will increase, killing of innocent victims will multiply, untold injuries will be inflicted, villages will be torched, cities will be attacked, Hindu Temples will be bombed, fear will be created in the hearts of people and “unfinished business” of converting India into Islamic state will be carried out mercilessly.  The future of India in your hands – Hindu MPs and Hindu MPs. Why we argue for the preservation of the glory and grandeur of Hinduism work toward creating a Hindu Rashtra?  Let us remember the words of former President Sri A P J Abdul Kalam, who said, “We have not conquered anyone. We have not grabbed their lands, their culture, their history and tried to enforce our way of life on them. Why? Because we respect the freedom of others.”Let us work toward preserving that freedom before it taken away by these merciless terrorist acts.

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