Hear, hear-the golden words of our Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee:

via Dr Mrs Hilda Raja published on July 21, 2010

Hear, hear-the golden words of our Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee:

“Accidents are accidents. Nobody can predict that’s why it is an accident”.

Callous and heartless these words coming from the FM makes one wonder why we have put such heartless men/women in positions to govern the country. What if he, his kith and kin were   involved in one of those unpredictable accidents-after all it seems that none of those in power suffer from such unpredictable accidents When they travel everything is predicted-well planned and laid out. But for the aam admis there is no safety because they do not matter in this country. A few lakhs can buy their silence. The tears can dry up since they have no time to weep-the wails and the moans can be stifled since most of the time theuir stomachs are empty

Now to get back to accidents are accidents-and here’s the statistics of these unpredictable accidents which the FM so casually brushes aside.

200 accidents since May 2009

40 accidents since April 2010

429 killed since Mamta took over charge

250 since April

Over 600 injured in Mamta’s tenure

80 derailments

9 collisions in 2009

17 derailments between April and June 2010

90 000 appointments related to railway safety pending because Mamata has not been in Delhi
(Source Indian Express 20th July)

Pranab Mukherjee answer why these appointments have been pending-since you hold a brief for your ally Mamata.It is disgraceful that you are so indifferent and show an utter disregard for the lives of aam admis. The Congress needs to be derailed for all the injustices heaped on the aam admis.

Anger and disillusion are building up and like a volcano it will erupt to burn everyone of substance in the fire and brimstone of justice.

Accidents are accidents because they cannot be predicted-but that you will win the elections has been predicted by Jayanti Natarajan during a TV exchange. How come something that cannot and should not be predicted has been predicted with such certainty? Is it because of the calculatedly calibrated EVMs?

Mr Mukherjee you should know that accidents can be averted and can be prevented with a little bit more of caution. You have spokespersons with their hollow words to term these as ‘systemic failure’, ‘systems failure’ and of course ‘human error.’according to convenience and to suit the situation-Accountability absolutely nil.

Remember Mr Pranab Mukherjee in the late 50 when Lal Bahadur Shastri was the railway Minster there was an  train accident in Arialyur in TN. Accidents were rare and without any fuss and with absolutely no hesitation Shastri put in his papers accepting moral responsibility.

These days there is no morality and public probity and with pygmies at the helm of affairs one cannot expect such moral codes to be followed since there are no moral codes.So accidents are accidents and cannot be predicted. Mr Pranab Mukherjee will this apply to every disaster or will be reserved only when the poor are the causalities?

Now that the driver of the train is dead you can conveniently put the blame on him. But why is it that no safety measures are put in place and why were two trains on the same line running in opposite directions? We need answers and not excuses and blame games. We as a nation are fed up with this non governance headed by a weak PM and an extra constitutional power Mrs Sonia Gandhi-a jumbo extra constitutional cabinet called the National Advisory Council.

Advise whom and for what-Food security, National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme et al. For whom is this great tamasha and drama when you and your Government care two hoots for the poor? When lives are snuffed out you so casually refer to it as “accidents are accidents and that’s why it is called accidents”. Shame on you and the Congress. Nero was a shade better than you and your party.

Mamata can derail your government which you and your leader do not want and hence the train derailments costly hundreds of lives you  easily jump to her rescue and hold a brief for her. Are you playing with people’s lives-making the lives of people as pawns for your party’s power greed Mr Mukherjee?

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