Formation of Telangana-29th State

published on February 20, 2014

Report by Nara Simha, Hyderabad

Today Telangana state formation became a reality through the bill passed in the parliament. A state formation never received so much of emotional appeals and democratic criticism. Congress party MPs showed up for the past two years in parliament as divided over the issue creating hatred between the people belonging to two regions of Andhra and Telangana. The demand for state was there for the past 60years since the formation of the state. There was big political agitation in 1960s in the name of “jai Andhra”and  “Telangana “ resulted in heated protests with violence during 1969-71 period, later to that congress tried to solve the problem with political arrangement using the divison of state for its political interests. The region of Telengana was ruled by Nizams before the independence and the region experienced with religious discrimination, religious crimes over hindus, feudalistic way of ruling resulted in many fights within Telangana region against Nizam overtime .

During partition, Hyderabad Nizam planned to join with Pakistan ,with his deceitful tactics ,the attempts of Nizam was defeated by deterministic Sardar with police action. On 17september 1948,Telangana region joined with the country through police action and making Nizam to bend before the truth.

The Telangana region was ruled by Nizams consisted of regions of present Karnataka and Maharashtra also,later to the decision of linguistic division policy ,Telugu speaking regions of Telangana joined with the Andhra region forming Andhrapradesh in 1956.At the formation of Andhrapradesh itself there were lot of considerations about developmental needs of different regions identified as different but in due course of time there were observed differences and due to practicle administrative difficulties resulted in demand for separate Telangana state.

Due to naxalite movement  and continued double game of political parties in Telangana region,(now most of maoist national  heads belonging to this region)Telangana witnessed troubles to get investment and there is observed backwardness in most of the villages , resulted in boost to the divisive hate politics initiated first by congress, later by TRS.

TRS(Telangana Rashtra samiti party), instead of trying to solve the problem ,enjoyed all political benefits first tied up with Congress in 2004 and later elections in 2009 tie up with the TDP.  2009-14,people of Telangana understood the game of all political parties and started building Telangana movement through joint action comittees, which resulted in all the political parties joining together in demand of Telangana state. Congress government without considering the demand in view of administrative facility as suggested by srikrishna commission, in its selective options, went ahead with its confusing strategy for over three years resulted in hate politics between the regions.

Congress  party enjoying 36 parliament seats from Andhrapradesh with a planned “double game”, as pointed by Smt Sushma Swaraj today, never tried to communicate with their own MPs belonging to two regions and discuss ,instead went ahead in hurry to create the state in view of political benefit  in coming Loksabha elections.

Before the state creation, instead of bringing consensus and awareness to create smaller states due to administrative difficulties of managing 9crores of population, Congress,YSRC ,TRS and TDP went ahead with their hate speeches with double speak at the both the regions and successfully created a divide with no reasons and held up the issue for about past 10years resulted in emotional suicides and reasonless debates between the two regions of the states. Due to divisive stand taken by congress instead of constructive and planned state division with awareness

After Hindi,Telugu is largest spoken language in India. Andhrapradesh was first state to form inlines of linguistic identity. Language can be learnt and its proved that usage of linguistic identity within the country will be used for divisions rather than unity of the country.

The overall formation of Telangana process again reiterated a fact that Indians can not be identified and can be divided in the name of “language “and there is inherent unity to be identified as nation at the same time  they are connected with their geographical and cultural roots.

To have a strong center with decentralized efficient administration India may need more states with honest administration.

We wish and Hope that Telangana,29th state of India will be a place with difference and stand with its uniqueness of kakatiya glory.



The study of history reveals that major portion of the southern India (Dakshina Padham) was extended by Andhra region. Several dynasties ruled over this part of the country.Historically the earliest mention of the Andhras appeared in the Aitareya Brahmana (B.C.800).

It was called Dakshina Padh during those days. Historians felt that Andhras, Pulindas, Sabaras, and many other sects lived in Dakshina Padh.  Megasthenese, who visited the Court of Chandragupta Maurya (B.C.322–297), mentioned that Andhra rajya had 30 fortified towns and an army of 1,00,000 infantry, 2,000 cavalry and 1,000 elephants. Buddhist books reveal that Andhras established their kingdoms on the Godavari belt at that time. Asoka referred in his 13th rock edict that Andhras were his subordinates.

Ancient Period

·        Satavahanas

·        Eastern Chalukyas

Medieval Period

·        Kakatiyas

·        Bahmanis

·        Vijayanagar

·        Qutb Shahis

·        The Mughal Rule

Modern Period

·        Asaf Jahis /Nizams

·        Under the Company and the Crown

·        Freedom Struggle

·        Economic and Social Developments

·        Post-Independence Era ,Struggle for Andhra State ,Police Action in Hyderabad State ,Emergence of Andhra Pradesh ,Political Crisis of 1969 and 1972

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