Hindu Dharma in a Changing World

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on November 4, 2009

For centuries, our Vedas, Upanishads, Darsanas, and Purnas have influenced the originators of different schools of Philosophy, Psychology, Health and Natural Sciences, Ethics, Logic, Art and literature. Our all inclusive thought system has provided the world with a rich, highly complex philosophical system that covers every aspect of the universe. Our great Rishis held that the universe reveals the workings, the development, the realization, the unfolding of the world spirit (Brahman). The universe is spiritual. It has direction and the explanation of ordinary facts, human action, change and strategies for living. As a result India became opulent. We became rich with spiritual, cultural and universal thought system. Hindu Dharma has attracted the attention of world’s greatest thinkers, scholars and philosophers.

Even today Hindutva has more explanation on the world than those available in Newtonian mechanics or Darwinian biology, Social Darwinism, Empiricism, Rationalism, and Marxism or in any other fundamentalist, reductionist dogmas.

Hindu concept of Integral Humanism is instrumental in the current Human Rights moment and Environmental Protection Movement. Life-Span Development in Psychology, Transcendentalism, Holistic Health Care, transition from the disease model to Life Model of Practice in psychiatry and general systems theory has its roots in our Vedas. Even before eclectic thinkers coined the term “Global Village”, we have been preaching, practicing and promoting the concept of “Lokha Samsatha Sukhino Bhavanthu and Vasudeva Kudumbakam”. System thinkers and activists of several social movements seeking foundations and scaffolds for their principles and programs were inspired by our universal, pluralistic and all inclusive Vedas, Upanishads and Darsanas.

In spite of our universal, systemic, all inclusive and tolerant philosophy, and pacifism; we were invaded, attacked; our wealth was looted, our country was divided, minds were polluted, people were forcefully converted and people were misdirected.

Thousands of years of Islamic invasion and Christian colonialism had resulted in Hindus moving in different directions with lack of self—esteem. We have embraced alien ideologies. Our bogus secularists, Marxists, atheists and Jihadist have made an unholy alliance against Hindutva. They have deliberately infused mind viruses and we became victims of infinite variety of disorders including Cognitive Disorder, Denial, pacifism, apathy, indifference and escapism.


Bahujana Hithaya Bhahujana Sukhaaya

(We always aspires the welfare and Happiness of one and all)

Our highest goal is “Asato Maa Sadgamaya (Lead me from Unreal to Reality)

Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamaya (Lead me from darkness to light)

Mritor Maa Amritanagamaya
(Lead me from death to immortality)

We believe and practice Ahimsa, tolerance, pluralism, coexistence, human rights, universalism and secularism. In the name of tolerance, pluralism and secularism, we also accept without critical evaluation parochialism, alien ideologies, Hajj subsidy, favoritism, and special privileges provided to people who are forcefully and deceptively converted into exclusivist dogmas.

Concealing the truth, ignoring reality and blind acceptance of dangerous and destructive practices may often lead to terrible results. While our impulse for benevolence is well intentioned, the results often border on insanity. We, Hindus with tolerant and passive nature accept rather than challenge critical issues.

Hindus need to address several pressing problems facing us. We cannot move forward by hiding behind a thick wall of Denial. Overcoming denial and facing threatening issues like coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism, subversive activities and Marxist menace are very important.

Several Hindu organizations and spiritual leaders continue to spend too much time looking inward, planning too much from the past history, rather than creative imagination and current reality. They suffer from indifference, apathy, otherworldliness, and do not demonstrate sophistication needed to be viable and visible, let alone assertive in the changing political context. They may have good intentions. Are good intentions good enough? I do not condemn those who wish to preach “Aham Brahmasmi” Ahimsa Paramodharma or “Vasudeva Kudumbhakam”. Searching always within for answers for external causes, blaming Hindu victims, having guilt without reasons, use of twisted logic and excessive zeal for pseudo secularism continue to plague Hindus around the world.

The Denial, Cognitive confusion, and the secular disorder have so twisted reality while Hindu intellectuals and activists are called dysfunctional; and pseudo-secularists, Marxist anarchists, Jihadi terrorists and conversion mafia are regarded as hope of India. Such irrational logic and twisted thinking have unintended consequences.

In an attempt to preach suppression of our desires, ahimsa, tolerance and do good philosophy, very often bad things happen. India’s sacred institutions are destroyed, temple wealth is looted, and our children are made into slobs and zombies. Our phony secularism has produced a bumper crop of homegrown traitors. While Jihadi terrorists are stabbing us in the throat, these traitors are stabbing us in the back. Our moral codes, social ethos, culture and spiritual traditions are either deconstructed or destroyed. Camouflaged under a number of catch phrases like “Prolitarian revolution, labor unity, multi-culturalism, religious pluralism, our enemies are pushing Bharat and Hindu Dharma off the planet.


The Congress party, Marxist anarchists and the jihadis have made an unholy alliance against Hindus and they compromise our national security, and strip India from the rock-bed Hindu identity. Further jack hammering the foundations of our Hindu identity has been coercive and deceptive conversion.

To destroy a country, Solzhenitsyn wrote, you must cut its roots. India’s roots are in sanathan Dharma, in large measure been severed. In books, plays and films Hindus are mocked for amusement of secularists. In the name of modernity and progress social decadence is promoted. India’s schools teach anti Hindutva. Our educational curricula have been systematically chained of all Hindu contents; they have lost all trace of Hindu character. Our educational system is raising a nation of cowards. There is no means of teaching our young about the glorious attributes of heroism and patriotism. Since independence our country has produced a sizable number of spineless, luxury-loving, spiritless characters. As we all know patriotism feeds upon hero-worship and we have abolished heroes from our education. Our traditional Vandemataram is replaced with Mary Had a Little Lamb, Shivaji Maharaja and Jhansi Rani were replaced with Hansel and Gretel. Even the fairy tales and nursery rhymes beloved by generations of children were abandoned, and tinkered with. Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna have been replaced by Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Instead of studying heroic deeds of Bhagat Singh and Vir Sarvarkar, our children are taught blasphemous images of atheist Nehru and Boforous fame Italian catholic Sonia. Our national nose has been first tweaked and then rubbed contemptuously into the dirt.

The results are plain for all to see. Our youngsters are growing up to become slobs. Thus, the expulsion of our Dharmic system from education and a collapse in public morality has gone hand in hand with the collapse of public morality. We are in deep denial that our nation is in danger and many of us neither know nor care. It is our own fault. We were busy embracing alien ideologies and we forgot that the first duty of a nation is to secure its cultural, spiritual institutions and value system. Our values that we have treasured were allowed to fade away from our class room and the consciousness of the public.

Our current secular education system forces people to escape from reality, behave like zombies, and accept falsehood as reality. They are persuaded that to be tolerance of intolerant dogmas and intolerant brutes id a positive virtue. People are indoctrinated to believe that India is a country of multiple culture and all religions are the same.

What went wrong? What is the alternative? Do we want Marxist anarchism, Maoist violence, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, constant decaying of our moral values to continue? If the answer is NO, then we have to do something urgently. We want our fellow Hindus informed and disciplined, alert and assertive. Our country is in a strange sort of war against our Dharma. Throughout our modern history a substantial number of our leaders sold out our country. There are many things we did not learn from history. Much of what ails India is due to our apathy, indifference and our inaction. And his indifference and apathy has led to a moral disarmament and political paralysis. If we are detached, someone’s values are going to prevail, then why not ours? Why should the moral codes of bogus secularism, Jihadism and Marxism prevail? Why should a minority rather than the majority see its values dominant? If tolerance is a necessary virtue in our democratic society, there must be tolerance for the values of the majority.

Today, in India, it is popular among self-styled “intellectuals” to sneer at patriotism, question our sacred values and insult our Hindu nationalists with contempt. But in the present decadent atmosphere Hindus often are too shy to talk about it-as if it were something shameful or irrational weakness. Hindutva is not sentimental nonsense. Nor something dreamed up by demagogues.

We cannot accuse our sacred philosophy of Hindutva of incapacity to find a solution to our problems. We have to lift the fog surrounding us. Let it be recognized that we Hindus have as much responsibility to defend our sacred thought system, culture and our country with insight and collective will.

The only option Hindus have then, is never cease struggling-until we have re-created a government and India that conforms, as close as possible to our image of the good society based on Hindu Dharma. Our struggle will be endless and it will define us, test us, and likely provide us rewards.


We cannot succeed or move forward by hiding the facts. We have to move forward with pragmatism, realism and strength. We have to wage a relentless battle for the hearts and minds of Hindus.

We live in dreadful times. When dogmatism, bogus secularism and fundamentalism are seeking and despising our all inclusive Hindutva, we should not shirk the responsibility to carry with vigor and vitality.

Hindus have to be strong, active, assertive, and fight for our survival. Only lower level people who are so poor in spirit and spineless secularists, and luxury loving political leaders are refusing to fight or join battle. Their main problem is the bogus secular frame of mind that considers it unsophisticated and narrow minded to love our country, our sacred Dharma. They are very skeptical of their own country, but very tolerant and open-minded of Jihadis, Marxists and totalitarian dogmas. Their main hobby is to renounce, insult and demean Hindutva.

Hindu leaders and laymen must develop basic skills for critical thinking and techniques for perception management. The skills are essential for separating facts from opinion; identify media manipulation and psychological warfare against Hindus. The ability to make the basic distinction between factual statements and statements for mental misdirection and deception is required for all Hindus.

Hindu Dharma is the soul of our nation. It is the spiritual values that bind us. It is the set of values, ideals pervading our consciousness that has been with us for centuries. Whether we admit it or not, and even if we claim we are not religious, we tend to operate according to our vision, spiritual tradition and moral values. This unifying Dharma is now under attack by phony secularists, mindless Marxists, Maoist anarchists, Jihadis and conversion gangs. They subscribe to alien dogmas. These dogmas are contradictory not complementary. They are not mutually supportive but destructive.


All progress starts from an attitude and electing/selecting the right people to represent us. Ultimately we get what we deserve. The power of intention runs this creation. If the intention is strong and focused enough we can create whatever we want.

We cannot also escape the responsibility of correcting contemporary issues threatening our survival. Many of the issues of our times are how to understand the plurality of causes that precipitate such issues. Whether the particular issue is Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, corruption, Love Jihad, our preferred explanation tends to be internal that is speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil.

The great escape of our times is escape from analyzing external realities. The explanation is automatically assumed to be internal and the solution is assumed to be “keep quiet”.

Our political leaders seldom look for any facts that might be against the explanations that sets their meaningless philosophy. There can be grave consequences on insisting “blame the victim” philosophy. This allows individuals to escape personal responsibility. It is not the non-judgmental ideology of the intellectuals but also the self-interest of politicians that leads to so much down playing external problems, and external explanations to “solve” the problem. Blaming the victim policy is not likely to solve the country’s problems.

Hindus who intend to do very much for Hindustan have to accept the fact that there will be times when we will not receive approval from everyone. The need to get approval from our enemies will steal our destiny.

Hindus around the world must now join together and work with fire, the conviction and the clear vision. If we are united we can return with strength to erase the corrosive influence of today’s fake secularists. We can and we will one day return Hindustan and India to its glorious roots of freedom and spiritual practice. Our work is about Hindus that once were, and Hindus that could be again-if we have the will to stand and fight against the enemy within and without.


Hindus must design new messages that must bring about an attitude that must cause action. This requires that we must sent persuasion (advocacy) messages that offer the best solution (or the logical one) toward solving the problem addressed or fulfilling target needs. Persuasive message can be designed to induce perspective behavioral change or perform activities as a proud Hindu.The aim is to provide an algorithm for implementing techniques for multi-channel support from Hindus.

Every Hindu must get into daily habit of writing brief letters to elected representatives, state and central ministers and newspaper editors on pressing issues like:

Declare a moratorium on Tax payer subsidy for Hajj

Central government must enact common civil law for all citizens

Each and every state must enact ant-conversion laws

Demand Hindu temple management should be handed over to Hindu organizations

Elect only good Hindu candidates with proven track record

Show up during election time and vote for the right Hindu candidate

Visit local temples and support Hindu organizations

Participate in Hindu community activities and do voluntary service for the community

India’s secular brigade has joined with our enemies to destroy our nation and culture with their corrosive lies and deception techniques. It is our duty to fight back for Dharma for our life and for the lives of our next generation. Act now before it is too late.

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