Haj House in Mumbai becomes a terrorist heaven

via HK Correspondent published on June 4, 2006

MUMBAI : The multicrore Muslim Haj House in Mumbai is  the largest Muslim pilgrim center for Muslims enroute to their annual Haj trip to Saudi Arabia. The state and center government subsidize the sprawling Haj House with tax payers money. Now it is being reported that Muslim Haj House in Mumbai has become the largest Jihadi terrorist center in India. 


 All Haj pilgrims reach Mumbai Haj House enroute to Saudi Arabia and the police never put them under severe scrutiny. Based on documents and intercepted Jihadi communication with Pakistan ISI agents and terrorist organizations, Intelligences sources said that the Haj House has become heaven for Jihadi terrorists. Haj house’s ties to extremist organization like Pakistans’ Lasker-E-Tohiba, Jaish Mohamed, Bangladesh’s Harkathul Jihadi Islami has been established with documentary evidence.


Jihadi terrorists from Pakistan and Bangladesh disguised as Haj pilgrims control the Haj House and provide all support for terrorists. Central Intelligence Agencies have evidence that Jihadi terrorists hiding in Mumbai Haj House have secret plan to conduct series of terrorism in Mumbai, Gujarat and Rajastan. As a result of intercepted communication and documentary evidence, Mumbai police has arrested Imam Haji Gulam Hassan Yahi. Along with Haji Yahi 11 other jihadis were also arrested with terrorist documents with strategic plan for exploding buildings, bridges and temples. Haji Yahi was in charge of storing explosives, AK 47, AK 45, AK 54, RDX and PETN explosives. Police found several satellite phones kept at the Haj House. Along with Haji Yahi, Police arrested Kurshid Ahmed, Arshad Ahmed Badreu, and Haji Ramsan. Terrorists hiding in the Haj House were on daily conversation with Kashmir terrorists and intelligence agencies have recorded the conversation.


Haji Yahi has reserved several rooms for Jihadi terrorists at the Samson Hotel, and Musafirkhana Hotel in Mumbai. When arrested, terrorists were planning several explosion on important location in Mumbai. After the explosion, Jihadis were planning to escape to Nepal through Musafarpur in Bihar, or Tharighatwal in UP. Police recovered roadmap of their escape route and location for planting explosive devices. Jihadi terrorists were planning to destroy several temples in Gujarath,  and Maharashtra. Based on information from Haji Yahi, police arrested 3 Jihadis in Aurangabad with 30 kilo RDX and 11 AK 47.


Reports indicate that Pakistan based Lasker-E-Toyiba has penetrated the bureaucracy, security apparatus by means of pay offs. Police inaction and political indifference enabled Haj House to play a double game and Imam Haji Yahi was able to act as an agent of Pakistan, the most active state sponsor of terrorism. Pakistan directed Lasker-E-Toyiba was responsible for the parliament attack, attack at Akshar Dham, explosion in New Delhi market, and Varanasi Temple attack that killed several people.


For the last few months, Middle East Based terrorist groups and Pakistan ISI have been pumping into Mumbai and kerala fake Indian currency, lethal weapons in very large quantities. Intelligence source estimate the delivery to Jihadi terrorists as consisting of AK 46, AK 47, and a very large quantity of a newly developed roadside bombs loaded with compressed gas instead of ball bearings and cartridges to magnify their blast and explosive power. The supplies have been distributed across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajastan, UP and Kerala.


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