Dogmatic Theology :Enemy of all Freedoms

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on December 28, 2011

Several Islamists and Converted Christians have often tried to piece together the baffling shapes of their dogmatic theology to form a picture that satisfies Hindus who follow open ended-pluralistic and systemic Vedas and Upanishads, the oldest literature on God on earth. The followers of closed, rigid, fundamentalist theology have been shove the pieces until spaces between them are as possible. in doing such deceptive technique they often force the dangerous dogmatic theology on innocent Hindus.
Peace loving, freedom promoting innocent Hindus are to face the greatest danger ever to confront them from converted people who adhere to closed theology. The menace of such closed theology is no simple. It is a forthright threat to our life, liberty, culture and unity of the nation. May be Hindus do not know the seriousness of coercive religious conversion and the threat to our moral values and eternal Vedic Dharma.
Closed dogmas and fundamentalist theology are for world domination, destruction of other culture, life style and pluralistic thought system. Closed theology’s global strategy is clearly evident in their plans. Closed theology relentlessly uses pseudo secularists, agent provocateurs, socially disgruntled people, and political agents for deceptive political domination.
Every free person, every Hindu who follow Vedic Dharma must  read the truth about closed dogmatic theology of Islam and Christianity and then ask himself-herself, “Is that I want for myself , or my family, or for my country?”.
No one has to guess about the parochial beliefs, the aims or the purpose of closed dogmatic theology. And no one has to be fooled by claims of the high ideals of the dogmatic -fundamentalists Islamists and Christians.
Closed dogmas use every tricks to deceive gullible Hindus. “Islam is Peace”, “Jesus saves”, such bumper stickers are used to deceive Hindus  and take advantage of  target country. The basic bait is used for flattery. In fact they create social conflict, student riot,infiltration, sabotage, subversion and psychological warfare in seeking domination.
It is of particular importance for Hindus to know about the hidden motives of dogmatic theologies. We should not tolerate intolerant dogmas in the name of tolerance. Such dogmas flourishes best in an environment where people are passive, naive and personal responsibility and self-discipline have been undermined by pseudo secularism, immorality, lack of proper education, and corruption. Do Hindus have to voluntarily surrender to such dogmas and loss all freedoms?

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