Do or Die Election for AP Hindus

published on March 19, 2009




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Andhra Pradesh Voters! Wake Up


The coming
elections to Parliament and Andhra Pradesh State Assembly are the most crucial
for the country and for Hindus. It is DO-OR-DIE election for Hindus. Think
very, very, very carefully before you cast your vote. Ponder over the issues
and the risks. If you make a wrong choice you, your children, grand-children
and all the future generations will be doomed forever. If you vote for
anti-Hindu, pseudo-secular parties, you can be assured that there will be no
Hinduism left for the next election.


Ponder over
these points:


  • The Christian government of Andhra
    Pradesh is making all efforts to destroy Hinduism and convert it to
    Christian Pradesh.


  • The govt. issued a G.O. limiting
    Lord Venkateswara to TWO HILLS, making way to build Churches all over
    Tirumala Hills. This is the gravest conspiracy to destroy Hindus. With
    great difficulty the govt. rescinded the G.O. But, if Congress comes back
    to power it will reissue the G.O. and nobody can stop them. Do you want our
    holiest Tirumala be desecrated by Christians?


  • Christians and undesirable persons
    are appointed to TTD Board. The sanctity of Tirupati is totally destroyed.


  • His Holiness Sri Sankaracharya of
    Kanchi was arrested on Diwali day when he was doing Puja in Andhra Pradesh
    and imprisoned in a most humiliating way. It was done by the collusion of
    anti-Hindu governments at the Center, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Can
    they do it to even low-level religious leaders of Muslim and Christian


  • The A.P. govt. appointed Christians
    as Vice Chancellors for Sri Venkateswara and PadmavatiMahilaUniversities. These
    Universities were built and funded by Hindu devotees. The name of PadmavatiMahilaUniversity
    was changed to Women’s University by the anti-Hindu V.C.


  • The Christian V.C. of PadmavatiMahilaUniversity,
    Mrs. Veena Noble Das, is openly converting the students to Christianity.
    She has been harassing the students who do not convert. Some girls
    committed suicide refusing to convert. No enquiry and no action on the


  • Most of the top positions in
    government are filled by Christians. Hindus are totally marginalized.


  • Go to any village in Andhra
    Pradesh. You find whole villages being converted to Christianity. The
    situation is really alarming. If this govt. comes to power again, the
    conversion activity will be accelerated and there will be no Hindus left
    for next election. Look at Kashmir and NortheasternStates
    to understand what happens to Hindus if they become a minority in any


  • The Chief Minister’s close
    relatives (brother, brother-in-law, son etc.) are actively involved in
    conversion activities.


  • The entire govt. machinery is being
    used for Conversions (temples, hospitals, jails, universities, schools,
    orphanages etc. etc.).by deceit, fraud, and bribe.


  • Christian conversion is the gravest
    danger that our State and our Country is facing. Yet, no political part,
    except BJP, is talking about conversions.


  • The ‘Secular” govt. is building
    churches right in the Secretariat premises.


  • The govt. granted free lands for
    Christian hospitals and educational institutions.



  • The “Secular” govt. is giving money
    to Muslims and Christians for going to Haj and Bethlehem. No such help for Hindus to go
    to Tirupati or Srisailam or any other holy place.


  • Many non-Hindus are appointed in Hindu
    temples. Can any Hindu be appointed in mosques and churches?


  • Conversion activities are going on
    right inside the famous temples and no action taken. Can any Hindu go
    inside any mosque or church and try to convert them?


  • Hindu temples have been systematically
    destroyed by the government. Temple
    lands are grabbed by politicians. Temple
    lands were freely distributed by the Collectors of East Godavari and West Godavari districts in spite of High Court
    orders. HinduTemple lands are
    donated to Christians to build churches. Hindu temple funds are used to
    fund Haj pilgrimage for Muslims and for conversion activities of


  • The govt. tried to take over even
    the BalajiChilikuruTemple.
    The govt. does not want to spare even the Maths and Ashrams.


  • “Secular” parties like Telugu Desam
    Party and Praja Rajyam Party are vying with each other to appease Muslims
    and Christians. Chandra Babu Naidu and Chiranjeevi attended Christian
    conventions and assured them to protect Christian properties. They have no
    time to attend the Dharma Parishad held in Tirupati to protect Hindu


  • No “Secular” party talks of Hindu
    issues or safeguarding Hindu interests.


  • The A.P. Govt. introduced English
    medium in all schools from elementary level, thus paving the way for destruction
    of Telugu Language and Telugu Culture. This is done in collusion with
    Christian Missionaries to destroy local cultures. Telugu is listed as one
    of the ‘dying’ languages. Where is Telugu Pride?


  • As Hindus we should be ashamed and
    think seriously why every political party is ignoring us (80%) and going
    after minority vote (20%). Can’t we unite forgetting all our differences
    and make them listen to our voice?


If you want to
protect your Religion and Culture, think carefully and vote for the Parties who
respect Hindus and Hinduism.


What you can


Form as solid
Hindu Vote Bank

. Forget
caste differences
. Question all parties and all candidates what they will
do to protect Hinduism.


Take a written
solemn pledge from each candidate that he/she will support to:


  • Fight terrorism and protect all
  • Ban conversions at the National
    level and in all States from Hinduism to Christianity and Islam.
  • Repeal Endowment Act and handover
    Hindu Temples to Hindus.


If any
candidate refuses to sign this pledge DO NOT VOTE for that candidate.


Your survival
is in your hands!  Protect SANATANA DHARMA!



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