From Midday meals to Monsoon Rains – Secular blame falls on Modi!

published on August 1, 2013

Seculars in India will go to any lengths to preserve their  creed or cult of religion of secularism whose high priests and priestess include very highly placed VViPs of India.
 Just now a JD(U) leader made an astounding discovery that mid day meals in Bihar that claimed lives of  several children had nothing to do with ruling party’s negligence but only because the food was sent by Gujarat !
 And in neighboring UP ruled by another secular stalwart , the CM dismissed a ‘communal’ IAS officer named Durga Shakti. Her offense besides her name of course,  is one of the worst against secularism.

She had an illegally constructed Mosque wall on government property pulled down.
Under India’s practices of secularism, it is right of secular Mosques to occupty any public land. Almost every village, town in India the mosques have such rights. Remember Uma Bharathi who got pulled down from CM post of Madhya Pradesh because she protested against such conversion of public land into a mosque?
So what if an IAS officer meets similar fate ?
 And who is this Durga Shakti to act against such secular practices? And who are all those fellow IAS officers who are protesting her ouster or transfer for such violation of sacred tenets of secularism ? Are they Modi’s supporters ? Home Ministry should have CBI investigate the Modi or Gujarat connection here also .
Earlier news papers reported that Durga Shakti  destroyed a ‘religious’ structure that was built on government property. Usually when secular media  notes an item but does not tell us exactly as to who and what rioters or community they belong to, or which religion’s structure it was , we can take it for granted it was Moslem rioters,and Mosques that were invovled. There are no such qualms or hesitation to report if the structure is a Hindu religious place. Right now demolitions are going on in historic sites of Hampi to pull down temples to widen the road. In Tamil Nadu even 1000 years old temples are being pulled down to construct roads. If it is a mosque road has to go around it and even if it is a Christian cemetery, as it was in Calcutta once, the rail track had to go away for four miles.
 Any way now the news is out what Durga Shakti, IAS  pulled down is a wall of a Mosque illegally built on encroached  government property  . And note, her name is Durga Shakti !

 Can you imagine a more severe secular violation ?
Compared to this sacrilege what if peace loving members of minority get hold of communal BJP activists , one in Maharashtra and two in Tamil Nadu which is rapidly progressing into another Islamic republic like Bangladesh, hack them to pieces just like Pakistan which tortured and beheaded Indian soldiers? Immediately after that incident, India’s foreign minister personally served halal mutton and pulav to visiting Pakistani Prime Minister in finest tradition of secularism.
What happened to BJP or RSS workers pale in comparison with what Ms. Durga Shakti has done. That is why Home ministry does not even bother with CBI investigation into any of killings of BJP or RSS members . Unlike wholesale dismissal of police officers in Gujarat who acted on information given by the same Ministry against LeT terrorists, these killings of BJP or RSS activists do ot merit any such concern per rules of secular governance.
Or for that matter neither do the forged signatures on a letter written to US President by 65 Members of Parliament begging him to continue to  ban visa for Modi. What is astounding in this episode is , as Cyrus Broacha of CNN IBN said,  that there are indeed 65 MPs in India who can read and write !

Otherwise it fits perfectly with practice of secularism in India that is not yet Bharath.
Of course everything that goes wrong besides mid day meals in Bihar or elsewhere is all communal Modi’s fault. Now the Congress is in its right to blame Modi also for the severe Monsoon rains that are affecting Uttar Pradesh. Why ? Because it rained heavily in every place he visited.(Cyrus Broacha)
Even floods in Uttarkhand were Modi’s fault. Because the state anticipated Modi’s spectacular visit and rescue mission, hence it rained heavily there as well, even before he came.
You think this is absurd ? Not any more than puppy analogy pounced upon by secular tribe.

Think again.
Do you know why Jinnah demanded partition? Because as per one version of Pakistani protagonists and its advocates who are all secular of course, Jinnah anticipated destruction of Babri mosque in Dec 1992, hence he demanded partition in August 1947.
Thus Modi even without power in New Delhi is proving to be dangerous. Now if he becomes Prime Minister he may even be catastrophic because he may even shift capital of India. Do you know where is the capital of India now ? It is in Swiss Banks !
Now what if communal Modi wants it shifted back to India ?

What will happen to the health of off shore banks,in fact to European economy itself ? And what will happen if poor in India instead of waiting for crumbs to be thrown at them by highly placed VViPs through doles, were able to feed themselves and cloth themselves, with trillions of dollars brought back and none being stolen from India any more ? Would you be able to recognize India ?
No, of course.
 That is why the concern of seculars to prevent such development. That is why they are resorting to highly scientific, researched measures to blame Modi for every thing under the sun from mid day meals to monsoon rains.
PS : There is another violation of secularism in Mumbai where a vegetarian restaurant named Aditi-all attributes denote communalism, wrote on its bill , ‘it is necessary to eat money (2G,Coalgate, Railgate)  but a luxury to eat in air conditioned cafe’ – against tax on latter. Promptly custodians of secularism, the Congress party workers attacked it. Does the luxurious eating place has connection with Modi also ? Let CBI investigate and tell us.

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