Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s Historic Speech at NY on Freedom of Speech

published on June 30, 2008

Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s Historic Speech at NY on Freedom of Speech rally on Jun 22nd, 2008.

He challenged INOC and Sonia to come to US Courts and prove the contents of the Ad are malicious.

‘It is not a case of that Mr.
Kataria fighting,  it is case of your freedom of speech, it is the case
in the future you can live in this country far away from India, 
without fear of long arm of Indian Government coming and  standing in
the way (of your freedom of speech)”.       

– Dr. Subramanian Swamy

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VIDEO SNIPPETS of Dr. Swami’s Talk

On burden of Proof on Sonia to prove NY Times Ad is false



Sonia’s lies about birthplace



Sonias lies on education at Cambridge




Sonia as Au-Pair at UK



Sonia Family payments from KGB & 2 billion dollar Swiss account


Sonia and Smuggling of Indian Antiques



Sonia’s Citizenship




Sonia Assault on Hinduism



On Rahul Gandhi (lies on harvard education, citizenship etc)



Dr. Kukar (organizer of rally) on Freedom of Speec                        





Freedom of Speech Rally against 100 Million dollar defamation lawsuit by Indian National Overseas Congress

New York

(June 22, 2008)—
Indian National Overseas Congress has filed a 100 million dollar
defamation lawsuit against Narain Kataria, Arish Sahani and others for
taking out a full page advertisement on Oct 6, 2007 in New York times
questioning the selection of Sonia Gandhi to represent India at UN
International Non-Violence day on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.   In
response to this event, several local community leaders organized a
Freedom of Speech rally on Sunday, June 22nd at Flushing, NY
Hindu Temple from 10:30 to 1PM.  Dr. Subramanian Swamy flew from India
to address the rally.  The rally was attended by more than 200 people. 
The rally is marked by speeches by local attorney Karamvir Dahiya,  Dr.
Kukar who is key organizer of the event and Dr. Subramanian Swamy.  
There were informative displays about Freedom of Speech and about law
regarding defamation in United States outside the lecture hall. 

Attorney Mr. Dahiya
gave a passionate speech about the frivolousness of the lawsuit and its
improprieties.   He urged the defendants Narain Kataria,  Arish Sahani
and others to fight to the end.  Dr. Kukar gave an impassionate speech
about Freedom of Speech.  He called the lawsuit the most despicable
assault on Freedom of speech and said, “this lawsuit, believe me, is
not against just Arish Sahani or Narain Kataria, this lawsuit is meant
against all of us, you, me and the freedom of speech”.   In his speech
Dr. Kukar said Freedom of Speech is nothing new to India.  He gave
example of King Rama, where when a commoner made aspersions on Sita, 
King Rama did not suppress the Freedom of speech.  He quoted
extensively from sayings of Socrates, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,
Voltaire.  He lamented that Freedom of Speech is continuously being
assaulted and gave examples of fatwa on Salman Rusdie,  murder of
Danish filmmaker Theo Van Gogh,  harassment and expulsion of Taslima
Nasreen.  He compared the use of lawsuits to suppress freedom of speech
to that Russian Josef Stalin’s KGB Chief, who said, “give me the man, I
will find the crime”.   He gave examples of Freedom of Speech in United
States such as, the statements by media and masses on President Bush,
questioning of faith & patriotism of Obama,  violation of laws by
Rosa Parks during Civil Rights and said none of these invited
lawsuits.  He said  members of INOC who are living in such a free
country shamelessly chose to suppress Freedom of Speech through
meaningless lawsuits.  He questioned why such lawsuits were not
contemplated when Imam of Jama Masjid made fiery anti-national speeches
during Kargil war in India.  He was saddened that the Freedom of Press
index in India ranks 140.  He warned those who are perpetrating this
are stirring a hornet’s nest and the truth will prevail, in spite of
their efforts.

Dr. Subramaniam
Swamy, with his keen intellect and vast experience with lawsuits gave
his insights into what the lawsuit is about and his analysis about the
statements made in the NY Times advertisement which INOC is suing for
defamation.   His foremost word of caution was if this lawsuit is not
effectively countered, it is simply a matter of time before anyone who
opposed the current situation in India would be silenced with such

Dr. Swamy said every
word in the NY Times Ad is true and he has done extensive work on this
issue and said it had been on his Janata party website (www.janataparty.org/sonia.html)
for several years.  However, he is not being sued because he uses
courts as a public forum for what he has been saying.   But Narain
Kataria, Arish Sahani are sued precisely to create enough hassles
because it requires to hire lawyers, go to courts and bear financial
burden, so that in the future no one dares to venture to talk about
these in public. He applauded Overseas Indians for their efforts to
redress the political situation in India and gave example of how
Overseas Indians played significant role in removal of Emergency by
Mrs. Indira Gandhi which she herself acknowledged to him. 

Dr. Swamy said that
the choice of Narain Kataria and Arish Sahani as primary target of
lawsuit  is because of their efforts over many years to bring unity
among Hindus through Hindu Sangathan Day.  He said that Hindu unity
causes lot of discomfort for many such as the Christian fundamentalists
who openly declared that they will convert 100 million Hindus few years
ago in Dallas and the radical Islamists who drove away 500,000 Hindus
in Kashmir and butchering them in Bangladesh.   However, he reiterated
that Hinduism is not a religion, but a civilization which both Muslims
and Christians in India can also acknowledge because all Indians share
the same ancestry. 

Dr. Swamy then went
over the reasons for which lawsuit does not stand a chance in American
courts.  He described the landmark judgment in 1964, NY Times Vs
Sullivan, Commissioner of Police of Alabama during civil rights
movement,  where in Supreme Court established the concept of burden of
proof of ‘actual malice’ on the plaintiff, when public figures sue for
defamation.  Proving ‘actual malice’ means that the plaintiff need to
satisfy three criteria.  1) The statements made are false 2) The
defendants knew it is false 3) That defendants went ahead and published
with reckless disregard for truth.  This concept has been the bar since
1964 for defamation lawsuits in United States that ushered an era of
freedom of speech to media against public figures.   He said it is
beyond doubt ‘Sonia Gandhi’ is public figure and that INOC will fail on
every criteria of ‘actual malice’.   Not a single case of defamation by
public figure succeeded since that time.   The reasons Supreme Court
established this is because the suppression of truth by public figures
could have chilling effect on public debate in a democracy.   That is
precisely what INOC is trying to avoid, to avoid public debate on the
wrong doings of Sonia and Congress Party of India.

Dr. Swamy then moved
on to establishing the well known and widely published truths about
every statement in New York Times Ad.  He himself went to court with
many of the items published and got injunctions from Indian courts.  
He questioned why should not Indians have a right to know the
activities and antecedents of those who rule over them.  

Sonia Real Name is Antonia Maino
He explained how Sonia Gandhi real name is Antonio Maino and Sonia is
name given by her father after he returned from Russia after being
jailed there for his service in Hitler’s army.  He mentioned that
Sonia’s father was released in 4 years by Russians, compared to 14
years given to every German soldier because he could have capitulated
to join KGB. 

Sonia faking her birth place:
records show Sonia giving her birth place as Orbassano but her birth
certificate says Luciano, a border town to Switzerland which is resort
town of German Soldiers.   He questioned how can Sonia claim her father
to be the person who was in Soviet Jail during her birth. These
details, he says raises questions about her birth and her claims in
public records.   While these may not sound important details, these he
says are legitimate in cross examinations.

Sonia faking her degree:
In a sworn affidavit, Sonia mentioned that she studied English in
Cambridge University, when in reality she has not even attended high
school.  Dr.Swamy wrote to University of Cambridge and they verified
that there was no such student.  After he raised this issue, Sonia
dropped this from her later affidavits.

Sonia as Au-Pair
He questioned if someone is not studying in University of Cambridge and
lived for five years in England (a different country), how would one
support oneself?  He said, he has done investigation and it is shocking
what he found out.  However, he did not elaborate.  Should these
questions be not asked? These questions are asked during a marriage,
for employment and should we not ask when someone is ruling against

Sonia Citizenship
He said Sonia became Indian citizen after living there for 18 years. 
However, she doesn’t appear to have  renounced her Italian
Citizenship.  The copy of the application is available on his website. 
Indian citizenship laws require an applicant renounce earlier
citizenship to become a citizen.  In response to the question of
renouncement of earlier citizenship, she responded, ‘Not Applicable’. 
Upon refusal by citizenship officials, she then produced a certificate
from Italian Embassy that she told them that she renounced the Italian
Citizenship.  He said Indira Gandhi forced the Government officials to
accept that letter.  However, he says any Government without her
sycophants can easily cancel her citizenship.

Sonia Connections with KGB
Dr. Swamy detailed the Russian President Yeltsin appointment of a
commission to unearth the KGB records and one of the members of the
commission, Yevgenia Albats, wrote in her book, ‘State Within State’,
that Rajiv Gandhi and her family are regular recipients of funds from
KGB through a fictitious company.  He ran into Yevgenia at Harvard and
questioned her about this.  Based on publicly available records he went
to Delhi High Court which issued notice to CBI.  However, the Govt of
India refused to file the required FIR to get the original documents
from Russia and proceed in the court.

Sonia – Heir of two billion dollars in Swiss Account
He says, Sonia’s husband Rajiv had two billion dollars in 1991.  This
data along with the list of all  corrupt leaders worldwide who has
large swiss accounts, was published by Government of Switzerland under
pressure from US when it wanted to get details of Philippines dictator
Ferdinand Marcos.  All this money, all the money of Indira Gandhi and
most of Sanjay Gandhi, he says went to Sonia.  He mentioned, death is
very profitable to Sonia Gandhi.   The data on 2 billion dollars along
with Rajiv Gandhi photo was published in Switzer Illustrete magazine in

Sonia – Antiques Smuggling
Dr. Swamy says how Sonia sister Anushka owns two shops in Italy, one
called Ethnica and another Ganapathi, in the home town of Sonia’s
mother.  The photographs of these are produced and are available at his
website.  How did they get there, he asked?  He says that it is through
the help of LTTE.  He also mentioned Sonia close family friend
Quattochi who was involved in famous Bofors scandal, used to sell
weapons to LTTE.  He says the antiques are smuggled out of India and
her sister Anushka shops are front shops and the antiques are sold at
well known London art shops such as Sotheby and Christies.  This racket
he documented and convinced courts to issue notice to CBI.  However,
the Government of India dragged its feet on its investigations.

Rahul Gandhi Citizenship

Dr. Swamy questioned whether Rahul Gandhi is citizen of India?  In
Italian law, if mother is Italian Citizen at the time of birth, then
her children will also be Italian citizens.  And law in India clearly
says you cannot be Indian Citizen unless you renounce Italian
Citizenship.  When Rahul was born, Sonia was Italian Citizen and Rahul
Gandhi never renounced his citizenship.  In fact, he says he uses an
Italian passport under name Raul Vinci. 

Rahul Gandhi arrest by FBI
Dr. Swamy says Rahul Gandhi was arrested at Boston airport on Sept 27,
2001 with 160,000 dollars in cash.  He was traveling with his Colombian
girlfriend,  Veronique Cartelli.  Cartelli name,  he says belongs to
drug mafia.  FBI held him for 9 hours and refused to let him go.  It is
only after Indian government intervened and Condelezza Rice was
informed that it will affect Indo-US relations was he allowed to go
after being told that he should appear anytime in US courts whenever
called for.  Dr. Swamy attempted to get FBI records and was told that
it requires Rahul’s permission.  He wrote to Rahul to provide the
permission to prove there is no such thing happened, but he has never
gotten any response.  (Note:  This was reported in Indian media in

In the end, Dr.
Swamy alerted the audience that since Sonia came to power, there is
degradation of Hinduism and Hindu Values.  From Jayendra Saraswati who
was put in jail like a common criminal on a Diwali day and to the
destruction of Rama Sethu, he mentioned there is systematic undermining
of anything that is Hinduism under her rule.    He said Hindus always
fought and it is far from truth that Hindus capitulated to Islamic and
European conquests.  The proof, he says, in spite of 800 years of
Islamic rule and 200 years of European rule, India is still 83% Hindu. 
 He asked audience to compare this with Iran (in 15 years) and Iraq and
Saudi Arabia that fell in short times to Islamic invaders and the
Europe continent that was converted to Christianity in less than a

Dr. Swamy’s final
words are Kataria and others will easily win this case.  INOC has no
locus standi.  Then there is actual malice.  He challenged to prove
it.  He sincerely wished that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi are
scrutinized in American courts but felt that US courts may think it is
waste of their time.  He urged the audience to support the defendants
and fight back, so that no such cases will ever be filed in future to
trample on freedom of speech.

To a clapping
audience, he said, ‘It is not a case of that Mr. Kataria fighting  and
you are standing by him because you know him,  this is a case of all of
us,  it is case of your freedom of speech, it is the case in the future
you can live in this country far away from India,  without fear of long
arm of Indian Government coming and  standing in the way (of your
freedom of speech)”.

Additional details are found at http://janamejayan.wordpress.com/

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