Fighting Secular Tyranny Against Hindus

published on December 15, 2009

                             Dr Babu Suseelan                              


When Archimedes ran through the streets shouting “Eureka” he was rejoicing in having solved a practical problem by logical reasoning.

Our phony secular leaders in India are running around with the meaningless slogan “All Religions Are the same” thinking they have solved all psycho-social-political problems. They claim that they are skilled in reasoning process. They make not only glaring thinking errors but also are in deep denial about common problems confronting Hindus. This is because they have never examined Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, love Jihad, political corruption, and subversive activates committed by fundamentalist religious groups in name of their God. Secularists and Mayavadis deliberately repeat the slogan “All religions are the same” and “all roads lead to the same destination”. These slogans serve the purpose of misdirecting Hindus. It is a psychological trick to convince Hindus that it is not necessary to think about the pressing problems. It is massive poisonings of the minds of Hindus. The meaningless argument of the secular club really is a part of psychological warfare of misdirecting Hindus and to inject them with mind viruses for making them zombies. Those Hindus who protest their game plan are called ignorant and boorish communalists.

Time after time in the past few years, Jihadi terrorists have poured over our cities of populous areas and bombed, killed and maimed hundreds of Hindus, Jews, Sikhs and Buddhists. Almost at the same time, thousands of Hindus are forcefully and deceptively converted by missionaries.  Corrupt secular politicians collude with the Marxists, Missionary mafia, and Maoist criminals while closed dogmatic forces are wrecking destruction upon defenseless Hindus.


One would expect that in the face of these overwhelming blows on our life, liberty, and culture at the hands of Islamo fascists and Missionary mafia our secular leaders would oppose steadfastly destruction of our sacred culture and country. But this is not the case. We cannot escape the conclusion that bogus secularists are our enemies. We cannot ignore the extraordinary propensity of these phony secularists to join hands with our enemies in an attack on our culture, society and the nation.

Our country had developed a unique cultural tradition with sublime values and transcendental philosophy. Our Hindu system provides the freedom of choice for spiritual pursuits. Vedic wisdom tells that we are the creator of our own destiny, both individually and collectively. Only Hindus and enlightened souls could set the relevant inner force to lift human society to the higher level benefiting all living and non living beings on our plant.


Two fundamental choices are available for human beings to dealing with human problems and for self-actualization: Closed or Open Systems. Each is a way of thinking about living and non-living with inevitable consequences for the planet. Each system is also accompanied by concept of God, psychological theories and implications for living and relationship with living and non living things. The closed reductionist and parochial dogmas define a predetermined goal (Allah, Jesus), establish procedures to reach the goal and punishes those who do not follow the system

Can closed, parochial, deterministic, reductionist, dogmas paraded as religions sprinkled with few ecclesiastical terms without wholeness principles bring peace and harmony in this world? Hinduism is an open system, provides freedom for its adherents for identifying problems and searching for solutions. In closed dogmatic systems (Islam, Christianity, and Marxism) of thinking, outcomes are known in advance (Allah’s paradise, Purgatory, Kingdom of God, Egalitarian society dominated by the Proletariats). In such systems, goals and methods are clearly defined, and steps are stated as “ought” or “should”. Specific acts or behaviors are mentioned in advance and cannot be changed. Closed mechanical religions divide people into dual groups: Believers and non believers (Kafir). These dualistic closed dogmas often use violence, intimidation and threats of punishment to deal with individuals who question or defy clearly predefined sequence.

Open, universal, all inclusive system (Hinduism) rely on the intelligence, motivation and free thinking of individuals to discover appropriate solutions for human problems. Fundamentalist and dogmatists criticize our open system as imprecise, vague, mystical and unscientific. Closed systems (Islam, Christianity, and Marxism) may provide comforting illusions of certain goals.

Hinduism embraces a veritable maze of philosophies, modes of worship, and different disciplines. It contains thousands of divine images and widely divergent approaches to divinity. Hindus have valid ways to serve and worship the ultimate reality-Brahman.

Unfortunately, phony secularists and bogus religious leaders continue to disregard closed dogmas that provide the illusion of certainty. For pseudo secularists; order and conformity with blind faith is synonymous with goodness. Such anti-national, moral relativist secularists dump all religions and subversive political dogmas together without knowing its ramifications. They don’t want to face or explain the contradictions within different religions and the devious methods they deploy for conversion of Hindus.

Closed dogmas are interested in increasing its adherents through conversion through fraud, allurement, threats or deception. Its followers are treated as objects or products to be molded or shaped. They are controlled and indoctrinated, and managed throughout their life. Those who question religious edicts are threatened with punishment or excommunicated.

Our Vedic system has a different view of persons. People are regarded as dynamic rather than static product or process. Problems are identified and solutions are suggested in terms of the persons involved. Success or failure in life is measured in terms of self actualization, values, feelings and spiritual developments.

Failure to understand the difference between our free spirited open systems and closed systems (Islam, Christianity, and Marxism) has caused enormous mischief throughout our recent history. The mischievous secularists and leftist intellectuals who claim “All Religions are the same” have no commitment for freedom and they are producers of dehumanization and social destruction.

The same process of distorted secularism now seems to going on in our education, media, politics and culture. Phony secularist is amoral, moral relativists and asocial. They are not much concerned with Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, subversive activities of Marxists, Love Jihad and Maoist violence. The bleeding heart secularists have no heart, no mind and their refusal to deal with threatening issues confronting our nation is suicidal. The behavior of such liberal secularists is determined by the faulty perception they hold.


For mindless secularists “Jihadis, conversion gang, Maoist deviants and spiritual Hindus are all reaching for the same Goal”. How can one say dualities are reconcilable? A cannot be B and not B at the same time. Islam and Christianity name ultimate reality differently and liberation is possible only through their pre-determined paths. Vedas prescribe different ways (Upaya) for reaching Moksha. Christian and Islamic teaching divide humanity between believers and non-believers (kafirs) and all their teachings are contradictory and confrontational.

Islam and Christianity say they are distinctive and claims to represent truth and represents truth exclusively.

Diversity is fundamental feature of our existence. Can diversity hold true for Christianity and Islam? Do Christianity and Islam present wholeness, diversity? Can we say that Islam and Christianity which seem to contradict each other and with our open thought system are one and reconcilable? The secular arguments are not convincing. There are philosophical objections to such meaningless statements. Something vital is missing from their fallacious logic. They skip the meaning of freedom and the whole relationship between freedom, choice and intelligent desire.  Such meaningless statement signals their cognitive disorder and denial. Surely these are their private decisions. But it has far reaching consequences. It is repugnant to common sense. It is a dubious moral and psychological conclusion. It is an escape from reality. These malicious secularists and bogus Mayavadis are incapable of admitting which is true which is false.

Religion, culture and community ought not to be separated. If Hindus try to live in a world of its own, unrelated to the aspects of society, and political participation, they become anemic and apathetic and passive.


Today, Hindus are faced with acute problems, and Hindus have no political power to influence corrupt secular politicians looting our country, stealing our temple wealth, destroying our culture and diverting Hindu tax money for Hajj subsidy, Mosque construction, Mullah Pension, missionary training, and lavish luxury lifestyle for the elected corrupt secular politicians.  If Hindus had to survive, Hindus must restore that vital relation between our spirituality, culture and politics. Hindus need to develop the skill and audacity for confronting pseudo secularists, develop some worthwhile interests and work hard to promote it. “What is the best of all things that are praised?”: “SKILL”. (The Mahabharata)

Hindus should not elect secular politicians unwilling to challenge coercive religious conversion, jihadi terrorism, cultural pollution and corruption.  Hindus and religious organizations must break their thick wall of denial and fight vigorously against bogus secular politicians seeking to serve their own self interests by serving our enemies. Mayavadis who preach Ekam Sad Viprah Bahudha Vadanti” should be confronted with reality. Their weakness begins to unravel when one asks “why don’t you go to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Syria or Kashmir to preach your philosophy? Their diatribes are nothing but expressions of their subjective preferences. There are ultimately no objective criteria for them. Their indifference, denial and cognitive disorder will make our Hindu society degenerate into anarchy. Hindus should not support those preaches of nihilism and illusion trying to achieve success by ignoring threatening problems.

Bleeding heart secularists and Mayavadis claim that their rhetoric is innately superior because they are speaking “all religions are the same”. These people are actors without feelings, emotions without tears for Hindus. It is a trick of their secular craft. Hindus should never accept such perverted pronouncement distanced from history, real experience and circumstances. Issues affecting Hindus do not arouse much passion for them. They want to play with Hindus tolerance, and wholeheartedness. The result of such narcissistic version of reality is that the expressive powers of Hindus are reduced. These secular moral relativists cannot evaluate reality, because reality matters to them when in some way promises to satisfy their personal needs and the needs of our enemies.

Our society is full of moral cowards, and secular politicians paralyzed by the loss of moral standards and goals. Hindus must take the initiative to assume the responsibility of asserting rational Hindu values. No matter how hard the struggle, Hindus must act. If not now, when?

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