Hindu backlash is building up

via Amitabh Tripathi published on August 17, 2006

I was one of those millions of millions citizens who were praying eagerly for peaceful celebrations of Independence Day and Krishna Janmashtami amid terrorist threat but these prayers   ultimately  went in vain  and terrorists targeted Hindu worshippers in a grand Krishna temple in capital city of Manipur.


Yesterday in late evening when this painful news reached to me it suddenly reminded me of the results of a nation wide survey conducted by a private news channel to read the state of mind of the nation. This comprehensive survey was conducted by this very English news channel to cover various subjects but one result of this survey was more striking but was unable to make headlines.


According to this survey 35 percent Indians believe it is Muslims who are behind terrorism and out of those 35 percent Hindus alone have share of 47 percent. This figure in itself tells a lot.


Yesterday when Krishna temple in Imphal became another target of terrorists it was an open secret that whatever mechanism was used here but it was nothing Other than part of ongoing Islamic jihadi campaign.


In this whole episode it was really disappointing and dismaying to note the role of electronic media. Print media published this story immediately but electronic media totally boycotted this story. It is still a mystery why electronic media did not heed its   hear to such gruesome killing in which 5 women lost their lives immediately on spot and out of 50 injured people more than dozen people are reportedly critical and fighting for their lives.


When this incident took place and news was reported by several news agencies and people informed each other of this attack with SMS it is impossible to believe electronic media personnel were not informed of this happening. It was another example of political correctness when media tried to downplay the atrocity on Hindus as they did in Mumbai attacks with their stupid theory of Mumbai becomes normal on second day of attacks.


This attitude of media is in consonance with political leadership who are busier in ducking the bouncer of Islamic terrorism rather than making stroke on it.


After Mumbai blasts several TV channels organized debate on ongoing terrorist activities which were represented by people of every section from defense analyst to political leaders and in all of these debates one conclusion can be drawn very easily as lack of will power. Those who have clear vision and will to fight against this menace of terrorism do not have power and those who do not have will or vision have power. For an example defense analyst or terrorism experts are unanimous in curbing terrorism iron handedly but our politicians are not ready to delink it with appeasement politics. Political parties are still unable to make consensus on this issue and busy in blame game.


When first time Islamic terrorists attacked America in big scale on 911 America did leave no stone unturned to assure its citizens of security and in this process this nation with rich legacy of liberal and plural democracy not hesitate in biting some bullets. New home land security department came in existence to give more efficiency to internal security. In back ground of Islamic terrorist attacks home land security department and FBI personnel were given free hand to fight terrorism from undercover profiling of suspicious Muslims to put Masjids and Islamic seminaries under scanner of security agencies and these tough measures paid for them to such extent that they were able to stop and foil any major terrorist attack in last five to six years.


Britain also followed America after its transport system was attacked in 2005 with making its security agencies more active and vigilant. But except of security measures these of two nations with whole European Union analysed the problem of Islamic terrorism in its totality and partly addressed its theological base also.


In contrast to these nations India exposed herself as the most terror prone and vulnerable nation. America was able to avoid terrorist’s attacks on its soil for more than six years and Britain also avoided and foiled it   but India is facing major terrorist attacks on every three months but our political establishment still boast of winning this war on terror, perhaps they are hoping to win this war by killing all Hindus.


Now patience of Hindus is running out and Hindu backlash is building up in society to which our political establishment is unable to sense. This communication gap will fuel more frustration among Hindus.


It is really unfortunate to note that still our political leaders irrespective of their political affiliations behaving like ostrich on Islamic terrorism to avoid the debate on real motive of this problem. How long can any nation survive with this denial and escapist attitude. Earlier on several occasions we have witnessed how this denial and escapist behaviour resulted in collective reaction of Hindu society. Again our nation is on the verge of communal polarization their own, which could have been unprecedented this time


In this era of communication and information how some media personnel and political establishment think people will  be satisfied with those information which will be communicated to them by these people.


On one hand when theory of atrocity on Muslims is getting momentum by false propaganda of Muslim machinery with support of political establishment it is obvious for Hindus to get out of their cells with strong communication skill to defend themselves on their own.

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