Gujarat victory is a harbinger of hindutva resurgence on the national scene

via S. Kalyanaraman published on December 23, 2007

The charismatic leader of the people of Gujarat, the great communicator, won with his sheer integrity in governance and should become a role model for all BJP leaders to establish an effective, credible dialogue with the people as they march into the next Lok Sabha as warriors of victorious hindutva.

On the thunderous election victory, some thoughts.

This is a victory of the people against pro-terrorist policies of Antonia Maino-led UPA government.

This is a victory of the people against the communalism of alien Antonia Maino and her son, the ideology of chamcha-giri led by substitute PM and Maino’s commie supporters. It is good to note that the Congress is deeply disappointed with the results and continues to abhor Narendra Modi; the lesson to be learnt is that Congress should shun aliens, become swadeshi, be proud of the hindu civilization. Else, Congress will disappear without a trace from the length and breadth of the nation and end up as a footnote to the history of Luciano.

The hypocritical psec media has been totally exposed as the fourth estate, both on the national TV and in English press, has shown itself to be totally delinked from the realities on the ground; the rotten fourth estate doesn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge that the so-called pre-poll or exit-poll surveys were manipulated and perhaps paid for by the anti-people groups. When the media is out of sync with the samajam, the samajam expresses itself decisively through the democratic process. This is the single important lesson of the victory of BJP led by Narendra Modi in Gujarat.

The victory is a rejection of the language of hate and dirty tricks practiced by Antonia Maino’s Congress party which is now bereft of any ideology but to stay in the sattaa by any means, not excluding mating dances with the anti-nationals.

The victory of BJP led by Narendra Modi in Gujarat is a harbinger of hindutva resurgence on the national scene, which is to build a rashtram based on the essential unity of the people under dharma and not divided by politically-motivated anti-nationals on caste or religious criteria.

The victory of the people of Gujarat – validation of the jeetega Gujarat mantra – is a clarion call for the victory of the people of India, rejecting the divisive forces of the type temporarily ensconced (concealed in a secret place, say, 10 Janpath) as UPA or their alliance partners.

The ideological victory of the BJP in Gujarat should be emulated by nationalist forces all over India. A cadre of effective communicators should emerge who can reach out and dialogue as Modi did with the people of everyone of the 6.5 lakh villages of India. This will be the effective way to enshrine hindutva as the ideology of the nation.

The punch-line is to be reserved for the commie comment which was: Modi cannot be defeated electorally, he has to be defeated ideologically (I take this as a terrorist threat of the type delivered in Nandigram by commie cadres). The joke is on the commies who lack ideology. Modi had an ideology: hindutva governance with integrity for the abhyudayam of the people. Abhyudayam of the samajam is dharma, a term which commies are not capable of understanding in this janmam.

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