Hindu Agenda or Hidden Agenda?

via S V Badri published on July 6, 2006

The “Samprokshanam” of the famous Sri Srinivasa Mandir in Purasawakkam, Chennai took place on 2nd July.


Mantri Periakaruppan UvAca:


On the sidelines of this event, the HR&CE Minister, K.R.Periakaruppan spoke to the assembled reporters and told them that the DMK Government will initiate steps to recover the Mandir lands that have been illegally occupied by various people. The extent of Mandir lands and properties under the HR&CE is estimated at more than 5 lakh acres. He said that many among those who took the Mandir lands and buildings on lease did not pay the amount due to the department and some individuals had also encroached upon Mandir lands. Hence, steps would be taken to collect the rent arrears and also retrieve the lands under such occupation. On the surface, this statement looks innocent and even altruistic. No government’s word can be taken for the surface value. Therefore, let us scratch beneath the surface of this statement and take a peep in to what the sinister design behind this benign statement:


Zeenats and Zarinas on the list of illegal occupants


The Display boards in some Mandirs in the Tanjore District make an interesting reading. These reveal that it is not just some greedy Adharmik Hindus who are defaulting lessees. Names like Zeenat, Zarina Begum Etc., also figure as those who are lessees on the default boards. How the Government dared to lease these Mandir properties to Non-Hindus should not be a mystery because when it comes to devaluing Hindu assets, they are “secular”. We have allowed the horses to be driven away and are trying to bolt the stable. Even these display boards are not seen any more in our Mandirs.


Church -The single largest real estate owner after the Government of India


The christist colonial looters gave most of Bharatvarsha’s prime landed properties to the Church and its institutions either free or for a ridiculously low consideration before independence. These lands included those belonging to various Mandirs and PAtaSAlas. The Church today is the single largest owner of real estate after the Government of India. Add to this their avaricious greed for gobbling lands abetting highways, to make churches by hundreds, thanks to the perennial supply of dollars from the jesus-peddling evangelical nations. There are many instances of the church occupying Mandir lands illegally and always with the connivance of the greedy local officials to make churches in villages to continue with their proselytizing activity.


Politicians and their local thugs


Add to this, the endless numbers of politicians and their local thugs who have these sacred lands under their occupation. Mandirs no longer benefit from the harvest of their lands endowed to the presiding deity out of exemplary bhakti of the Hindus and their Rajas. Many Mandirs have no money for lighting a single lamp, an Eka KAla Puja and are deserted, dilapidated and orphaned for want of renovation because the Mandir has no funds despite having hundred plus acres as prime agricultural property.



Minister’s call – A boon to HR&CE Officials


In most cases, such a call by a minister is a boon to the HR&CE officials of the rank of the Executive Officers etc., who dutifully visit the lessees and collect their bribes as “protection money”. And the HR&CE is believed to have a good distribution channel when it comes to redistribution amongst its officials, the spoils accumulated out of Hindu Samaj’s lethargy.


Poll Manifesto – The Acknowledged “Real Hero” behind DMK’s Poll Success.


If the idea of Periakaruppan is to restore all such illegally occupied lands to their respective Mandirs and ensure revenue is generated rightfully for their upkeep, it should be lauded by every Hindu. However, taking the track record of successive governments of the State, the motives of these governments are always suspect, when it comes to a fair deal for Hindu Samaj. One is compelled to connect this with the DMK poll manifesto, which promises 2 acres land for the landless labourers.


Is the DMK Government planning to use the Hindu Mandir lands to keep their promise as per their latest hero, the DMK poll manifesto?


DMK – The genetic pseudo-atheist


The DMK Government is a genetic pseudo-atheist. Their belief in Theism is selective to their support of the aggressive religions of the minority. It has always been their belief that a combination of their intrinsic hatred for Hindus and support to the faith of the minorities keeps their power line on. This is their definition of “secularism”. This is their Atheism. They have no belief of Hindu Gods and the traditions. Before one jumps to any conclusions, let me state that I am not advocating that Hindus should not be evicted from illegal occupation of the Mandir lands. My bet is that the DMK government dare not evict the vast numbers of non-Hindus from this illegal occupation. Even while evicting the Hindus, they will adopt a selective eviction policy i.e., evict those Hindus belonging to the opposition. They will have problems to ask for example an MLA like Haroon to vacate the lands of Bhagawan Siva’s Mandir, which is believed to be in his or under his benami agricultural illegal occupation. It will not evict the Muslim and Christian occupants of the lands of Covalam’s Siva Mandir. Nor will it take steps to raze to ground innumerable churches that dot Hindu Mandir lands in places like Kovilancheri etc., Nor will they dare raze to ground the countless churches that have come up illegally on Mandir lands. They have no problems in prostrating to the non-verifiable beliefs of the aggressive religions. They have no problem in hating Hindus while bending their backs to the minority religious practitioners. They are “secular”.


Hindu Samaj demands for a white paper, Hon’ble Periakaruppan.


Will Periakaruppan produce a white paper on the exact extent of lands, immovable property with the survey numbers, location and the name of the Mandir, Name of the Lessee, Lease amount agreed, Status of payments received and due, Extent of lands known to be under illegal occupation, location, etc., so the Hindu Samaj knows exactly what is available on record with the HR&CE?


Under the Right to Information Act, the Hindu Samaj demands this government to produce one such white paper. Will the HR&CE minister make the whole issue transparent? Will he make this a Hindu Agenda or a Hidden Agenda?


The Hidden Agenda


One need not have to be a Ramanujan to deduce that in order to keep up a part of their poll promise; this Atheistic Government of DMK has laid its deceitful eyes on our Mandir lands.


I will not be surprised if this government “selectively” takes away a good chunk of such illegally occupied Mandir lands if only to silently distribute them @ 2 acres per head to their supporters to keep their poll promise or to appropriate a portion for their cronies.


This would serve their dual purpose, beautifully: Strip the Hindu Mandirs of its invaluable assets and keep their voter-constituents happy.


They dare not touch the vast lands of the church or the wakf boards.


They are secular.

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