From where Tippu got ‘Lord Ram’ inscribed ring?

published on May 27, 2014

A golden ring which inscribed the name of Lord Ram was sold at an auction in London for  145,000 British Pound. The auctioneers claimed that ring was worn by Tipu Sultan.  This report has caught the attention of secularists and claims this instance as an example of Tipu sultan’s love for Hindus.

No Muslim scholars from India are keeping silence on this as this incident might boomerang on them as they have projected Tippu Sultan as a Hero and role model. According to Islam, wearing gold ornaments is haram to men never the less  a ring inscribed with the name of lord Rama is a blasphemy.

So the question remains from where this ring came into Tippu’s hands?

 Contrary to oft stated versions promoted by vested interests and sponsored by ‘secular’ politicians , who together invented so called composite culture of which likes of Tipu Sultan are like leading stars in a TV series, there is much that remains sanitized in history of Tipu Sultan. However truth being what it is, it will always come out. Just because Tipu happened to fight against British , East India Company, he does not automatically become a freedom fighter. A freedom fighter of India fights for the people of India. But if the same person goes around killing them , massacring them he is no better than British oppressors. That was the case with Tipu Sultan. He was helped by Hindus in his fight against British. Yet he chose to torment, torture and brutally murder Hindus, men, women and children. In Malabar and other areas of Kerala his cruelty knew no bounds. He had Hindu women, brahmins especially, since if priestly class is disposed of it will become easier to convert others, with their child or children tied to them with  noosees around all their necks hanged them in presence of other family members and then they were also disposed of.

This was the man who wore a ring of Kufrs with Rama written on it ? Very unlikely. Most possibly the ring was taken from enormous loot the fellow accumulated from temples and other places, since it was from Tipu Sultan treasury likely his name got attached to it.

India’s wealth was convergence point for both Tipu Sultan and East India Company of British. And wealth in temples is legendary. As well known by now just one temple in Thiruvanatapuram is found to contain in its vaults billions and billions of dollars worth gold,silver and precious jewels adorning artfully made sacred icons of immense value.

In Tipu Sultan times, such wealth of temples in Kerala amounted to trillions. So he looted them accompanied by usual forced conversions and massacres . In turn East India Company of British looted him, killing him in the battle at the same time. The loot meant a bonanza for financiers of East India Company whose shares were going in London Market, one share for tens of thousands of  British pounds which in to day’s dollars would amount to millions. Rothschild was major beneficiary, he became richest or one of richest from that loot taken from Tipu Sultan which in turn came from accumulated precious treasures of our temples, devoutly donated over centuries of dedicated devotees all members of a prosperous society built in place by our Dharma, Sanatana, to day known as Hindu.

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