Devious Deal; Dubious Drama; Double Standards

via B.R.HARAN. published on August 12, 2007

The people are witnessing the UPA government’s much hyped achievement of entering into a Nuclear Deal with the US as a ‘cinema-climax’ for the last few days. All right thinking citizens would agree to have a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with the US of A and at the same time, would not accept a “sell out” of our sovereignty and security.


With regards to the Indo-US Nuclear Deal, right from the beginning, the UPA government has not been transparent and it has also not taken the opposition parties and the parliament in to confidence. The government has been very secretive in its approaches and handling of negotiations. When the BJP, Left front and a major group of Scientists raised their objections vociferously and demanded a threadbare discussion inside and outside the parliament, the government reluctantly agreed and the Prime Minister met the team of Scientists and made a speech in the parliament after a prolonged debate in July 2006. The Left Front openly said that it was satisfied with the assurances given by the Prime minister then.


Later on many rounds of negotiations have been conducted and many experts and columnists analyzed the ‘pros & cons’ of the deal in the media. Finally the Prime Minister sent his officials, National Security Advisor M.K.Narayanan, Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon and Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission Dr. Anil Kakodkar to the US for the last round of negotiations and finalized the “1 2 3 Agreement”.


The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpai along with a few BJP leaders and the Left leaders separately to brief them about the finalization of the deal and agreed to present them with the complete text of the 1 2 3 Agreement. Consequent to the finalization of the deal, the statements released by the Indian establishment and the US establishment was contradictory in many aspects, underlining the fact that, the text of the agreement was a formation of jugglery of words obviously intended to satisfy the opponents of the deal here in India. Then as per the instructions of the PM, the NSA Mr.M.K.Narayanan and the Chairman of AEC Dr. Anil Kakodkar met the BJP leaders and the Left leaders separately with the text of the 1 2 3 Agreement and explained them the details of it.


On Saturday the 4th of August, the BJP came out with a statement rejecting the deal. The party believed that the agreement is an assault on our nuclear sovereignty and national security and our foreign policy options. The BJP said that it was unable to accept the agreement as finalized and demanded for the setting up of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to come out with its recommendations on the deal after discussing and analyzing the nitty-gritty of the 1 2 3 agreement. It also felt that appropriate Constitutional amendments be made to ensure that all agreements that affect the Country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security are ratified by the Parliament. The same day, the Left front said that it would like to consult the scientists & strategic experts before coming to an opinion on the agreement.


On Wednesday the 8th of August the Left front organized a press conference and declared that it rejects the Indo-US Nuclear Deal. Prakash Karat said that the provisions of the Hyde Act could be used to terminate the 1 2 3 Agreement. A.B.Baradan said that the assurances on the nuclear fuel cycle given by the PM might be violated by the terms of the Hyde act. Forward Block leader D.Devarajan asked the government to withdraw the agreement and said that the government may prefer a stand off with the Left front, in case if it doesn’t want to withdraw the agreement. The Left front had also planned to launch massive agitations against the military cooperation and the nuclear deal all along the east coast from Kolkatta and Chennai to culminate in Vhizag simultaneously.


After the press conference of the Left front, the Prime minister talked to Prakash Karat, A.B.Baradan and D.Raja over telephone and informed them that it would not be possible for him to renegotiate the deal.


The same day (8th August) UPA Chairperson Sonia hosted a Dinner for the UPA-Left members of Parliament.


The third front UNPA also rejected the 1 2 3 Agreement and made it clear that it would oppose the deal in parliament and demanded a discussion under Rule 184, which entails voting. The UNPA leader Jayalalitha felt that the government is submitting itself to America’s Lordship and demanded for a Committee comprising MPs, Scientists and patriotic citizens to examine the nuclear deal.


The BJP also demanded a discussion under Rule 184 in the parliament. Both the NDA and the UNPA have given notices for discussion under Rule 184.


On Thursday the 9th of August the PMO said that the Prime Minister had spoken to the Left leaders conveying his inability to renegotiate and that he would make a statement in the parliament on Monday the 13th of August. Till the evening of 10th, there was no talk about the ‘threat’ of resignation from the PM and even the Left leaders denied that as rumor.


The Left leaders made it clear as usual, that, they are not willing to identify with the BJP and their opposition & protests would be separate. They said that they would protest vehemently both inside and outside the parliament and would not demand a discussion under Rule 184, but instead would go directly to the people. Mr.Jyothi Basu said that the front would abstain from voting in the event of a discussion under Rule 184. The Prime Minister for his part ‘showed’ adamancy and said that the government would go ahead with the operationalising of the 1 2 3 Agreement.


Later on, the media reports started coming on the ‘supposed’ threat given by the PM to the Left front over his telephone talks with them on the 8th of August, and it is reported that he had even asked them to withdraw their support if they are not able to work with the government.


It is most unlikely that the Speaker Somnath Chatterjee (who belongs to the Left front) would allow a discussion under Rule 184, which entails voting, for both the Congress and the Communists might not create a favourable climate for the “communal” BJP.


Our History has many evidences for the ‘dubious dramas’ of the Congress Party and the ‘double standards’ of the Communists Parties and both are well known for their hypocrisy and foul plays and it looks as though the history is being repeated. But one thing is for sure.


The people, in the event of a general election, would reject both the UPA and the Left, either in 2007 or in 2009.



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