From minority appeasement to terrorist appeasement

via HK published on June 10, 2006

The safeguarders of secularism in country is awake again from their sleep suddenly, this time they got Vinay Katiar and Sahib Singh to accuse with!

The crime they done is,Expressed  their sincerity to protect the nation from the grip of foriegn terrorists.Immediate response from the government  was to charge FIR and arrest warrant against them, For sympathising with just a handful of Hindus in Kashmir who are left over,For urging them to prepare themselves to protect their kith and kin, For showing the guts to protect our motherland.Are these the charges against them?

None of our secular leaders were worried about, when UP Minority Welfare Minister Haji Yaqoob Qureishi  issued fatwa by declaring a Rs 51-crore reward for anyone who kills the Danish cartoonists accused of lampooning the Prophet.

No one was worried when All–India Sunni Ulema Board issued fatwa against Singing Vande Mataram in schools.Fatwas are issued by Islamic fundamentalists on each and every issue from regulating tuition timings in Kerala to the dress code for Sania Mirza!

If you are from a minority in India you can make as much noise as you can, You can draw nude pictures of Hindu dieties,You can support Pakistan and make anti national statements,You will be invited to the censor board just to confirm whether a movie is hurting your sentiments,You can hoist Pakistani flag in Indian soil on independence day,You can attack Hindu temples as you like,You can massacre innocent Hindus, just for the reason they are HINDUS..

But if someone raises a real concern on the security of the nation, if someone is worried about the life of peaceloving Hindus,if someone is concerned about the impending threat being imposed on a great culture…There you get a chance to lodge an FIR! 

Our Pseudo secularists are slowly slipping away  from their age old policy of Minority Appeasement to Terrorist appeasement!

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