Exposing Anti Hindu Historian A Ramasamy

via VEDAPRAKASH published on June 16, 2008

The Irresponsible A. Ramasamy repeats the TNHC nonsense in Madurai

In my earlier postings, I pointed out how the Karu-supporting historians and burecrats have indulged in anti-Ram tirade


. Reckless Ramasamy purposely came to


to malign Rama just to please his political master, the anti-Hindu Karunanidhi, as he did on





auditorium during TNHC inauguration. Incidentally, the DMK-women-wing Conference also sang the same song[2] on the same day at Caddalore! It is not known what these DMK women know about Sethusamuthram project and all. Do all women consciously oppose Rama or approve what Karu has talked about Rama?

“What is the confusion in implementation of Sethusamuthram?”

: Tamilnadu Industry and Commerce Association organized a seminar on on the topic, “What is the confusion in implementation of Sethusamuthram?” on 14th evening at




). Note how the dates coincide!

S. Rathnavel, the President in his address pointed out the prevalence of coinfusion at different levels. He requested that the project should be implemented without harming the religion and the government.

M. Subramaniam, retired Lt. Indian Navy opined that there was no harm for the environment due to this project and it was good for national security. Exports and imports increase; four major ports would come up; through Panama and Suez canals, only one ship would go, but here, two-way shipping is possible; the expense of sending cargo through air is Rs. 5/MT; by rail Rs. 0.89/-MT; by road Rs. 2/MT but by ship, it would be Rs.0.13/-/MT.

Ramasamy talks on Ramar-palam

: Ramaswmy talked that the total length of Ramasr-palam is 29.5 KM and of which only 10 kms is on Indian territorial waters and the rest 19.5 kms with

Sri Lanka

. Some want this should be declared as National monument, how it is possible, he asked (his full speech was not reported).

Objecting to this, Somasundaram, VHP district leader, Azhagarsamy, Hindu Munnani district secretary and 20 others rushed towards the stage raising slogans.  Kumaravelu, the Assistant Police Commissioner prevented and persuaded them to be calm. The meeting was disturbed for ten minutes and then it resumed.

Later Asokan, the President of Ramar-palam Protection Committee and Murali lodged a complaint with the Teppakulam Police station that Hindu religion, leaders were disparaged by the speaker. The Police have been investigating.


What he spoke on 14-12-2007

: After the release of souvenir, in his speech, Dr. A. Ramasamy, Vice-chairman of Taminadu State Council for Higher Education, straight away came to the controversial topic on Sethusamuthram repeating the questions of Karunanidi, whether Rama existed, and so on.

One booklet, “Adam Palam” written by A. Ramasamy, Vice-chairman of Taminadu State Council for Higher Education, was sold at the door of the hall displaying on a table next to Orient Longman Publishers. Evidently, it has been a propagandist stuff sold here for Rs.10/- for historians! It is not known when Veeramani-gang could give (25 + 35 + 40 +10 = ) Rs.100/- worth of books free, how it is sold?

Ramasamy and Silk Smitha

: During in TNHC speech, Ramasamy recalled about a dissertation, “The Impact of Silk Smitha on Tamil Movies“, he came across[3], when he was registrar of



. The love for actresses for Tamilnadu historians and politicians has not been new[4]. He delved at length about “Ph.D”s and doctorates. But again see, today’s paper, a person gives “Doctorates” just for money. At that time, he questioned whether such research was required. But, he himself has been indulged in more nonsense topics. His so-called researched book “Adam-Palam” exposes his duplicity.

Karunanidhi and TNHC on Naming Sethu-samthiram project

: The shameless TNHC passed a resolution that the project should be named after “Va.Uv.Ci” / VOC on 16-12-2007. But, karu has now come down to plead and compose a poem on his birth day, let lit be named “Sethuram” and see that it is implemented. Will TNHC withdraw its resolution passed against the objections of the members? Would they adopt a resolution to that effect respecting their Boss-Karu? All the spineless historians should respond to this, if at all they have any guts. Let them propose a resolution at



before K. Viramani, as the next conference is going to be held!

What is in the name?

In today’s news[5], it has been reported that the judges, Ajit Pasayat and P. P. Navlokar, who heard the petition of an accused, who had been involved in a rape case, were annoyed by knowing the name of the accused as – Nehru alias Jawahar! They immediatedly asked him, “How can you have the name like Nehru, being involved with the charges of rape? Court should take some action in this regard. It cannot be accepted that the names of national leaders could be disrespected / insulted like this“. How then, the names of Ram could be disrespected, that too, by a CM of this nation? Why the same judges do not have any sense, as they are living only in this country and not outside or in


like Hussian, Qutrochi or Dawood Ibrahim[6]. Though it is not to denigrate Jawaharlal Nehru, it has to be mentioned that he himself was not above board in treating or moving with women[7]. Ironically, in the context, not only the EV Ramasamy, even this “Ramasamy” has been anti-Ram! What is in name?

“Dasavatharam” and the Judges

: Ironically or otherwise, the same judges Ajit Pasayat and P. P. Navlokar, who heard the petition of Govinda Ramanuja Dasa, declined to interfere with the Madras High Court judgment, as the petitioner had not seen the movie! Sarcastically, they said[8]: “……..if there are objectionable scenes, it is open to the petitioner to take appropriate action………” So here, the Swamiji has to see the movie and take appropriate action! That is, he has to exhaust the legal remedy then! Suppose, if anybody gives complaint against brandy, whiskey, etc., he should drink and complain. In


, books have been banned without reading! What the judges were doing? It is not known what logic is there in such reaction of Judges. It is well known that in


, millions of people have been having the names of Gods and Goddesses and they have been committing nonsense. Why Judges did not have such sense?




Vedaprakash, TNHC indulged in the “Ramar-Sethu” controversy openly in the Business Session! and Tamilnadu History Congress goes DK way! Historians get tutoring from an atheist!!


, Hinducicivilization.yahoogroup etc.


DMK women’s meet calls for Sethu project implementation, women urged to join hands to make this happen

; The Hindu, June 15, 2008, p.6.


Dinamalar, December 12, 2007 with photo, Ramasamy standing between Ramachandran and Viswamnathan! Note the names: What is in the name?


Vedaprakash, Tamilnadu Historians, Politicians and Actresses!, posting dated 04-02-2008.


Dinamalar, Chennai edition, June 15, 2008.


All the three have been enjoying life there against Indian court orders of arrest etc.


M. O. Mathai, Reminiscences of the Nehru Age, Vkas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, 1978.


J. Venkatesan, Court rejects plea against screening of `Dasavatharam’, The Hindu dated June 13, 2008, front page report.

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