Defining the Enemy

via Amitabh Tripathi published on July 16, 2006

After more than 24 hours of Mumbai blasts Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh addressed the nation to assure that ultimately India will win this war on terror, a phrase more popular in power circles of United States than India. President of US used this phrase first time when world trade centre in New York was attacked by Islamic terrorists killing thousands of people the biggest attack on any country in peace time. After this infamous 911 incident President Bush took this attack as a war against US by its enemies. Months after this attack America launched a full fledged war against regime of Taliban in Afghanistan to flush them out. But war not ended there and President of America later requested to people of his country to get ready for a long war   against radical   Islam. Now after 5 years of WTC attack finally US has identified its enemy as radical Islam, but during his address what Indian prime minister had in mind would be interesting to decipher.


   Prime minister first time recognized country is at war, it mean he also have identified enemy, because no war can be won without identifying enemy. Prime minister also said this is not first time when our enemies have tried to undermine our peace and security. It suggests enemy has been identified as some external force. It looks very generic assessment and not much different from repeated slogans of his previous Congress regimes of Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi who blamed CIA or ISI for every misdeeds of our country. Now time has come to identify real enemy who live within us and is hand in glove to radical Islam.


  It is very difficult to believe on the words of Prime minister other than an desperate attempt of state head to show his authority which is dwindling rapidly. Mumbai blasts exposed the lack of coordination between Government agencies and different ministries as well. Just after blasts when Police commissioner of Mumbai informed press persons of seven blasts in local commuters in Mumbai,Home minister was confidently telling about four blasts. What could be more irresponsible other than this from part of a minister who is in charge of national security?   But surprisingly they did not learn from this blunder and very next day again different information’s came out from Home minister and home secretary.


    On the second day of blast on the one hand home secretary was denying any specific lead in investigation so far Home minister announced in press conference investigative agencies have specific information and in the evening they will come out with those information to share with nation but nothing happened like that. This fuss and chaos was sufficient to prove the inefficiency of leadership of Home minister who believe in his image of gentle man even in grave and emergency situations also.


    Lack of coordination among different Government agencies was failure of governance but lack of collective voice in cabinet was another disaster. After almost three hours of Prime ministers address to nation his Home minister for state Shri Praksah   Jaiswal in an interview with a TV channel did not mince word in contradicting his own Prime minister. In response to a question he was not ready to term it as war on terror. He said he don’t consider it a war this is not a war field; we are not going to launch any AAR PAR KI LADAI against anyone. He was not satisfied with this cool response he went ahead and justified these attacks with theory of atrocity on Muslims.   He indirectly mentioned demolition of Babri structure and Gujrat riots as justification for these Islamic terrorist attacks. He said ” our government is a sensitive government who want to take care of sentiments of every section of society. In last few years few political parties and organisations did not care for the sentiments of some sections of society and due to that they paved the way of production of terrorists in our country”. During his interview he almost threatened Hindus that if they want to live in peace in this country they should respect the sentiments of other section of society also.


    It was dismaying but not surprising to hear these words from a minister of Congress background but it was rather shocking to witness how politics and governance has been mingled that a responsible minister of cabinet was unable to distinguish   his political ideology with his National duty. He was making mockery of his own prime minister who three hours back boasted to the nation of  winning a war against terror.


  This is not the first time when Congress people has tried to justify Islamic terrorist attacks with theory of atrocity on Muslims which is similar to theory of International Islamic apologists and terrorists like Osama bin Laden who not only justifying their deeds with this theory but recruiting new Muslim youths exploiting their anger against social and political establishment.


   It is up to Prime minister to answer as how he wants to win a war against terror when his own colleagues justifying these terrorists attack.


     Prime ministers resolve to win war against terror seems half hearted in background of how soft Indian state is going on terror. Since installation of UPA government at center this government has not taken a single initiative to curb the menace of terrorism instead it scrapped POTA the only harsh legislation to keep terrorists in check. It seems UPA government has communalised anti terror policy and sell it off to vote bank politics.   Because of minority vote bank syndrome this government is unable to see the influx of homegrown jihadis . Right from Ram temple attack in July last year to attack on Varansi temple in March this year phenomenon of   home grown Jiahdis was visible. Further probe in Ram temple attack revealed involvement of a qualified Muslim professional with terrorists and later One Imam of Phulpur Waliwullah with one Madrasa teacher Zubair were identified as master mind of  attack on Varansi temple, both of them did not come from Pakistan or Bangladesh they were home grown Jihadis   who looked  like us  with one difference that  they have poison in their mind to blow the places of their own countrymen and kill their own countrymen. It all happens smoothly because government never tried to read their mind to know why these people suddenly have become enemy of their own country, their own people. Without going into detail of this mindset this war on terror cannot be won.


  Those ministers in cabinet who want to justify these attacks with theory of atrocity on Muslims honestly think about global nature of this phenomenon and then draw some conclusion. As director of Conflict management in South Asia Ajai shahni dissmissed the suggestion of alleviation of Muslim grief as solution to this Islamic terrorist attack because no state can alleviate grief of any community absolutely, particularly when Muslims have grief and pain for on every act which affects their fellow Muslims any where in this world whether it is Sarbia or anywhere else.


   If Prime minister is honest in his resolve to win a war on terror first of all he should identify Enemy and tell the nation about its nature. President of US took more than four year to identify his real enemy and last year in October declared America in on war with radical Islam who want to build an empire of Khilafat in this world with imposing Sharia on other nations. Will Prime minister come out with such clarity to first dismantle state which   sponsor  violence in our country and then target ideology which radicalise Indian Muslims and recruit them in global Jihadi network ? 

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