God helps only those who help themselves.

published on June 3, 2008

Author wrote the article an year back, HK Would like
to  Re Publish it  on wake of ongoing attacks against Hindu Ashrams
in Kerala . Author strongly feels that the ongoing attacks are result of our
Spiritual Leader’s failure to instill a sense of  unity and pride  among
the devotees towards Sanathana Dharma-HK


By T.C.Govindan

“In India , we have the tremendous faith
that  whenever such a situation arises, when ordinary human wisdom cannot
restore the balance, a divine manifestation appears on the earth, and through
his teachings, society begins to achieve a new  balance , a fresh
understanding of values, dharma rises and adharma declines. It is because of
this that despite problems every now and then, we have been living for the past
5000 years and continue to live complacently, without giving any importance to
the danger facing Hinduism today”.


I also was like them till I read an exposition on the
Bhagavad Gita by Swami Ranganathanandaji .Now I strongly feel that the above
concept is not fully applicable where human effort is lacking. God helps only
those who help themselves.

The strength of any civilization is assessed not only on the basis of the
number of people practising the religion. During my childhood I was given to understand
that Hindustan includes Burma
& the present Pakistan.
In 1947 we lost Pakistan
and then Burma
because of the British & the Muslims. At that time no divine manifestation
appeared on the earth. We are losing our land area inch by inch. North-East India has
been Christianized. Every body knows that without land no religion can survive
on earth. That is why Israel
had asked the British for a piece of land- for the survival of their religion.
One should not forget that the Kurukshetra war in Mahabharat was also for a
piece of land, but it was for a righteous cause and therefore known as ‘dharma
yudh’. Hinduism is facing a new type of threat from all corners particularly
from the unscrupulous politicians of our own country , who want to rule the
country by any means. If things proceed in this manner, I am sure another
partition is inevitable over a period of time on the basis of religion.

Most of the Hindus are unaware or taking a lenient view about the danger facing
Hindus and their culture. Only Dr.Hedgewar and Guruji Golwalkar had the vision
and started RSS to help Hindus and restore the glory of Hinduism. Their service
alone is not enough to reach the vast population in this country. We cannot
reach the people through the media as most of them are anti- Hindu. It is my
experience that whenever I write anything good about Hinduism, RSS or BJP they
do not publish it. All along we were facing external threat. Now the situation
has changed due to the new world order and we have become a nuclear power. Now
the threat to Hinduism is from internal sources.

For that no soldiers or weapons are required. We should enlighten the
Indians, particularly  the Hindus by explaining the dangers  facing
the religion.  I have heard a number of Gita discourses.  But it is
very unfortunate that no one talks about unity and protection of our religion.
Perhaps everybody has the view that some divine manifestation will appear to
save the situation. I am writing this article to impress upon every Hindu that
the time has come to change this lethargic concept.

In this context, the Sanayasis and Mutts have to shoulder responsibility of
protecting Hinduism, whenever the need arises. By preaching or reading
Gita one may achieve purity and moksha, but that is not enough.  I am sure
a few of the Sanyasis may consider my idea preposterous.  I am an
ordinary Hindu who practiced the principles enunciated in the Gita, as much as
possible and got every thing required to lead a happy life and asked the
Almighty what I have to deliver further. So God has guided me to write this
article and spread this message in whatever way it is possible.

The following incidences enlightened me about the threat faced by our

1)      The arrest of Kanchi
Sankaracharya implicating him on criminal charges and the abominable treatment
meted out to him  by Jayalalitha’s Govt.. She tried to take over the
entire administration of the Kanchi Mutt by freezing the bank accounts.

2)      Things would
have been different if it was a Muslim or a Christian religious leader who was
arrested. The Govt. would not have dared to do such a thing!

3)      The recent
Devaswom Board Ordinance by Kerala Govt. to take complete control of the rich
temples. The other day I read in the news paper that Maharashtra
Govt is also going to bring similar ordinance to take control of over 45000
temples. Earlier most of the temples were under Maharajas who were believers of
Hinduism. Now all ruling parties are not believing in Hinduism or worship.( West Bengal, Kerala ,
Tamilnadu,). Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is not a Hindu. Why is the Govt interested to control?  Many small temples are neglected by the

4)      The major
portion of the offerings of the devotees to their beloved Deities is being
utilized for non-Hindu purposes, such as for Muslims and Christians, who are
not only getting ‘foreign’ funds, but are also given special privileges by the
ruling political class with an eye on the vote banks. This is also discriminatory against Hindus.

5)      The Policies of
the Central Govt
giving more and more privileges to Muslims which is the only religion preaching
Jihad in some of their mosques. One has to see the Video clippings taken
by some Video companies, which reveal how the Muslim clerics are preaching

6)      The special
privileges being given by the Govt to only ‘minority’ institutions. Special
funds are allocated for ‘minorities’.

7)      The Sethu
Samudram Project, which is an excuse by atheists and anti-Hindus to destroy the
Bridge believed to  have been constructed by
Lord Rama many centuries back and which has been mentioned in the epic
Ramayana, thereby proving that Ramayana is not a myth but a part of ancient

8)      Encouraging large scale ‘conversions’ through money
power which is dangerous to Hinduism and its culture.

9)      Denigration of
Hindu Deities and icons by some people and failure of the Govt to take action
against these people.

These are the messages the Mutts should convey to Hindus to enlighten them.
Adharma towards Hindus is increasing day by day. Mutts have greater
responsibility because they have the necessary infrastructure to spread the
messages and create a vote bank of their own.  

Some Hindu organizations are
talking about unity among Hindu institutions and have published books. But my
line of thinking is slightly different. In this regard all Mutts and Sanyasis
should try to copy the working style of Christian institutions and communists.
RSS is already doing some work on those lines. That is not enough to cover the
large population. Each Mutt in their respective area should create a feeling
among Hindu population that Mutt is there for their help by doing welfare work,
and then only they will be able to create a vote bank. I am sure in the modern
democracy, without vote bank Hindu institutions will not survive. That is what
happened in the case of Sankaracharya- Hindus were not motivated enough to
stand united. So a time has come to change the style of working of the Hindu
institutions. Hindu institutional heads should write to the Govt and convey
their protest whenever the Govt  policies  are anti-Hindu. The
Sanyasis are duty-bound to protect the Hindus and their religion. They will
then get the full support of their followers to defend the religion.

So again I appeal to all our Hindu religious leaders to impress
upon their devotees the importance of Hindu unity and their duty to
protect the religion from any assault in future.

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