Efforts to tarnish Hindu institutions

via http://expressbuzz.com/opinion/op-ed/efforts-to-tarnish-hindu-institutions/195755.html published on August 6, 2010

Jitendra Kumar

India, a secular country where there is no shortage of pseudosecularists, Hindus and Hindu Organisations are generally presumed guilty unless they prove their innocence. Intentionally created recent sensationalism of Hindu terrorism amounts to witch hunting.

It seems that these efforts are intended to tarnish the image of the RSS and maybe to justify Islamic terrorism. Due to its mission of organising Hindus in a national sense and not a religious sense, (RSS always defined Hindus as those who consider India as their motherland), the entities, interested in appeasing so-called minorities (RSS never supported the concept of minorities as it considers all Indians equal) have been trying to “finish off” the RSS.

These efforts started soon after India attained independence.In 1948, the murder of Mahatma Gandhi provided such elements an excuse to malign RSS and without proving this allegation in any legal forum, rendered the judgment and banned RSS. As the allegations were never proved before any judiciary authority, the ban had to be lifted. Again, after the Babri structure’s destruction, there were efforts to blame RSS for the demolition. However, to date, no court has found RSS guilty. After every Hindu-Muslim riot, efforts are made to blame RSS and Sangh Parivar organisations for the riot, and again, no one has been able to prove any such allegation in any court.

Blinded pseudosecularists have been trying hard to persecute Narendra Modi for Gujarat riots using every possible means. None of these peace loving folks have ever bothered to speak about a large number of riots in the non-BJP ruled states in which thousands of Hindus and Muslims have been killed. They keep mum about the killings of thousands of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 and over 15,000 Hindus in Kashmir and displacement of over 200,000 Hindus from Kashmir. India is the only country in the world, where its own people are forced to become refugees. What about Bhopal gas exposure which caused more than 15,000 deaths, mostly of Muslims, Dalits and poor?

Since the Congress party, as a dominant part of the UPA, came to power, there have been constant efforts to target Hindu institutions. First, Shankracharya was arrested and then allegations were made against Bapu Asa Ram. Again, no court has found them guilty. Instead of effectively handling the terrorism by Islamic fundamentalists, Maoists and Naxalites, who strike at will, there are vigorous efforts to find Hindu terrorism and involve RSS with the alleged Hindu terrorism.

So far, no concrete proof has been found and I doubt the government will be able to convict anyone for the alleged Hindu terrorism. However, neither I nor the RSS is opposed to punishing anyone found guilty as terrorism is absolutely wrong for any reason or cause.

There have been a few stories in the news media about Indresh Kumar of RSS being an ISI agent. I also heard of sinister efforts in process to target even the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in order to damage RSS. Again, no case or formal allegation has been filed against Kumar. The news media has ignored the published allegations of CIA’s payment to Indira Gandhi and KGB’s payments to Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. The media is also silent about the payments by Russia and China to Communists and linkage between dozens of politicians and Dawood. No one asked for finding three CIA moles in the PMO mentioned by Jaswant Singh.Instead of controlling and averting on- going terrorist attacks by Islamic fundamentalists, Maoists, and Naxalites, CBI is devoting its valuable resources to vigorously pursue baseless accusations against Hindu terrorism and RSS. CBI has become subservient to the interests of Congress and Sonia. CBI allowed Quattrorochi to slip away with billions of dollars: gave a clean chit to Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar; and threatens Mayawati, Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav with an inquiry in order to force them to support UPA government. There have been recorded incidents of about 5,000 encounters, 800 in UP and 400 in Maharashtra.

Then, what is special about the Soharabuddin encounter? CBI has been ordered to get Modi by any means. Sooner or later he would be arrested and/or may be forced to step down pending some “cooked up” charges. Amit Shah is being framed as a stepping stone. I hope the Congress Party follows this script so that it sets a ground for its loss in the next election which would provide an opportunity to the next government to straighten out the CBI bosses who are merely carrying out “orders”.

In spite of his hatred, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru never doubted the RSS’ nationalist credentials. During his discussions with Chinese on the border dispute, he stated that he could not make any concessions mainly due to the opposition by RSS and Jan Sangh.

After the Chinese war, he invited RSS to participate in the January 26 parade. In fact, when it comes to the interest of Hindus and India, most look towards RSS. Let us not needlessly harm a nationalist and dedicated organisation. Finally it should be pointed out that a political party, media and the CBI have no constitutional right to find anyone guilty. Only a duly appointed judicial body can pronounce a judgment. A long standing convention, that everyone is presumed innocent unless proved guilty, should also be applied to Hindus and Hindu organisations.

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