Declare war against Pakistan – Togadia

via VHP Press Release published on February 23, 2010

Strongly condemning the brutal beheading of 2 Sikhs & abducting of others, Dr Pravin Togadia, International Secretary General of VHP said, “Beheading Sikhs in kabaili areas of Peshawar of Pakistan is a part of Pakistan’s continued Jehad against Bharat supported by all Muslim countries & anyone who has any roots in Bharat be it Sikhs of Sanatan Dharm practitioners are their targets. Muslim Invaders forced Islam & if not converted then Jazia on Bharat when they ruled Bharat & even now they have been forcing Islam & if not converted then Jazia on the Sikhs & Sanatanis in Pakistan.

This is absolutely unacceptable & the way they do in Pakistan & even in Bharat through Sharia, if Bharat or even Punjab alone decides to apply an eye-for-an eye rule, then it would be difficult for many. But Bharat will not do it as Bharat believes in democratic process of justice, however politically affected it is. This is exactly what Pakistan KNOWS. Therefore Pakistan keeps on doing such Ethnic Cleansing not only in Pakistan but even sponsors such heinous activities in Kashmir, Assam & now thru Jehadi attacks even in places like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur & many more that we all have seen.

Our government’s vote bank begging mentality makes people in Bharat, Sikhs & Sanatanis in Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Malaysia, Indonesia extremely unsafe. Pakistan has got emboldened seeing that even after the war like Jehadi attack on Mumbai & now the recent attack on Pune, Bharat Government not just bends but crawls for talks with Pakistan terming it diplomatic effort. Pakistan blaming such Jehadi attacks on Sikhs & sanatanis on Taliban is just another game by Pakistan to dramatize to the world a ‘me too victim’ theory. The world intentionally may believe in it but even Bharat government giving in to such dramas is not just foolish but also a vote bank related help to Jehad!”

Demanding immediate stoppage of all talks with Pakistan until the killers of the Sikhs in Pakistan are brought to justice not in Pakistan but in  Bharat or in the international courts, Dr Togadia reminded Punjab of the bravery of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji, Guru Teg Bahadur Sing ji & even Bhagat Singh ji. Dr Togadia said, “There is a glorious history as to how Punjab led Bharat in the war against cruel Islam despite extreme brutalities on Sikhs by the Muslim rulers.

Even at the time of partition, despite the wide losses, Sikhs & Sanatanis together fought against Islam with so much courage. Even in the Indian Army, there are glorious officers from Punjab who finally led Bharat to the victory in the wars against Pakistan & China. Today, when Pakistan is misusing the vulnerability of 10,000 Sikh & some Sanatanis in Peshawar to implement its Ethnic Cleansing Jehad due to our government’s vote bank politics, it is time that we all together stand up against such Jehadi acts of BEHEADING SIKHS & THROWING THEIR HEADS IN THE GURUDWARAS!

This is the worst ever humiliation of the Sikhs, Sanatanis & Bharat; the government must stop all talks with Pakistan, immediately refrain from any cultural / sports / social / trade / political relations with Pakistan & declare war against Pakistan for this & we as a united society should stand up democratically against such Jehadi mentality.”

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