Hindu Jagaran Around the World

via Compiled by Ravi Kumar published on February 3, 2011

Did anyone say Muslims cannot be converted to other religions??

1. Over 10 lakhs of Muslims in Indonesia (Java, Kalimantan, Borneo, Sumetra provinces) have returned to their ancestral Hindu religion. Over 1 lakh Muslims in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have returned to Hindu fold in recent year

2. Over 20 lakhs Muslims in Indonesia have become Buddhists.

3. Lacs of Muslims including Mullas and Imams are getting converted to Christianity in African war-torn countries every year on an average for a few grains of bread and jam. This is a huge loss and yet rich Arab countries are busy in entertainments. So much for Islamic Brotherhood.

4. Churches are being auctioned in western countries and are being purchased by ISKCON, Swami Narayan Groups, Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus, Afghan Hindus, Sanatani Hindus from Bharat, West Indies and Fiji. Once a Hindu temple for Lord Shiva, Ram, Vishnu, Ganesh or Mata Parvati is built not only Hindus but Whites also visit in large numbers. Britney Spear visits Ganesha temple in Washington with her son.

5.  Pope Benedict XVI is going from country to country seeking apology for thousands of cases pending in courts for rape, sex abuse, child sex scandals, pedophiles by Catholic priests, bishops, and choir singers. More than 192 Christian clergy are in jails of Kerala for various charges ranging from rape of nuns, murders to swindling churh and public money.

6. Earlier Pope John Paul II went to several countries seeking apology for wiping out tribes, aborigine clans, culture, languages, arts, music and religious practices in the most brutal manner. Goa inquisition remains one of the most atrocious, wicked embarrassments for the church in Bharat.

7.  Yoga and Meditation is increasingly becoming popular in the West. Many leading personalities in sports and entertainment field are practicing yoga for maintaining their health and figures. Yoga and Meditation is a Rs 15,000 Crore business in USA alone. More than 10% of the whites and blacks in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand practice Yoga and Meditation in spite of opposition from church groups. Perhaps there are more yoga centers in west than in Bharat.

8. Fear of Cholesterol and obesity is driving many especially the youth in the west to turn to vegetarianism.

9. There are many Ayurvedic centers in Brazil perhaps next only to Bharat. Many universities around the world have started courses in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Burqa is in demand in the Arab world.

10. Sanskrit is taught in more than 200 universities around the world. There is more and more demand for software professionals with knowledge of Sanskrit for developing softwares for Robots and Artificial Intelligence. NASA and other research institutes are looking for Sanskrit knowing professionals. President of Greece welcomed President APJ Abdul Kalam in Sanskrit. Mbeki, President of South Africa and Wen Jiabo, Prime Minister of China quote from Vedas.

11. In US senate, many state parliaments and convocation at MIT were inaugurated with Vedic chantings. 30 selected mantras of Vedas have been preserved as World Heritage. UK has started a Vedic Heritage school for children. Mbeki, President of South Africa recited mantras from Rig Veda to emphasize Unity in Diversity. Wen Jiabao,

12. Tony Blair warned with economic sanctions Russia and Kazakhstan for bulldozing Hindu temples. Moscow is now rebuilding the temple at a new location. Prime Minister of Thailand personally took part in the installation ceremony of Lord Brahma statue at Wat Erawan. (The statue was broken by a Muslim fanatic earlier and the Thai public beat him to death in anger).

13. Govt of India awarded Padma Bhushan to Chinese Sanskrit scholar Ji Xianlin who has translated Ramayan into Chinese. Mahabharat has been translated by some of his students. PM Wen Jiabo learnt Sanskrit from him.

14. Gita is taught in leading Management Institutions of the world including Stanford. They arrange lectures by Gita scholars like Swami Parthasarathy.

15. There is lot of scope for movies and cartoons based on Vikramaditya tales, tales from Panchatantra, Puranas, Hitopadesa, Hanuman, Ganesha, Ramayan and Mahabharat to replace Harry Potter. 

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