From Mohammad Ghori to Nawaz Sharif

published on May 23, 2013

Ref: A New Hope in the Neighbourhood by Ms Tavleen Singh

It is premature for Ms. Tavleen Singh and other columnists and reporters to gush about new hope just because PM to be Nawaz Sharif uttered some concilatory words. A TV reporter was agog with excitement saying that Biriyani, cooking, music and such are all shared by Indians and Pakistanis as Sharif told another reporter with a smile on his face, and our problems with Pakistan will be solved.
I am sure if there were reporters and TV cameras they would have similarly broadcast pledges of unending friendship coming from Mohammad Ghori each time he was defeated by Prithvi Raj Chuhan.But we know how that story has ended.
It was same Sharif who said that he will give India, ‘moo thod jawab’- hit on face of India. But before he could do that his own appointee Musharaf did exactly that to him and packed him off to Saudi Arabia.
OK, let us give him benefit of doubt, this time he means it when he extends hand of friendship. But then what good it will do to India ? In Pakistan no civilian authority at any time had any power in such things especially in dealing with India. The army holds and calls the shots as happened during Lahore Bus trip. Musharaff and his army were marching to Kargil just at the very moment glasses were clicking between Vajpayee and Sharif in Lahore.
For our erudite pen pushers it is all past, no such memories should be allowed to spoil the gaiety of new era of amity and amicability exuding out of Pakistan. In unison all political party leaders there were singing they will improve relations with India. Sure, pleasing to hear in contrast to war mongering cries of yesterday – like marching on Delhi to hoist green flag over red fort etc. Even now the surrogates of  Pakistan in India like Indian Mujahuddin are making similar claims and worse, promising hell to Kafirs if they do not convert.
Mr. Sharif’s predecessor,out going PPP leader President Zardari made even more such gestures at the start pointing out as to how every Pakistani is part Indian and so on. Yet under his watch 26/11 took place and the culprits freely move in Pakistan issuing further threats. So what good or value the pious sentiments of likes of Sharif will do. Rather than depend on statements,if actions such as handing over Dawood or Hafez Sayeed take place with Sharif at the helm, then we may have some reasons to celebrate. Until then it is better to remember that price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

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