Hands off from our Temples

published on September 1, 2013

Even British did not loot temples. But this SoniaG’s UPA is confirming our worst fears for it wants to emulate Gazni Mohammad. It might be secular in the sense as the term is understood in India, but certainly not right . Sure like eminent historians they will give spin to their sinful scheme of taking gold from Gods, saying they are only doing it to distribute to poor. Sure that was the reason as to why socialistic pattern of society was inflicted on India suppressing growth and development until bankruptcy staring on face forced dismantling license permit raj.

Growth and development took off especially with Congress ousted and with Vajpayee at the helm. And the effect of the boom lasted even during tenure of UPA I. Then came UPA II. It was down hill from then on. One mega scam after another. For instance Coal-gate. India has 3rd largest Coal reserves in the world. Yet Coal imports that cost more than a penny or a dollar are resorted to that wilt fetch huge commissions. Thus ruin of economy is brought upon with their own schemes, now they turn to taking gold away from temples. This is possible under India’s peculiar secularism that permits avowedly secular governments to confiscate temple properties, wealth while holding mosque wakf and church possessions as sacred.

Actually if this is allowed then there is nothing to prevent same commission and corruption regime which has its evil eyes on gold in our temples which the devotees have donated over thousands of years, to expand the definition of temples to include every Hindu house which has an altar and confiscate their gold.

Our people are not greedy for gold, they have parted with it at several occasions when nation called for such sacrifices. During freedom struggle and when China invaded, people emptied their family heirlooms.

Though unspoken our people’s trust in gold is justified given the policies of socialist secular governments. Actually it is a comment of lack of trust in rulers. And what is happening to day shows they are right. Because this present economic situation is entirely made by the hands that hold power in SoniaG’s UPA II. People do not trust their gold in the such hands. Neither should our gods It may be recalled that once another Congress led government created water shortage even in Chirrapunji which has highest rain fall in the world. So two things are more certain than reduction of current account deficit when gold is parted from temples and the communal majority of India.

1. Deficit will remain,
2.Gold will be gone.

A radical change in governance is the need of the hour to save the country than to have same set in power who inflicted this economic malaise on the country. For instance even though country is reeling from huge current account deficit, they douse the fire with gasoline through vote security bill euphemistically called Food security bill. Given the inefficiency and corruption this will further add to the woes of people with the food grain in open space to rot as it is happening now and will happen even on a larger scale. Then to meet food shortage, huge food imports will be resorted to which means avenue for huge commissions.

Large number of people got out of poverty when government got out of running the economy of socialstic pattern of society.Now SoniaG UPA II will restore status quo ante. While it may assure them votes obtained from distributing other people’s money but such policies will keep India needlessly poor and keep India a developing nation but not a developed one.

Better to bring back ill gotten lucre stashed in off shore banks from Switzerland to Channel Island which amounts according to some estimate 2-3 trillion dollars , than to loot temples a la Gazni, Ghori or Mughal Shahi. It may be noted that all that loot did not help any of them. To day places where Gaznis,Ghoris came from are dilapidated, downtrodden and destitute.In town of Gazni where once he spread looted gold, diamonds on a huge carpets streching on a field as big as foot ball play ground,to day only things standing are two broken minarets along with people dirt poor buffeted with interminable turmoil. Scions of Mughals were pulling rickshaws in the same Delhi.

Moral: Do not loot temples or rob people. Those who do will be sorry.
Of 108 names of Sri Venkateswara of Thirumala 7 hills, not 2 hills as once another Congress government wanted it to be so they can build churches there, is ‘Durmethah pranaharte namah’. It means He takes away life of (those who harbor) evil thoughts.

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