Dravidianism surrenders to Hinduism,Theism wins over Atheism

via HARAN.B.R published on January 22, 2007

His Holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s visit to the Gopalapuram residence of Chief Minister Karunanidhi was a real surprise to the DMK party men and a shocking astonishment to the devotees of Baba. During his stay of 45 minutes there, he had blessed Dayanidhi Maran with a ‘Ring’ from thin air and when the PWD minister Durai Murugan also requested for his blessings he conceded by giving another ‘Ring’ for Durai Murugan. Then, when the CM’s wife Mrs. Dayalu Ammal had sought the same for her husband, he had denied by saying that he has given his ‘heart’ itself for her husband. His Holiness had also enquired about the famous (infamous?!) ‘Yellow shawl’ worn by Karunanidhi for which, the CM had replied that he wears it for the remeberence of Buddha. The entire family of the Dravidian Head paid obeisance to Baba by falling at his feet watched by the CM. In the TV shots, Karunanidhi was also seen shaking & caressing the hand of Baba with a broad smile on his face. The Chief Minister also presented Baba the English version of his book “Kuraloviyam” on Thiruvalluvar’s Thirukkural. Then after the departure of Baba, Karunanidhi had said that they have discussed neither politics nor spiritualism.


A public meeting was organized for facilitating & thanking His Holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba for funding & executing the 200 crore ‘channel’ project for bringing ‘Telugu Ganga’ water from Kandaleru in AP to Poondi in TN. Apart from the Chief Minister, Governor & other Ministers of Tamil Nadu, the Home Minister Shivraj Patil, Maharashtra CM Vilas Rah Deshmukh, Maharashtra Governor S.M.Krishna, Railway Minister Lalu Prasad, HR & CE Minister Karunakar Reddy from AP, among others have also participated. In the meeting, Karunanidhi requested Baba for funding & completion of the extension of the canal from ‘Poondi’ reservoir to ‘Red Hills’ reservoir. He had also requested Baba to take up the project of cleaning the uncleanable ‘Cooum’ river of Chennai City. It is important to note that, the once beautiful Cooum river was damaged & spoilt with filth & dirt only during the 40 years of Dravidian rule. The CM had also requested Baba to take up another drinking water project for Dharmapuri & North Arcot districts. Sri.Sai Baba had also granted the CM’s requests for funding & completing the above-said ‘water projects’ for the state.

During his speech, when the CM compared himself with Baba by saying that both of them are like ‘Cauvery’ & ‘Coleroon’ rivers in serving the society, one could not help remembering his age old statement that, he & Dravidar Kazhagam President K.Veeramani are like ‘two barrels’ of the same gun called Atheism, or rather, Dravidianism. While the services rendered by Baba are well known, one wonders what services Mr. Karunanidhi has done to the society apart from insulting the intelligence of the Tamils by throwing ‘freebies’. Another amusing point is that the CM had accepted the existence of GOD through his speech, by saying that the Baba’s motto “Serving mankind is like serving God” has impressed him and that, he equates Baba to God for the innumerable services Baba is rendering for the society. This statement of Karunanidhi has come close on the heels of his statement that EVR was a Hindu, a few days back.

 Moreover, the DMK party men were shell shocked at the entire Dravidian Head’s family paying obeisance to Baba, exposing the hypocrisy of CM Karunanidhi. Veeramani must be fuming at his residence silently and EVR must have turned in his grave. In a nutshell, the last two days’ episodes have proved that “Dravidianism had surrendered to Hinduism” and “Theism has won over atheism”.


The visit of Baba to CM’s residence might have been a surprise to the party men & devotees, but the way things happened, shows that it was preplanned. Some questions also remain unanswered; what exactly has made Baba to act in such an unprecedented manner? What is the need for AP Minister Karunakara Reddy to request Baba to take up a ‘drinking water’ project in Thirumala-Thirupathi, in a public meeting in Tamil Nadu? What is the need for the presence of Chief Minister & Governor of Maharashtra when they are in no way connected with the Telugu Ganga project? Why should Lalu Prasad attend this function or was it a coincidence? One hopes that the answers would come in due course of time.

What ever said and done, His Holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s visit to Gopalapuram, the place of Hindu hatred, has hurt & pained millions of his devotees, because even during the days of Kings & Emperors, Religious Gurus have never visited them and it is always the other way round. I strongly feel that His Holiness should have avoided this.

With Pranams to His Holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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