Highest Good is Hidden in BJP

published on September 20, 2009
By  V. Shanmugamnathan

In the recent times there is media propaganda that everything is bad in BJP. A scenario has been created that top rank leaders are fighting among themselves. There is a war of letters and accusations. There is a deliberate attempt by some section of the media to destroy the patriotic image of BJP. What is the Real position? Where is the heartbeat of BJP? How it reverberates? It is the faith and ideological commitment of thousands of leaders, lakhs of karyakartas and crores of Admirers, supporters and sympathises forms the bed rock of BJP.


Three days back one of our leaders travelled from Delhi to Shajhahanpur in Uttar Pradesh by train. The train was expected to reach at 3.30 am. So, the leader wanted that somebody should receive him in the station. So he telephoned to them before starting and in the morning again he reminded them. At the early morning he got a special SMS, reply, “Sir, don’t worry. You are coming first time. So you are very much concerned about your reaching the place. Please understand us. We are 100 people waiting for you in the platform from yesterday night”.


The leader was thrilled and emotionally moved as he saw, and greeted people who were waiting in the station for the whole night to receive him. The leader asked them, “You people are wonderful, what made you to wait for such a long time?”

One of them spontaneously spoke, “Sir, BJP for us is Nationalism, uncompromising Natonalism. We are ready to make supreme sacrifice for the Nation. Night stay in Railway station is mainly to receive you with affection”. Every one was delighted by the remark and warmth shown to the special guest of honour. It is the leader, his life, how he lives the great “Vision” in “action” that influences the people.


In the olden days there were great pillars of inspiration like Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya. The people were encouraged by hearing those examples. Even today there are miniature sizes of such great leaders in every place in large numbers.


Last week, some of the prominent people of Chhattisgarh province came to Delhi. They were talking about a rare example. Mr Nandakumar Sai was the state president of BJP. He went to a village predominately inhabited by tribals. It was the evening time. He saw them drinking alcohol. Most of them were fully drunk. He told them, “please don’s drink. It is injurious. It is bad. Life will be lost”. But they were making fun of him. One of them shouted at him. “Can you stop taking salt along with food that you eat. Just like salt, the drinks are essential for us.” Then Nand Kumar Sai told them, “O.K. I will stop eating salt. Can you people stop drinking liquor?” The people around him told that, “First, you stop it for one year then we will follow” Nand Kuamr Sai, from that moment stopped eating salt. Now eighteen years over. Even today he is not taking salt. The village people by seeing the example of this man reduced the habit of drinking liquor.


There are numerous examples. It should be highlighted. There should be a positive discussion. Unfortunately a negative propaganda is unleashed about everything of BJP. No channel shows the determination of Nand Kumar.


Sir Kabindra Purkayastha is a Member of Parliament from Silchar in Assam. He was a middle school teacher, father of two children. In due course the Middle School became Higher Secondary school, then he became the principal. He joined BJP. As a teacher he was impressed by the concept of BJP. He immersed himself in the thought process of BJP.

“Here was a great civilization glory of which spread from Sri Lanka to Java and Japan and from Tibet and Mangolia to China and Siberia. If weathered the storms of Huns and Shakas and Turks, though, a 1000 Year resistance saw this country bloodied but unbowed. Its civilization survived through the heroic efforts of the Vijaynagar Empire and of Shivaji, Rana Pratap and Guru Govind Singh and countless heroes and martyrs.


In more recent times the good work has been carried on by Lokmanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Deendayal Upadhyaya and others. So we must contribute our time, energy to make a brave new India with the promise of Ram Rajya”. After conceiving this great thought, Srikabindra Purkayastha resigned from the school and joined Jan Sangh as a full time worker. He organized BJS later BJP in Various parts of the state. Then he contested elections. In the year 1997, he became the minister of communication in the central government. As a minister, he saw the previous records and correspondence of the ministry. In year 1987 there was a letter written by Shri Atal Bihar Vajpayee, as a Member of Parliament to the then minister of Communication Mr. Arjun Singh. Atalji requested him to release a stamp on Dr. Hedgewar during his birth centenary as a mark of respect. Arjun Singh rejected the proposal of Atalji. The present Minister, Sri Kabindra felt that an injustice had been done to a great visionary like Dr. Hedgewar. It was due to the prejudice of the previous regime. He took the matter to the Prime Minister Atal Bihar Vajpayee and told him that the stamp should by released by him. Atalji saw him. “Are you interested? Then proceed.” Then Shri Kabindra Purkayasta thought that the stamps of Dr. Hedgewar should be sold in a big scale. He took special effort. Because of that 33 lakhs stamps were sold on the day of release. It has beaten all the previous records. Shri Kabindra is so happy even today about this achievement. He is 78 now. From the year 1950, to this date he is working.


The quality of the BJP cadres is exemplary. They join BJP to serve the motherland and not to loot India. They are known for total selflessness which is unique in the politics of world, unmatched patriotism. The Nation can rely on then for anything and every thing. No malicious propaganda can restrain the saga of Faith and Commitment.


Whenever congress was electorally defeated and lost the power, the main leaders split themselves from the Congress party and formed their own groups or parties. That is the history of Congress. But BJP stood steadfast, in spite of all odds and difficulties.


(The author is former state organizer, RSS, Tamil Nadu.)

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