Gujarat ‘MODI’fied by the “SECULAR BRIGADE”.

via HARAN.B.R published on October 30, 2007

The Gujarat riots of 2002 actually were a response from the majority community to the consistent Islamic Jihad happening around the country in general and Gujarat in particular. When the Godhra train carnage happened, in which 60 people were roasted alive, the Hindus naturally felt “enough is enough and there is a limit for tolerance”, and responded in a manner, which can be termed as the “Effect” of a “Cause” or “Reaction” to an “Action”. The admonition of the “secular brigade” that the Modi government and the State Police did nothing to control the riots was nothing but a secular hogwash, as evidenced by the killing of more than 250 Hindus by the police action and settlement of over 40,000 Hindus in refugee camps then. Immediately after the riots, Mr.Modi faced assembly elections and won with handsome majority. He had to fight against the onslaught of an unholy combination of Congress & Pseudo-secular parties, anti-national NGOs & Right activists and the ‘secular’ media, and the people of Gujarat gave a fitting verdict in favor of Modi. The mandate given to Modi by the Gujaratis was attributed to the so-called communal ‘Polarization’, by the secular brigade. It was all over five years back and since then, Mr.Modi has been concentrating on the development of the state of Gujarat and has successfully performed and brought the state to the No; 1 position, to the utmost envy of all the other Chief Ministers.

Even though the people of Gujarat including Muslims have forgotten the unfortunate incidents of Godhra carnage and the consequent riots, the secular cowards from the media, NGO and human rights industry have been indulging in non-stop Modi-bashing for the last five years and till now, they are bent upon making Modi lose the forthcoming elections. One such step was the invitation extended to him by the authorities of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. Rajdeep Sardesai, the CEO of CNNIBN Channel was at the dais interviewing Mr.Modi and he tried his level best to corner Modi on the issue of Gujarat riots. He even went to the extent of addressing Modi as “Mass Murderer” attributing the term to another journalist from the secular brigade Vir Sanghvi, who nodded his head in acceptance. Mr.Modi maintained his cool and handled the insulting questions with élan and utilized the opportunity to the hilt. It was most disgraceful on the part of the authorities to have invited a Chief Minister for a function and insult him on the stage.

In this context, it must be mentioned that the journalistic courage of these veteran journalists was found wanting in front of Sonia. Just before Mr.Modi’s interview, Sonia was interviewed by Vir Sangvi, who was crawling at her feet without exhibiting an iota of courage to ask her about Bofors or Volcker Report on Oil for Food scam or for that matter anti-Sikh riots. While Rajdeep Sardesai was serving for NDTV he interviewed Sonia then and during that interview, he was so humble & submissive and behaved as though Sonia was a queen and he was her slave. Later on, when NDTV chose the Italian Sonia as the “Indian” of the Year for 2005, Pronnoy Roy and Barka Dutt took the award to 10 Janpath and literally fell at her feet while giving the award. For all these secular cowards, Sonia is a Goddess despite all her limitations & unworthiness and any BJP leader is an evil man despite all his achievements.

Two weeks after the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, another journalist from the secular brigade Karan Thapar interviewed Mr.Modi and tried his level best to corner him on the sickening issue of Gujarat riots again. This time, as Mr.Modi was on fasting for Navrathri, he could not stand the repeated irritation of Karan and requested him to refer to his earlier speeches on the stale subject and walked out of the interview in a dignified manner. Karan Thapar ended up eating humble pie.

Now, as a continuation of the Secular Brigade’s onslaught on Mr.Modi, the Tehelka-Headlines Today combine have come out with the so-called expose of truths of Gujarat riots. A “sting(k)ing secular stunt” like this was waiting to happen, as the Gujarat elections are fast approaching and Mr.Modi is going great guns with his developmental agendas. It is a known fact that the Tehelka is the journalist arm of the Congress party and that Mr.Tarun Tejpal is a close confidante of Sonia. With regards to the so-called sting operations, the “credibility” of Tehelka is also a known fact, as evidenced by their earlier stage-managed operations. It was astounding to see the Editors of Tehelka claiming that they are not connected with the Congress Party and that they are more concerned only about the so-called human rights violations in Gujarat and justice for the victims. Never in the history of Tehelka, we have seen sting operations conducted on human rights violations against the Hindu victims, or for that matter, to book the culprits & perpetrators belonging to other communities who terrorize and kill innocent people with audacity and at will.

The whole world knows that after the Gujarat riots, which were a spontaneous reaction to the Godhra carnage, there was not even a single incident of Jihadi terrorism. On one side Islamic terrorism goes on unabated through out the country except Gujarat and on the other side the central government is just watching all those incidents helplessly without any credible measure to control it, while the secular brigade is going to town with all sorts of mudslinging against the majority community. In this kind of a scenario, a stupid exposure like this would certainly make the people belonging to the majority community to think that the Gujarat model would be the right thing for stopping Jihadis and show the minority community their place. Gujarat people, irrespective of caste & religious feelings, have started to work towards the development of their state and themselves, leaving behind the unfortunate incidents of carnage & riots. The Chief Minister for his part has ensured a corruption free & efficient administration. The state has been doing well in almost all sectors and attained the Number one position in the country.

As the state is marching towards prosperity and development, any responsible media house would support the people of the state by working for the restoration and prevalence of peace & harmony. Instead, the insensitive pseudo secular media has been affecting the psyche of the people by its repeated onslaught against Modi. The stupid Tehelka, which has been sleeping for five years, has now made the biggest blunder of “managing” a sting operation at the eve of the elections. Had it been really interested in the justice for the victims, it must have submitted the evidential tapes to the Supreme Court or the Nanavathi-Shah commission of enquiry. Instead, it has vitiated the atmosphere through out the country by releasing the tapes to the media openly. This itself shows the evil intention behind the dubious sting operation. The release of the tapes when the Congress President and her ‘General Secretary’ are abroad, and the cautious, guarded and confused reaction by the second rung leaders of the party shows that the timing has been well planned. To tell in the terms of the secular brigade, the already polarized state is now stabilized in favor of Modi by the release of the Tehelka tapes.

The Congress party, which doesn’t have a presence at all in the state of Gujarat and which doesn’t have a credible & dynamic leader to match even 10% of Modi’s stature, had no other alternative except to stage manage a lousy operation like this in the name of investigative journalism, notwithstanding the so-called dissidents within the BJP and Sangh organizations who are attempting to work against Modi. The Congress party had done the most stupid thing for which it is going to repent forever. It is not only a self-inflicted death, but also a self-burial. The Congress party, through Tehelka, has done a great service to Mr.Modi and his job is made much easier now. Tehelka has also done a great disservice to the Muslim community. Had Tehelka not done this misadventure, Congress would have lost only Gujarat. But now, it is going to lose the parliament elections as well!

The Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Karan Thapar’s interview with Modi for CNNIBN, Tehelka-Headlines Today sting(k) operation and the consequent debates in the secular media, establish the fact that the “Secular Brigade” is bent upon ensuring the defeat of Modi in the forthcoming Gujarat Assembly Elections. If the winning of Modi and BJP becomes imminent, then the secular brigade may attempt to debar him from contesting the elections. This nefarious design is clearly visible from the paroxysm being exhibited by the “Secular Cowards”, who do not have a straightforward plan to show a decent fight in the political arena.

The Secular Brigade has certainly ‘Modi’fied Gujarat!

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