Hindu backlash is building up?

published on July 28, 2008

By Amithab Tripathi

Months back when Shiv Sena supreme Bal Thakrey written a piece of editorial in his parties mouth organ and called on Hindus to form Hindu suicide squads to counter Islamic terrorism this statement was taken with mixed reactions in political as well as academic circles. Reaction of Political parties as congress party was very much anticipated and it condemned this unfortunate and BJP an alliance partner of Maharashtra based party which some times raise issues of sectarian and language interest was more cautious to single out this party and only said that BJP believe in democracy and also urged Shiv Sena to keep full faith in democracy. This statement of Hindu suicide squads versus Islamic suicide squads has some echo in news papers also. Few news papers gave space for their opeds on this issue. In those articles this idea was not only condemned but those articles concluded that these ideas could hamper Hinduism in long term if it looses its basic quality of tolerance. It should have to keep in mind that this is not first time when Bal Thakrey has called on Hindus to form suicide squads before this in year 2002 he had floated this idea and even started training some youths with proper training course but quickly state government of


intervened and that effort was dismantled. Here is most important thing of discussion is not of the validity of idea of Hindu Suicide squads versus Islamic Suicide squads but important point of discussion is why this idea took birth.

Is Bal Thakrey a cynical and represent to some tiny minority of Hindu community or there is really some churning in this society about which people have shut their eyes. If you would tell me to express my views on both of them I will go for second. It is true that majority of Hindu society still believe in democratic means to express its frustration and anger but some section in society is searching for some alternative ways and which those ways could be political as well as undemocratic and non political also.

Independence of Indian state was unfulfilled dream and Indian people had been exposed to a communal problem when they have to sacrifice their part of motherland to new state named


as their neighbour state on religious ground. Before independence when elections for provisional Indian government was held in 1945-46 and Muslim league a so called political party for Muslims of India exclusively fought elections on the name of partition of India with new Muslim nation Pakistan this election was almost referendum and more than 97 percent Muslims of India voted in favour of creation of Pakistan. But when partition took place population was not shifted to both countries on religious ground and father of


Mohammad Ali Jinnah took some Hindus in his nation as a ransom to assure the welfare of Muslims in Indian state

. Keeping this fact in mind creators of Indian constitution emphasized on the concept of secularism as tool to appease Muslims and give them more and more privilege but in return Hindus in Pakistan could not get equal treatment and they were forced either to convert or disappear (read it killed) now after 60 years of creation of Pakistan population of Hindus has been reduced to 2% of total population.

Pakistan has fought two battles to India in the name of Kashmir and in both of battles they have lost but in both battles in 1965 and 1971 more than 7 Lakh Hindus have fled from Pakistan and reached in state of J&K. Hindus from Pak occupied Kashmir have also flew from there to reach state of Jammu and Kashmir and they all count more than 5 Lakh so in present scenario more than 1 million Hindus in J&K are living in refugee status but Indian government which is flowing fund to state of J&K is unable to give any respectable status to these Hindus. All this is happening due to special status of J&K which has been provided to this state by our constitution with article 370 in Indian constitution. According to this provision J&K state has so much immunities from Indian state with several laws of Indian constitution not only this Indian constitution provides some guarantee to Indian citizens as to reside anywhere in nation and start their business as well purchase property but state of Jammu and Kashmir has got immunity from these provisions also.

From time to time demand came out to repeal article 370 from constitution and BJP the major opposition party in India was vocal to this demand in 1990’s but due to compulsion of coalition politics it succumbs under pressure of so called secular political parties and formed a common minimum programme with their allies to keep away the demand to repeal article 370.

Jammu Kashmir is a state in


which symbolizes nationality in


and right from independence it has become a contentious issue between




as well as starting point of Islamic nature of Jihad and Muslim separatism. After independence whenever


fought against


on the issue of


concept of unilateral concession to Muslims in the name of secularism came in debate. After every battle Hindus from Pakistan were forced to refuge India and situation of minorities in both countries were exposed and people in India get furious more and more but along with decade of 1990’s when era of information came and people exposed to some new tools of information they got access to situation of Hindus in several Muslim countries as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan after getting information of Hindus in these countries concept of secularism ignited the debate with few inherent questions.

In this new era of information and global Jihad Hindus have started reading and writing so much on these issues as well as questioning the nature of secularism manifested in unilateral concessions to Muslims. Situation of Hindus in Bangladesh has exposed to every Hindu in India and in recent article when Dr Richard Benkin a dedicated human right activist from America elaborated the shortcomings and exploitive nature of Vested Property Act of Bangladesh people in India realized the gravity of situation and its apartheid nature.

Few weeks back when situation in state of

Jammu and Kashmir



boiled in the mane of a Hindu pilgrimage Amarnath it was another shocking development for Hindus in their majority state.

Governor of Jammu Kashmir state allotted some 40 hectare land to mange the pilgrimage of Amaranth to its management body Amarnath shrine board and this allotment was very much in accordance to legal procedure of state but separatist groups with Islamist Jihadis came out on streets to protest this very legal handover of land in the name of encroachment of article 370 vitiating the demography of state to assure the Hindus to take land and reside here in state but these statements were nothing other than misguiding the people and exposing the true communal and intolerant color of Muslims in India. Hindu pilgrimage centre in

Jammu and Kashmir

has full legal right to take the land and even run institutions in state as Hindu pilgrimage centre Vaishno Devi trust is running university in state. Allotment of land for temporary reasons was very much in accordance to the article 370 but Muslim protest not only forced government of state to revoke the order of allotment of land to Amarnath shrine board but government transferred the management of pilgrimage from shrine board to in its hand. This decision from government of

Jammu and Kashmir

has been taken as an attempt to stop this pilgrimage in the name of management in long run. This issue of Amarnath has a deep impact on the psyche of Hindus in


. They have taken this issue as an attack on their sovereignty as well attack on their faith. After partition of India and imposition of article 370 to give special status to Jammu and Kashmir state this is third time when Indian in general and Hindus in particular have collectively found themselves under seize.

In long run these issues going to hurt the relationship of Hindus and Muslims in


very badly. After independence for more than sixty years Hindus in India have fought for Indian Muslims whenever any issue was raised in India which had communal motivation rather than reality majority of Hindus came out openly to isolate those forces but in return Muslim community never cared for the sentiments of Hindus and whenever Muslim fundamentalism stands in confrontation with state or Hindus Muslims refrained themselves from isolating such people of their community. Muslim scholars or academicians who took no time to condemn the demolition of Babri mosque in 1992 or riots in Gujrat in 2002 did not come out open against Islamists when they were twisting the hand of government of Jammu and Kashmir to withdraw a legal order which would affect Hindu pilgrimage in long run. Why this mysterious silence? Why Muslims in India did not clear their stand on some basic issues? Why they always seem to be sympathizers of radical Muslim forces? Some of these questions have not been answered by this community so far.

Few months back some of Islamic organizations and seminaries in India took some steps which were termed as radical steps by various people in India as these organizations and seminaries organized huge rallies in protest of terrorism and these were named as anti- terrorism rallies but all these efforts get futile and have no honest efforts behind these to stop Jihad because all of these rallies are so called anti terrorist efforts never cut themselves from the theory of Muslim atrocity in world. They condemned Israel along with US and portrayed before huge audience that although Islam has nothing to do with terrorism but refrained themselves from condemning terrorist and they not uttered a single word in favor of those Kefirs who have lost their lives in terrorist activities. They advocate these incidents as a reaction of so called Muslim atrocity and state terrorism. Even some of these organizations warn people of India not to dare speak against Madrasas otherwise there would be backlash from Muslim side. Could you imagine these languages from a society which has been tortured or has been victimized?

Secularism in this world has become synonymous of Muslim appeasement and provided privilege to Muslim society which in return has become arrogant and aggressive. Need of the hour is to ignite the debate on some concepts which has provided space to Islamists to infiltrate in system and gradually push their agenda of Islamization. In this era of information hidden agenda of Islamists has exposed and people in various countries are preparing themselves for backlash. We have these examples in some countries of Europe in last few years and if Hindus includes themselves in coming years there should not be any surprise to this world.

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