Dr. Manmohan Singh as bali ka bakra

via Smt. Radha Rajan published on November 18, 2010

I find it totally immoral that the entire media and a section of the non-thinking BJP is baying for Dr. Singh’s blood. That the Supreme Court started the hunt says more about the state of our courts today than anything else. The following for all of you to chew like pan.
1. Lady Macbeth  handpicks heads of important government agencies, institutions. She controls them. This I have said repeatedly.
2. Lady Macbeth hanpicked Dr. Singh in the fond hope he will keep the chair warm for baba or another of her more pliant stooges to take over towards the fag end of this term so that she will have a brain-dead congress ready to be manipulated at the time of the next elections.
3. Like all well laid plans of mice and men, this came unstuck when Dr. Singh was being seen more and more assertive and visible in public life with Mrs. Singh standing like a rock by his side.
4. the world saw the grace, self-confidence and assertion with which Mrs. Singh greeted the american president and made conversation with him on the tarmac. Lady Macbeth’s absence was palpable.
5. Lady macbeth got the same time with the american president that Sushma Swaraj got and this must have stuck in her throat.
6. Baba was not visible and just as invisible was the rashtrapati bhavan this time. Strange!! Even the dinner was hosted by the PM and not 10 janpath or the rashtrapati bhavan.
7. There was a growing perception among the politically savvy that maybe just maybe Dr. Singh and other stalwarts within the party were doing a collective Narasimha Rao with the lady. And that was why Pranab Mukherjee very uncharacteristically for him was made to utter the shiboleth – RSS terrorists. That was just to emphasise she was still pulling the strings; the home minister had already done his jig when he said he used the phrase saffron terrorism for a purpose and nthe purpose had been served. Of course we know it. The purpose was to pass the shiboleth recitation contest.
8. So now the Supreme Court, giving evrything else the go-by has latched on to Dr. Manmohan Singh and has made the first move to apply tilak and turmeric on him. It is for thr BJP to fulfill Lady Macbeth’s secret desire and make him the bakra.
9. Dr. Subramaniam Swamy mercifully has seen which way the script is heading and has said he does not want Dr. Singh to resign and that he is a good man.
10. The BJP must wake up and realize that it is not Dr. Singh who has to go, it is Sonia and her Congress.
11. Raja could not have done what he did without the support of a larger DMK. the DMK could not have done this without the Congress knwoing and endorsing this.
12. And Dr. Manmohan Singh is not Congress. After Indira, it is Sonia who is the Congress. She needs to go before she becomes India. She is already Srirama and Buddha and gandhi. that’s  enough coronation without placing this timeless civilization on her head.

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