Disband Congress, said Gandhi. Act on the guidance.

via S. Kalyanaraman published on October 2, 2008

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on October 2nd 2008

It is time to critique the state of the polity in India after 60 years of Swarajyam. The focus is naturally on the Congress Party which has dominated the political scene and has been the prime instrument in creating an environment of criminalized polity in the country.

It is indeed apt and timely that this article is published on Oct. 2, 2008 which is the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who once said after August 15th 1947 that Congress Party should disband itself. He had wisely recognized that the party needed to have its sunset after achieving its goal and new political fronts needed to be opened with new political parties, as the issues before the country had changed drastically after the British were expelled. Sixty years have passed by since his assassination and the Congress Party has not disbanded itself voluntarily. Now the time has come to insist that the Congress Party disband itself voluntarily or be banned by the Supreme Court of India in the pristine interests of the nation.

Our forefathers gave us the treasure of dharma and our elders won for us Swarajyam from a colonial regime after a saga of millions of sacrifices rendered in the service of liberation of Bharata Rashtram, the Bharatiya Nation. Today, the hard-won independence stands threatened by the most shameful institution called the Congress Party with a record of acts of treason, acts against the interests of the nation. The National Congress Party as it was called at its inception is anything but national and has demonstrated a track-record of anti-national spirit and other dismal acts for six decades.  A call for disbanding or banning the Congress is therefore demonstrably justified. The following is a charge sheet to call for its ban.

Congress Party stands accused of its post-independence leaders committing indelible treason on the body politic of the nation.

We are the children of Bharata Maata and our generation should not fail the future generations. This means that we should hand over to our children, the burning deepam of dharma which our elders have given us as a legacy.

It is our duty to speak and speak satyam. Our duty is to speak and not be an accomplice in the crime of politicking by the Congress party or any other party for that matter ignoring national interests.

A fair investigation into the recent votes-for-cash scandal often referred to as

money tantra

 demonstrated by the leadership of the Congress Party leads to the conclusion that it is the most shameful blot on patriotic spirit enshrined in this nation, Bharatavarsha, for many generations starting with the days of the janapada-s of circa the sixth century before common era. The most appropriate consequence for the murderers of democracy and for their disloyalty to the country and its national interests should be the banning of the Congress Party which has orchestrated this money tantra and indulged in a series of cover-ups.

A fair investigation will establish that the motive of the Congress leaders was clearly to stay in power to get the Indo-US nuclear deal executed in utter contempt of the Parliament, despite repeated assurances given to the Parliament by the “Honorable Substitute PM” that Parliament approval would be obtained before any deal is struck.  There is overwhelming evidence of currencies flaunted and exchanged, Members of Parliament black-mailed and every form of intrigue making a mockery of the constitutional anti-defection provisions and laws. This violation of constitution of India by debasing every known tenet of Parliamentary procedure and decorum cannot be pardoned. Congress Party stands accused of engaging in this murder of parliamentary democracy in the State and hence it is time to demand that the Congress party be banned for egregious violation of the trust of the people that elected the Congress leaders to their office.

Sovereignty of the nation has been undermined without due deliberation within the portals of Parliament and through public debates across the nation. It may be asked, on what authority can a Prime Minister sign a deal with another sovereign nation without honouring his own promises and without taking the Parliament into confidence and getting due approval from the Parliament? It is apposite to mention here that there is indeed a constitutional provision that Jawaharlal Nehru implemented in the late 40’s by assigning the Ministry of Foreign affairs a supraparliamentary status under the Prime Minister’s sole control and taking it out of the Parliamentary oversight.  Under these provisions Prime Minister of India will not be required to consult the Indian Parliament for any treaties with any foreign government.  This loophole has been present for sixty years. We must recognize that Indian democracy is immature and people have not taken an active role in curbing the power of the Prime Minister’s office because of their adulation and adoration of the Nehru dynasty. Despite legal loopholes, morality and raja dharma dictate that the Prime Minister of Bharat should be governed by ethical principles of taking the nation into confidence through the parliamentary/democratic institutions in place, however defective the evolving norms of parliamentary decorum and behavior may be.  Manmohan Singh has failed in his duty to the nation.  The end justifies the means, and the Indo-US Nuclear deal which is not explicit for most citizens might indeed turn out to be beneficial for the Nation and his immorality will then be condoned, nay, it may very well be condoned by many in the hopes that his conduct was in the ultimate interest of this country.  Even so, the fact remains that his actions as they stand now show breech of public trust in his not revealing the essential details of the deal to the citizenry and the parliament of India.

What a shame it is that a blot has been left on the sacred feet of Bharata Maata by the abominable deeds of the Congress Party which constitute  moral crimes committed against the nation.

The Congress Party stands accused, having committed acts against the supreme interests of the nation and in utter disregard of the primordial need for probity and propriety in public life, fiduciary responsibility of the highest standards, and living by the global ethic of the land under dharma.  These acts can be delineated as follows:

The Congress Party stands accused of engineering riots in the country during 1984 ‘pogrom’ against Sikhs and for its participation in the terrible miscarriage of justice.

Congress leader Mohammed Hussein Kolata stands accused for planning the attack on Sabarmati Express.

Indian newspapers had reported that Congress party was involved in instigating riots in the post-Godhra riots and prevented students from attending exams.  This allegation needs further investigation.  Nevertheless, Congress party has been charged with this misdeed and many such misdeeds in the past which have been hushed up without due inquiry and resolution of the charges.  Such attitude makes the Congress Party “above the law” which is undemocratic.

Although hundreds of Hindus were killed in the post-Godhra riots, Congress has white-washed this fact and so its official stand to re-victimize the victims by siding with the perpetrators needs to be investigated and the Party needs to be charged for its role in not rendering justice to the Hindu victims, deliberately distorting the truth.

When the subject of modernization of the army was raised with Nehru, even in the remote past, it is commonly accepted that he responded by saying that, if need be, the army should be prepared to fight with ‘lathies.’ There was a pathological dislike of the Indian military in the Congress Party which came to power at the centre on attaining independence. Herein rests the answer to the military’s down-gradation in so systematic and persistent a manner soon after independence! The Bureaucracy exploited this bias of the congress to the hilt and added to it the fear of the possibility of a military take over as had occurred in some of the neighbhoring countries. It also managed to restructure the higher defense set-up to the nation’s overall strategic disadvantage. Congress resolution of 1942 stated, “The present Indian Army is an off-shoot of the British Army and has been maintained to mainly hold India in subjugation. It has been completely segregated from the general population.” These were the very years in which the British used police and not the army to ruthlessly crush the ‘Quit India movement’ and that Lala Lajpat Rai fell to police ‘lathies’ and not an army bullet.  Yet the Congress heaped this ignominy on the Indian military. In actuality, however, it is the mutinies in the patriotic Army and Navy which threw a clear signal to the British that it was time to leave. This was indeed the major factor in the British decision to leave India.  So it is highly malicious for anyone to term the loyal Indian Armed forces, our own protectors, as an “army of occupation.” The Congress leaders left the armed forces ill-equipped to wage a war in response to the aggression by China in 1962 with soldiers lacking warm socks and shoes as well as clothing necessary to survive in the cold territory in the height of winter. They were more interested in manufacturing coffee percolators in the military ordinance factories than weapons and tanks or military vehicles or furnishing adequate protective clothing for the jawans.
Indian army has been in, ‘no war-no peace,’ state since independence. Wars apart, army has lost 569 officers and over 9000 Junior Commissioned Officers, other ranks and jawans in counter insurgency operation during the last ten years. While there is little value for human life in India, the value of soldier’s life counts for nothing in this country. Therefore, one wonders whose army is it anyway, and who will soldier for India! The Indian government, in the first 50 years of Independence, has deployed the Indian army to quell riots, maintain order, etc., 10 times more than the British did in their last 50 years of their rule in India. So much for the poor governance we have had all these years. The 6th Central Pay Commission was the last straw that broke the back of the Armed Forces, and the normally stoic and stiff upper lip has given way to the unprecedented sight of the ‘Veterans’ taking to the streets. Congress Party is to be blamed for this plight of the Jawans, military officers, and veterans.

Repeated occurrences of terror attacks have been ignored or brushed away by Congress leaders’ statements of political make-believe stories with little sign of any more than a rhetorical windbag resolve to “fight to the finish a war on Islamist Jihadi terror.” There is no sight of any offensive leave alone a war against the Jihadi terrorists.  There is no outrage in the ruling party except a Pollyannaish attitude placating the minority from among whom all the terrorists have originated.  Visiting the victims of terrorist attacks in the hospital by barricading relatives from seeing their loved ones to facilitate access to the politicians for their publicity in the media is the modus operandi of the UPA leaders. Beyond going through the motions of demonstrating sympathy for a few victims purely for media attention, there has been no firm action against the terrorists except for the lip service. Not a single terrorist is apprehended, convicted or punished in the last four years by the present administration of the UPA government.  Congress Party stands accused of not enacting a “Patriots Act”, of soft-pedaling on terror suspects, and even failing to punish terrorists found guilty of terrorist acts by the highest court of the land.  Congress Party has even refused to act on the verdict and penalty handed down by the Supreme Court of India.  Dhimmitude of the Congress party is demoralizing the entire country and preparing it to accept attacks after attacks with false sense of maturity or equanimity which only reflects basic cowardice or stupidity, becoming the laughing stock of the world politicians.  Besides, this country entrusted to the Congress Party and its UPA allies is viewed by the terrorists as a soft target leading to their expansion of cells all over India with ISI and other foreign support.  That is not the kind of “non-violence” Mahatma Gandhi preached.

A Prime Minister of the Indian State, the late Honorable Rajiv Gandhi, was murdered by terrorists. The Congress Party chief, Sonia, recommended a remission in the sentence of death penalty disrespecting judicial process and she continues to keep contacts through her daughter with a convict in Vellore prison. Congress Party stands accused of treating the assassination of a Prime Minister Honorable Rajiv Gandhi as a family affair and by interfering with the judiciary and law enforcement by weakening all their efforts to bring all the culprits to book by seeking extradition of the conspirators involved in the foulest murder of the century against the head of state.

It is a nightmare that all semblance of Constitutional proprieties have been thrown to the wind by affording extraordinary state protection to some selected privileged individuals and reducing the Office of the Prime Minister who is the head of the state to a mere apolitical bureaucratic status.

The sovereignty and integrity of the nation has been imperiled by the misdeeds of the Congress Party which stands accused.  In its degraded status Congress Party has removed itself from the heart of every Bharatiya. Banning such a Party by the political will of all Bharatiyas will be an endorsement of their heart-felt desire to rid the state of a political evil.

The duty of a Prime Minister of a nation is to govern. When repeated failures occur in governance resulting in the loss of thousands of innocent lives for no reason across the nation, the Party to which such a PM belongs does not deserve to be recognized as a political institution worthy of respect and should be banned. Remember the late Lal Bahadur Shastri (first Prime Minister that was not part of Nehru dynasty) resigned when there was a preventable train accident that killed several citizens when he was the Railway Minister.  No such remorse has been expressed by the Home Minister of the UPA administration Honrable Mr. Shivraj Patil. when so many Indians have died at the hands of the Jihadi terrorists.  We have surely descended to lower levels of morality and public accountability than shown by leaders like the late Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Honorable Manmohan Singh who publicly and sheepishly claimed that he was only a substitute for Ms. Sonia Gandhi and hence rightly called the “Honorable Substitute PM”, is a threat to the security of the nation by publicly lamenting for the mother of a Jihadi terrorist and not shedding tears for the Kashmiri Brahmins or the victims of terrorist attacks on the Parliament. Such wrongheaded unpatriotic acts of the head of the nation do not inspire confidence that he will safeguard the security of the nation. His tenure has resulted in unprecedented levels of demoralization in the armed forces that have defended the nation with their lives and who should have been honored with a Martyr’s Memorial true to the dharma of heralding Jai Jawan.  Highest level of representation needed to have been offered by the UPA government to pay homage to the late Joint Chief of Staff, General Manekshaw.

Chairman of the Indian National Congress and UPA is an Italian and from what was recently revealed was a dual citizen and has continuing allegiance to the Belgian government by joining the Order of Leopold.  This is unheard of in any proud nation wherein the chief of the ruling party has publicly declared allegiance to a foreign power howsoever strong or weak.

The present pathetic state of the Party and impoverishment of the nation is evidenced by the Party’s incompetence in governance with a standard operating procedure on the part of the Prime Minister of taking almost all major decisions only in consultation with the politicos in 10 Janpath (residence of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi in Delhi). This is a gross devaluation of the august office of the Prime Minister of Bharat.

A party which has by its shameful policies and inaction allowed thousands of farmers to commit suicide does not deserve the trust of the people of the state. At least for the sake of these dharmaatma-s, UPA and the Indian National Congress need to be banned.

A polity of UPA and the Indian National Congress has left behind criminalized politics, using money power as the only instrument of state policy, making corrupt deals with local and national communal (caste-tribe based or minority religion based leadership) leaders with divide and rule politics carving out deals with fragments of society to create vote banks just to continue in office. Caste and creed are cleverly exploited by the Congress Party to maintain its grip on the vote-banks. As the wheels of justice grind very slowly in India with the blessings and indifference of the Congress Party, even the institutions which are expected to use intelligence in the interests of the nation have been subordinated to party interests and not serve the Government or the Nation first.  It is a shame indeed that a party which was in the forefront of the swarajyam movement has been reduced to such a scoundrel status, miscreant in molding public opinion through corrupt and bought media support and even attempting to manipulate the fourth estate.

In the light of justice and dharma, it is a crime to have exploited patriotism of bharatiya-s who have consistently shown exemplary patience and


for over sixty years after swarajyam. This patience now has worn thin. Enough! The time has come to ban the Congress Party which is a pale imitation of and a far cry from those Congress leaders who fought for swarajyam.  Intolerance of injustice is a virtue and not a sin.

Heading a band calling themselves ‘secular’, the vote-bank motivated Party has debased our primordial duty and responsibility to protect dharma.  Secular cabinet ministers have asked for lifting of a ban on an anti-national terrorist organization, encouraged grant of Indian citizenship to millions of illegal most potentially “Desha-drohi” Bangladeshi infiltrators. A communal head count was ordered in the army by the UPA government to start caste-tribe-creed-religion based divide and rule politics even within the armed forces, muted were the celebrations of Bharat Vijay Diwas, 16th December, and Kargil Vijay Diwas , and Pokharan test anniversary. All these devaluations of high ideals of the Armed forces and defense matters are not mere straws in the wind but indicative of a mind-set denigrating nationalist sentiments even within the Indian army.  The logo and motto, “satyameva jayate,” too has been systematically erased from the Government and Judiciary stationery and letterheads.  Such amoral attitude is only possible for the Congress party leaders who considered local Hindu community and its traditions as an embarrassment for them.  More than that these aforesaid actions are bound to demoralize and fragment the strong armed forces of India endangering National Security.  Such actions can only be characterized as treason at worst, and stupidity at best.

The Congress Party led UPA government has achieved the dubious distinction of getting snubbed by the Courts of Law a maximum number of times for its misuse of power and abuse of Constitutional provisions in its ugly political games against the states ruled by opposition parties and for the relief of its political and family friends.

It has allowed the ChristianChurches and Missonaries to abuse the Constitutional provisions to indulge in illegal evangelisation and forced and coercive conversions to an alarming extent in the last four and a half years leading to communal unrest at the cost of peace & harmony.

Dharma which we passionately cherish shall triumph. Dharma protects those who protect dharma.

In the name of dharma, it is time for Congress to “go”. Congress Party stands accused of practicing a-dharma and readers of this appeal will unanimously call for a ban on this Party, total and unequivocal.

The crimes committed by the Congress Party have resulted in increasing the vigilance of all bharatiyas who care only for the well-being of India  and its present and future generations.  The betrayal by the Congress Party will make all Bharatiyas watch its games under a microscopic scrutiny. We bear no grudge against those whom we accuse here. We only seek the exposition of truth, justice and dharma. Every Indian citizen has a tremendous yet as yet unrecognized power and a chance to bring about a change in the Centre. This is a cry of our atman. Let the broad daylight of the effulgent sun restore the nation to its rightful place in the comity of nations.

We wait with profound respect, offer prayers at the sacred feet of Bharatamata with tears in our eyes for the future glory of every child of our nation, to uphold dharma, defined as that which upholds order and beauty in everything in the cosmos, and truth and sincerity in our collective consciousness.  All who love and worship Bharatamata have a duty to demand that the Indian Congress Party be disbanded and be banned from this sacred land (Punyabhoomi).

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