Delhi Blasts: Unmask pseudo-secularists

published on November 9, 2005

[Kumar Malappuram received his training in journalism in Mumbai and has published numerous articles and poems in both national and international print media & journals]


Ever since the UPA administration assumed power, India’s national as well as International security has been compromised no end. The bomb blasts on the eve of Diwali in the nation’s capital bears ample testimony the contention that the authorities at the helm have no clue whatsoever when it comes to protecting Hindus from the ravages of across-the-border Jihadis who with the active connivance of the ISI seem bent on destroying the  very  existence of the Indian state. The tepid and lame response of our PM and the Communists betrays a palpable indifference and gross negligence to the welfare of the Hindus.


Conspicuous by her absence was Arundhati Roy, the so called champion of human rights,

who did not even let out a peep nay a whimper seemed to be emanating from her communist acolytes in protest. I guess they were too busy fighting for the  rights of aborgines in Australia or  rallying for the mullahs in Teheran.


The Diwali blasts once again demonstrates the uselessness of conducting peace talks with Pakistan – a nation which has become a terrorist factory protected by the Americans.

Recent reports from the sources on ground in Kashmir indicate Musharaff has co-opted the American military to conduct clandestine surveillance across the line of control under the guise of offering earthquake relief. A recent picture in the NY times shows Col. Eickenberry of the US Army observing the Line of Control along with the top brass of the Pakistan military.

Musharaff always wanted third party intervention in Kashmir and now the golden opportunity has presented itself in the form of  an earthquake.


Terrorist infiltration has actually increased ever since our spineless mandarins  in the Congress

under the misguided leadership of Natwar Singh and Manmohan Singh have softened our borders with Pakistan  sending  India’s military mixed signals. Islamic Jihadis will cross over effortlessly and target many of our National treasures and places of worship, while Natwar Singh and his coterie with the stealth prodding of Madam and the anti-national Communists offer peace overtures to Pakistan.


India must call off the talks until Pakistan implements full cessation of  infiltration. LOC must be sealed off not softened to appease the minorities back in India. India’s security must be paramount before any olive branch is extended. PM Manmohan Singh must stop doing the bidding of the Communists  and act boldly to protect the human rights of Hindus and not go around the country extolling India’s pseudo-secularism which translates into Hindu baiting and minority appeasement.  No society can hold itself together and progress if the rulers antagonize the Majority on a regular basis.


The Jihadis and other fundamentalists belonging to other minority communities has all the protection under India’s constitution to openly taunt the Hindus and get away with it.

Hindus asserting in a public forum always invite condemnation and charges of communalism from the Communists and Congress. Jihadi terrorism and other acts engaged by these extremists forces to tear asunder the  fabric of Indian nationhood must be forcefully checked head on by the Hindus of all persuasion. The likes of Natwar Singh and the current crop of  fossilized Communists entrusted with charting India’s  destiny must be consigned to the dustbin of history to save the nation from further ruin.


HIndus have to bestir themselves and act in unison, for it is all too apparent that  the Communists and some foreign-funded NGOs have formed a nexus to besmirch the Hindus and  emasculate the Indian cultural identity from its citizens. Secularism which constantly denigrates the majority has not worked in any successful society as it is all too obvious in the US and UK. Co-existence

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